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Today’s Daily first question at KPMG new MIT study says that , John , you might be interested in this new MIT study out this week says older women. Women over 50 will soon quote rule the world .

They already do.

He had read know that I think what I really do. That’s our bus question this morning , a KMJ lists know how you feel about that . Do you agree . And speaking of ladies . That’s what we’re talking about right now , specifically the Meetu campaign . It has been named the Person of the Year by Time magazine .

I think it’s a good choice. I think this movement is good for everybody . Good for the workplace . So our question today for our audience is is it good for you or yeah it is this working is this real or is this just something you see in the media are the people are telling their stories . All these hashtag me twos . All the people responding to this people are like , I’m not going to be ashamed anymore . I’m going to tell my story but how do we know what’s real .

Yeah , well , and I think the issue of sexual harassment and misconduct , especially in the workplace or even outside the workplace has been much more prosaic pervasive than you and I had expected. John , I have not I I ignored acting like the .

Yeah , I have not seen the kinds of things that were heard about in my work experience. I really haven’t I just don’t because you’re not a predator . Yeah , but I mean I haven’t seen around me with other people that I’m aware of . Right . If it’s happening it’s not obviously we thought about Matt Lauer . He’s got this door buzzer thing on his death rate the Matlock he’s behind closed doors . All the time if I saw somebody behind closed doors . All the time with women in their office . I would think , what’s going on in there . Yeah , I’ve not seen that cause most people I work with leave their doors open because they don’t want to be accused of stuff like this .

Me , I mean I leave my door who of the Open Council now not because of that it is not even open because I think if you’re going to.

But if you’re going to have an a meeting a private meeting with a with a woman , you know , it’s probably not wise to do that regularly and close your door every time you do it as Dennis probably not wise to have a buzzer on your death scooping automatically closed the door probably not good. Carol you’re on KMJ .

Hi , how are you guys doing this morning.

Not too bad.

Great. Yes , I have to say .

What you’re going to be talking about this kind of making me mad. What I told the cost you know as I wanted to start a movement called not me I’m strong , because I feel that when you put yourself in that situation , you’re looking at what you expect like the Matt Lauer thing that had to be known by all those women . Yet they still subjected themselves to going in that up with doors that he , he , a woman needs to be self-respect the need to have self-respect and they need to . I blame as I saw the I blame the generations before us . The mothers are not teaching the daughters to respect themselves and to hold themselves and I eat . So as a woman who’s been in an industry that this has been prevail and forever . I mean the medical industry . I mean we’ve always have and the doctors are handy other thing patients but it’s like you have to teach yourself I’m better than that and I’m going to control the situation .

Carol. You are the reason that we too bad asked women to call you know because I think you you go , you make a very good point . This is the point , Pamela Anderson make you know last week .

I totally agree with it , because if you are going to go into an office of the nose going a lot or you’re going to go to someone’s hotel room. I mean , the only time you would go tell room sport fair . I mean , why else would you do that , even I traveled with physicians for conferences . We were just go to each other’s hotel when we meet in the bar and have a drink . It’s like you just . These are things that a woman knows to be smarter . But she doesn’t have enough self esteem . I feel , said to be smarter .

Well if look at people.

So could actually.

Let’s see , people know about Matt Lauer. Okay , and he tells he asked you to come to the office . Do you think that woman is making a conscious decision to go I know what’s going to happen in there , but you know what I’m going to do it because I I needed for the job .

I think that they’re going in thinking , oh , it won’t happen to be and when it starts to happen they they don’t say hey this is , this is not right. I’m going to go . Please open the door .

But you don’t like this hashtag movement it might it made you mad.

Every time I hear it. It makes me mad . Okay . As I women should respect themselves more but we go out and have parades with top stars in the Giants on her head , everything else and we expect men not to realize that there they were giving them mix messages . We have to give the appropriate method . So the men in the world . Respond to it . If I go into her office people know I’m not going to go there . A sexual relationship . I’m going there for the meeting .

Well that’s it , you know we had this conversation. Blake last obviously you know my first base second base world and if you slap me at first base upright . Now go to second base right now , but you gotta kinda send the signal , right .

Not , you’re absolutely right , I understand. Carol’s point I would I would take her to task . However , let’s say , the NBC pages 20 years old and still a sophomore in college , and doesn’t know the the rumors that have been floating around for years about Matt Lauer . Maybe she just started it . NBC at 30 Rock and she got called in the office , you’d be pretty excited right you going actually going to go have a meeting with a big star . Yeah , the head of the the head anchor the lead anchor of the Today show . Yeah , you know I think every I think every story is going to be different . There may be similarities . Then there are 2 . A lot of these stories but I think you have to take individual case by case . You know I mean .

That’s the problem. You know , and that’s why I ask the question has something changed her because when you’re in the workplace and this happens to you , and nobody knows it , but you and the person you’re accusing you’ve got to come forward . Has the world will be changed because we still don’t know whether to believe you with him right .

For now , 58-50 it’s fun number Terry , you’re on KMJ.

Good morning. I think that to the women who supported these men and covered it up for gave them like Hillary Clinton should also be taken to task say enabled it to continue .


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