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County canal
Fresno Unified


If an athlete money. That’s right . What’s the poor . You know , why don’t we just eliminate the rules . Let people throw money at people who cares that summer . It’s a capitalism right there is that immoral .

Well , I mean we just saw a handful of college basketball. As a former college basketball player yourself . I mean use Rick Pitino out of a job goes whole Famer lost his job because he knew allegedly their payments were being made to a top recruit .

Cause it’s against the ropes yeah said. Why do we have rules like why do we care that the recruits get money when we don’t care if the math major gets money .

That’s a great question I I’m not totally adverse to paying college athletes but I see why some of the rules need to be there.

I’m I’m not advocating you pay their lives and let the market do what it does and if there’s boosters at Alabama look at Alabama is going to get great athlete anyway. Yeah , so you have , so the argument against his well we could all the great nothing what they get him now can get any more . Right . All right . So there , you know the people were still way down the food chain in terms of recruiting when it comes to the Alabama‘s in the Ohio State’s and all of that we’re still probably going to get the same people know what I can have a lot of money to pay anybody force will still get athletes think so anyway that’s and that’s kind of a side topic . Here’s the here’s a here’s something for you . There’s a 130 of these so called Division 1 schools they called Bowl Championship Series now raised used to call division 130 teams and there’s 40 ball games .

Which equals 80 teams playing , and it was the team.

Out of 1:30 Bulgaria that’s what kind of ridiculous.

To me I completely agree with you. And in fact a team like Boise State and Houston might not be playing in a postseason games if you’ve got your wager it seems like this you you find that there are too many bowl games out there . Well , then it then the Hawaii Bowl would probably be one of the first ones to get the and the but Eto bowl in the Silicon Valley Bowl the New Mexico Bowl . The Arizona border , they would all be gone . If you get your way . And then if you got your way with eliminating all these nonsensical pointless my new show bowl games . Well then , are you taking away from the athletic achievement that a team like Fresno State had this year or Houston or whomever .

I would I would do it more based on , you have to have a certain number of wins to get the ball right now , 6 , right. I don’t think that .

You can be 500 team and get in the all that to me.

Why do we aggregate here bowl eligible US 6th game , you know the answer to the question though , right. What is it money . Yeah , Mike , yeah for ESPN . The exact TV 4-9 zero 5-8 5 we’ll talk a little bit about what we think how many , how many games , should you have to win to go to a bowl game 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 John Brough Blake Taylor 9:30 check that users Madoff’s .

Thank you very much , gentlemen. The investigation continues . Following a .

Grisly discovery in a dry Fresno County canal over the weekend happened after a driver pulled over near Brawley and Jansen Sunday afternoon around 2:30 the stayed inside the vehicle and look down into a dry canal and located a female in the canal that was deceased Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputy Sergeant John Alvarado says the victim appears to be a woman in her ’40s or ’50s , he adds. There were no visible signs of trauma , but at this point . Investigators say it’s too early to rule out foul play in her death , Fresno Police continue to search for suspects wanted in the fatal stabbing of a man in the central part of the city . Officers called a fast food restaurant restaurant on Abbey Street around 7 o’clock Sunday night were witnesses there told police they saw a man get stabbed .

We don’t have my dinner plate. At this time appears to be a a male African American male his ’30s the upper body .

Fresno Police Lieutenant Joe Gomes says the victim rushed to see RMC where he later died. Now investigators are asking anyone with information on this deadly stabbing to Cavalli Crimestoppers the number as always 4-9 8 start 9-31 the time now checking in with the comings and goings on Wall Street still showing triple-digit gains , but not nearly as high as they were at the top of the hour . The Dow now up 187 points . It was up as high as 250 at one point still trading in the positive though , up 24-4 1-6 Thatcher volume 24,004 now 42 degrees with clearing skies here in Fresno Radio City a chilly day setting up shop for you afternoon highs today only in the mid-upper ’50s men were clearing skies expect frigid conditions to arrive Valley wide overnight tonight fact a hard freeze warning is in effect , starting at 1:00 AM overnight temperatures generally in the upper ’20s to lower ’30s that is news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks . I am on News Talk 5-81 0 5-9 FM KMJ .

Sveum news breaks out we break on News Talk 580 KMJ FM key objectives.

fresno unified continues to work towards reaching an agreement with our teachers to avoid a strike. Our $94 million proposal would provide teachers , an increase of $1500 to $2700 a year , resulting in an average salary of 77,000 it would provide a 90-10 healthcare plan that freezes health premiums smaller classroom sizes and $23 million for student supports and social and emotional safety CTE student discipline and special education visit fresno . For more information .

When you think about tile you stereotypical you think about the surface that you walk on , yeah the stuff beneath your feet. That’s when you need tile . No it isn’t . Take a look at those 4 drab walls and you’ve had no clue what to do with them . Creative tile has more tile for your walls . I don’t even know where to begin . This is where you have to go in and let your eyes . Do the dictating sure their can look like brick and look like would it could look like an Italian Renaissance masterpiece . It can be reminiscent of that Mexican cafe where you had your first date and this is why it’s called Creative tile . The possibilities for your ball sent and floors art limitless you can spend hours in the showrooms a creative tile . I’m just asking you to go in one time and look for your home , your office that second home , but you have over on the coast or the mountains beer tastes conservative or from another dimension . You’ll get it in just one visit take Palm Avenue just north of Herndon creative Tyler’s just west of the German auto dealerships in their building where Bob Hope used to entertain the troops during World War II for real .


Good morning John sleep like Taylor kind of drawing our tears after the loss to Boise Saturday Mountain West championship game.

Maybe with a little better than Jeff Ted for though he lost 100 grand by losing that game , but he’s got a lot of bonuses anyway. Yeah , I don’t think he’s feel they’re there , I don’t think he’s shedding a tear . He makes a 1.5-8 million base salary . I was looking on this list of coaches salaries by order you know how many , how much people make from top to bottom right what number . Do you think he is on the list at 1.5-8 million I would 30 coaches .

About 130 I would say they would probably put him in the ’70s or ’80s he 69 wow I was very close. Wow 69th highest paid coach in America .

At 1.5-8 million it’s number 16 I bet he’d back middle of the pack. Yeah right . And that’s pretty amazing that kind of money is that low on the list . I thought it would be higher .

Yeah and. And keep in mind that you know taping us school they can’t just go out and and shell out massive abouts of money I mean Fresno State’s always continually asking for donations and raising money because I ask yeah state funded college . I mean , you know , places like Baylor Notre Dame private institutions can you know they can put forth huge amounts of money . Huge .

Yeah , I’m not going to say that. Fresno State is unhappy with all these winds , but I’m going to say I don’t think they counted on this being happening so fast . I think in their world . They would rather that we build up the attendance and make some money . Before he had to pay out over time , because I don’t . I’m going to guess they didn’t really budget for $550,000 in bonuses . Here I’m really should have given it all . I don’t think they really thought . Well , I’m not saying they did not just say and they’re always broke you think they got the 5-50 somewhere they’ll get it somewhere . But yeah , they also going to be an in court . Yeah . But getting back to this ball thing just a minute . Yes , you’re talking about the fact you only have to be 6 and 6 right they make such a big deal about being bowl eligible they can do a ball for 13 straight years . It means you’re 6 and 6 , don’t you think there should be a little higher standard for going to a bowl , then 4 or 500 days .

Completely agree with you know. However , that’s why you have the pin stripe bowl and the Idaho Potato Bowl and all the other minor games that nobody cares about . Unless you’re going to that school or have ties to that school . Right .

Yeah. Nobody cares . I know , but I’m just saying in my world like 8 and 4 is not a great year , but it’s , it’s at least good enough you’re hot enough here for a ball . Maybe if I were to set a standard , I’d rather see a benign wins to go royal ball but I’d accept 8 I think 6 is not even shouldn’t even be considered and in some years when they don’t have enough 66 teams they take teams with losing rhetoric Parliament balls answer .

Yeah , but sometimes you have teams that really disappoint. I can’t remember was it Notre Dame somebody a few years ago . Had I had a terrible season which was like a 7 and 5 season or so them . Yeah , and they just turned down all offers and just stay home , you know .

But lot of times these balls are tied to league contracts that TV contracts that have to do with the whole schedule all year when you’re going to be televised in you’re obligated like in a legal like ours were obligated to go to a bowl if we qualify and they just say this is where you’re going. Yeah and everybody puts on their smiley face and acts like they love it now . I’m sure the Fresno State is happy to go home .


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