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Kevin Reimer
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Sacramento Kings


Yes gypsum years of very quickly how happy on it’s got homeostasis skits down these charges , and it’s not very reactive and so basically as an amended its fairly neutral getting that works for you. I will be challenge and that’s where your microbiologist intending to write speciation us of leaning on your crop advisers help with that . Okay . It’s next with peace and that it’s going to be really important so that you don’t just apply something out there and you know he works . What you really need out there because ultimately , if you do with a Sony condition you to make sure you see that through because you know to get things to teach to the red zone . You’ve got first disassociated and then Washington if you get a dry winter this year you need you know leaching fraction over to say okay that and reaction I did wash that through if you have a wet winter . That’s all the better . The challenge is to make sure we get enough to push that down below that , that with a real big microbiology society and that’s in that top 6-7 inches of soil kids make sure you get the right speciation he didn’t write the action in the right response for next year’s crop .

You can check out Marc remains YouTube page for more crop management tips , you can also follow him on Twitter. Mark Silverman is an independent certify crop serving growers in the northwest and in Northern California 510 now on the team . AK report in the came to new center , here’s metal .

Thank you very much , John. York Good morning one and all . An officer-involved shooting in central Fresno sends a man accused of selling drugs to the hospital have just before noon Wednesday to police were tipped of a drug transaction and were serving a felony warrant on a suspect identified as Bird Harris Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says they believe Harris was on , when he grabbed a bike was chased into apartment complex in the 4600 block of East yields .

Risk got off of his bicycle was confronted by the sergeant Paris then ran through the complex just before Harris got to 8 the pedestrian gate exit he reached into his right front pocket pulled out what appeared to be a black handgun and turn towards the officer or sergeant fired one round at Jerez. The striking him in the hip area .

Paris was taken to see RMC and is expected to survive chief Dyer says he will now face a number of felony charges immigrant activists descend on half of the campaign for a vote for the Dream Act , the crowd gathered outside Congressman David Halliday office Wednesday morning to ask him and other Valley lawmakers to fix the Dhaka issue. In a statement . Congressman holiday as office says the Legislature must come together quote . So these individuals may continue to live in the only home they know and quote a triple double lifting the defending NBA champs details next in sports .

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With your Mayo Clinic radio health minutes I’m Tracy McCray after months of careful calorie counting you finally reached your goal weight but how do you keep the weight off.

Weight loss maintenance for keeping weight off is the biggest challenge for people no matter how they lose weight.

Dr. Karen growth. He says there are 3 keys to keeping weight off . She recommends weighing yourself almost daily and keeping a food diary periodically to check yourself and the 3rd key .

Exercise. When we look at the predictors of keeping a large amount of weight off physical activity is number one . So to lose weight . Changing my diet is the number one thing I can do to keep weight off being more active is the number one thing that I need to do .

Dr. growth. He says 10 to 15,000 steps a day or 60 minutes of walking , has been shown to be effective in maintaining weight loss so monitor weight keep a food diary and get daily exercise to keep those unwanted pounds from coming back for more information . Talk with your doctor or visit Mayo .

Now McCain Sports report from the Windies forks ghastly began in the NBA , Kevin Durant’s triple.

Double helps the Golden State Warriors beat the Charlotte Hornets one oh 1-87 the defending champs pulled out the win without injured star Steph Korean dream on green the lawyers have now won 5 straight. Meantime the Cleveland Cavaliers stretched their win streak to a franchise , tying a record 13 games . Thanks . 32 points from LeBron James . The Cavs took down Don York’s beloved Sacramento Kings last night by the final of 1 to 95 sorry done to baseball . The services were giants feel they have the pieces in place to acquire reigning NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton Giants general manager Bobby Evans confirmed the club has reached the parameters of a potential trade for the Marlins outfielder but…the specifics of the deal aren’t something he said he was comfortable revealing the between lines that means they’re offering him a lot of money better news in football . The Pittsburgh Steelers say linebacker Ryan she’s here has been transfered from a Cincinnati hospital to a Pittsburgh Medical Facility continue treatment for a spinal injury Shays suffered that injury during Monday night’s game against the bangles and we wish him a speedy recovery . 5-15 is the time now that does for news and sports for now but you and I , we’ll chat again in about 30 minutes , until then Mr. Don York back to you .

What the Sacramento Kings losing again.

And that is nodding his head , yes in the theater. While all still a lot of fastball left to play , but it doesn’t look good right now for the Kings , but I am an optimist , and hopefully they can but things together and start winning more games . Okay . Let’s find out . Now about your weather as Matt , it’s the the thumbs down , he really doesn’t like the Kings , but hey , I do this . Find out what that whether now here’s meteorologist Kevin Reimer good Thursday .

Morning. Look out for a little patchy fog around then becoming mostly sunny and cool today with a high of 63 for tonight clear cold 37 the overnight low for your Friday sunny and nice with a high of 65 in the afternoon from became weather center on FOX 26 News chief meteorologist Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection .

Currently we’re looking at 33 degrees in Fresno under a clear sky and down until Leno 34 degrees.

Also clear conditions there.

And coming up in about 10 minute.

From now here on the came G AG report we’ll check in with Carter Pierce , who has a new ATP numbers for you right now pest control adviser John Martin with regard to tell you and shares more from Asian on threes protection for citrus if other permanent crops.

The we weed free soil absorbs more heat during the day and if you better frosting control and so that just kinda reiterates the importance of your herbicide applications and making sure those are done in a timely basis and keeping your orchard floors clean. Not only does it eliminate any competition as far as we speak from the crowd .

And create competition for the crop with those we trust but also helps to soil absorbs heat during the day , because it’s not covered , and then release that it during the night during the cold of it it kinda makes that whole grass cover situation kinda makes an interesting the bag and I guess the organic field. We do not have as many good herbicides for organic production so most organic growers maintain a grass covered . But even if you’re maintaining a grass cover you a process of is going to occur , it’s important you get out in moment down its poses you can freshly mowed grass will will not get as cold as taller grasses the taller grasses seem to be the coldest situation followed by freshly discs oil is vulgar . So you know I got this disagree . I’m ready for a fraction of it and then followed by freshly mowed I don’t , I think you know I’ve never ending there . To say it’s true but I kind of think that when you know the crop , the decomposition of the leaves are also that gives off you . So I think through that the composition of the week . Adding fuel into the orchard which which have severe frost . But if you have a a grass culture and frost and if is turning you need to moment as closely Canada ground to get some bare dirt exposure and they’re not have that grass cover to all the utility orchards my talk on from us today . Couple other things we got enough , some of them . I’ve mentioned before , you know , I read an article . The other day time .


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