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Natural Gas
White House


Power comes great responsibility , and I urge this water Commission to act now and make temperance flat the reality.

Temperance flat reservoir is one of 11 projects from across the state that a requesting problem funding a decision is expected next year. Pulling out of NAFTA is still at the top of US farm trade groups worries about what’s gonna be happening next that worries lawmakers USDA officials informed groups now some have delivered speeches and others letters , all of which voiced concern about what the White House . My do as far as possibly dumping NAFTA if president Trump does not see enough concessions from Canada and Mexico American Farm Bureau trade adviser Dave Simonsen and voiced his concerns after the White House named the farm bureau’s president to a panel advising the president on trade .

I mean.

There cultural courses done very well with NAFTA and has boosted our exports number 4 times compared to what it was ahead of time and in Korea. We’ve maintained and our exports to Korea with the chorus and improving in certain areas . So we see a lot of future for that .

The administration plans to enter renegotiation talks with South Korea as well but will swear nation’s attention on trade is currently on NAFTA and there’s fear that Mexico will take its ad business elsewhere some awesome points out to the US experience pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The fact that TPP is moving ahead with the 11 countries without the US. Certainly , we think that does not put us in a good position in those specific countries to expand our trade and has opened the door for other countries , such as the European Union to engage in negotiations with some of the TPP countries such as Japan , so it , I mean I think at all .

The TPP pull out has also open the door for Australia to sell more beef to Japan , without facing low tier of competition from American beef NAFTA talks moved to Canada in late January , well nearly all of the farms in the US or family farms but the larger scale farmers make up 8 larger share of overall production Stephanie still make that Stephanie who has the story for us.


USDA‘s Economic Research Service has issued a report called America‘s diverse family farms 20-17 addition.

Forming a basically family business in the United States but 99% of the firms are family farms and take off about 90% of production.

Eris agricultural economist Robert hobby authored the report.

Small family firms those with gross cash from income revenue sent $50,000 make up 90% of farms needy areas household in a foreign land but only account for a blog of quarter of production.

At the same time , the larger the scale of the family farm. The larger the share of overall farm production .

Well 45% reduction occurs on large scale farms are still family operator. But they have revenue was greater than a million dollars .

What are 2 things he says small scale farms produce a high percentage of poultry and hey this is Stephanie hell for the US Department of Agriculture in Washington DC.

James , a news time it’s now 5-22.

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FYI. I’m Jim Chevy CBS News , it sounds like a solution to the world’s energy needs making fuel out of thin air . But that’s exactly what British scientists claim to have done . Researchers at Cardiff University reporting in the journal Science say they’ve produced methanol from methane using a catalyst to speed up the process currently methanol is produced by breaking down natural gas at high temperatures in the hydrogen gas and carbon monoxide before re assembling it’s called steam reforming and methanol synthesis and it’s expensive and energy intensive wasting about 100 million tons of natural gas , which is burned off as part of the process but the cart of team has done is produce methanol at low temperatures using oxygen and hydrogen peroxide , it’s not only more efficient and less costly . It also reduces CO2 emissions commercialization won’t happen overnight but the development has major implications for the preservation of natural gas reserves around the globe and thanks for your information , I’m Jim Shannon CBS News directions .

Coming up with 6 friends knows Morning News lies in local with breaking news coverage. Now back to the agri port on KMJ .

5-25 now here on the Kim Jae-tag report. Let’s take a look at your weather for the beginning of this work week .

Across the valley today , look for sunny but cool conditions 63 your daytime high for tonight clear and cold 37 the overnight low on Tuesday morning frost otherwise sunny with a high of 64 from became Weather Center Parcs 26 new cheap irrelevance Kevin Ray Reimer hometown whether connection.

Right now 38° under a clear sky in Fresno. And we’re looking at 34 degrees in former Bill coming up at 5-32 we’ll be checking in with Scott a firm deal right now . Let’s check in with Carter Pierce got those DTP numbers for you .

Good morning , needy people today in the Fresno area is expected to be 0 inches of water.

Forecasts he keep Ethan x 7 days in the Fresno area 0.1 7in of water. Yeah , actually TP for the past 7 days through December 13 for various locations sucking values as follows : Fresno 0.4in Butterball zero 0.2-8 5.0.5-3 were said 0.4 . One , but what you wanted 6 0.5-1 per layers 0.4-4 chapters 0.5-2 .

Staffordshire 0.5 one and tranquility 0.5 one.

By multi-ATP buddy approve crop of since you get specific rapporteur using inches per day.

The grant face the next 7 days in the present , we are as follows. I thought 1.0 I mean 0.3-5 sit just zero 0.6 zero grams 0.4-0 grass 1.0 Iranians 0.2 zero and stone 0.3-6 .

To review this information visit website Debbie Debbie Debbie.Jim not at JM Lord Agra agricultural scientist this is Carter Pearson is 5-80 1-5-9 came Jay.

A group called the organization for competitive markets filed a lawsuit against the USDA over the department pulling the plug on the interim final rule to update the grain inspections Packers in stock yards Act of 1921 the organization sees the rule as protection for family farmers and ranchers for sales of live animals to meat and poultry processors meeting says the interim final rule known as the fear farmer practice rule he set of regulations. The processing industry widely oppose the lawsuit seeks to reinstate the interim final rule changing his time . It’s now 5-28 .

If Westwood One presents viewpoint with Bukhari settlers Don Lemon , the core of sobriety. Thank you , brother , and thank you for that honor who really grow . I’m very proud to look after you know . Thank you . Brother listen I’m gonna start with our president who was targeted UN as attacked again . CNN : you’ve been in the business now for almost 30 years .


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