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Well , so I think it’s really , it would be for people who have not experienced the pass judgment in today. Well , you should have done better . I should have done that relationship and that could , if you haven’t gone through this . You don’t know what to do and I’m 40 something . And if I ever saw him again . I would say , hey , you remember when you did this to me .

What you do.

You know he would comment about my price size how they were growing if he could feel then he would come up in try to help me because he was a try. He was married here with my manager . I mean , it was just very uncomfortable and I finally quit but it was there , it wasn’t because like you I was , you know , I was wearing the uniform that we had to use and I was I was young I don’t know what the and appropriate response was for any person who handed me a check manager a supervisor and I was , and I guess that I was asking for it . I wasn’t dressed provocatively you know he would come up and say , oh , I came to help you because you know you make me feel so I mean a recession really now that I look at it as a 40 something on he was a yacht skier was like , oh , you’re so gross . But you know when it happens to you . You’re like , what , what’s going on . We already happened .

In this Time magazine article about the person of the year. A lot of these women that we count these stories are like heroes , but one of the things they all seem to say is say they ask themselves what did I do . Did I do something to lead them on , did you go through that .

No , because I knew that I would I hadn’t done anything.

A lot of these people drawing faded anything either. But they still think why did this happen to me . Did I do something to make make that guy think that he could do this to me .

And I think part of why women feel that way is because of the women that have been calling your show letter are saying you shouldn’t have gone to the room , you shouldn’t of done that you should it well , you don’t know , because that hasn’t happened to you. You know , since then I’ve I volunteer at a bunch of conferences and I do go to hotel rooms . Men and women to pick up papers to picked up equipment you know it , I don’t know I just think it’s you cannot pass judgment until that it happened .

That’s my point. Nicole , and thank you so much for the call . Great call . Have a great day . That’s my point . John is and and Nicole echoed it to a T every case needs to stand on its own individual merits because every case is different . Yeah , okay . All these ladies have been sexually assaulted or harassed in one way or another that’s that’s the underlying theme here but each and every case is different in and unlike like she just said you know whether it be at a restaurant where you a bus or a waitress and you’ve got some scumbag manager trying to get hands with you . You know what , he , you’re just in the kitchen , washing dishes or you know cook in the price and some some jerks pollen that nonsense on here , I mean .

You have more sympathy for her. Was she 17 yeah they’re more sympathy for her at 17 you would have for a 30-year-old woman . Do you think or you don’t know it . Was there either .

I think you know you get a deal with life experience here , a 17-year-old doesn’t have nearly life experience of a 30-year-old woman.

Right. So would you see a lot more sympathy for the 17-year-old .

Maybe but I I look , I mean it’s wrong in any circumstance period. Yeah , you know , if you’re gonna it started grading my sympathy you you know rating I I I’m not gonna go there . I think that’s kind of useless alright .

There. Well , I guess one thing we’re finding out women are not united on this .

No , okay. It’s not even close .

I think when you look at this as a man you see this story , you go , there’s a great woman finally can they can come out , they can tell their stories and you find out women are not exactly all on the same page a threat.

4-9 0-58 50 it’s the phone number 4-9 0-5 8-5 8.

Yeah , it’s. And again I , I hope that when we keep going through this process , we find a way to deal with this . Some of these men totally deny these accusations . Yeah , we don’t know , I don’t know who to believe in this atmosphere it almost feels like you believe every woman and it’s kind of the .

You know it , again we had a caller in the last hour who said. Okay , well let’s polygraph the guys who are alleged to have done this , you know how many guys who have been accused have volunteered to take a polygraph to prove their innocence . Now you know see not one and Al Franken‘s probably gonna resign tomorrow . By the way , if you have not heard . That’s the big news out of Washington concerning the latest as numerous more than a dozen senators are calling for Al Franken to resign immediately , by the way .


Yes , I was I was calling concerning Baker Mayfield which is logical is almost a here we got the guy from the Cowboys has killed all those who got 6-game suspension and all this.

That’s the CTO Elliott very well Edwards Baker Mayfield to do with anything.

Well over. Okay . Here it may feel nearly now you know he’s steering coming up for the Heisman Trophy winner sorrow on you kill you know you know I don’t results nearly yes and he comes on TV the other day goodness and it made honest you know everything . And I thought Casey but yet he’s nominated to the trophy .

No it’s not. Gillian , thank you for the call me take exception to that he did not bit off topic concerning Baker Mayfield for those who may not be sports fans . He’s the superstar quarterback for the University of Oklahoma Sooners football team . Okay . And he’s going to win the Heisman Trophy most likely this upcoming weekend . Our next week . I remember when it when the ceremony as anyway . He is an emotional player will say that . Okay . And before the Kansas game a couple of weeks ago , he was a captain for for you goes into the year before the game for the coin flip . Right , John . The team captain he reaches out to shake the hands of the Kansas Jayhawks players they refused to shake his hand . Right so the Sooners go on and beat the holy living hell out of the Jayhawks that day and he goes up and down the sidelines you know screaming out for you and and grab and was crotch to the fans for Kansas in response to the slight that he had perceived earlier from the opposing team right he would apologize , he lost his captain ship so there are repercussions Julian for his actions . He apologized to the national public in a , in a press conference again . He lost his captaincy of the Sooners football team which hurt him badly personally and he also was benched for the first few plays of that game . So it can there were repercussions to is actually , they have nothing to do with anything that were Tata trying to figure out what is that have do this doesn’t okay then Zeke moved on a serving a 6-game suspension for the Cowboys you that you’re on KMJ .

Here I’m outta your normal demographic and a democrat I in the end they specifically because I wanted to hear the reactions to the major movement being named by Time magazine. You know I think would be interesting when you were talking to the women who did call what age group was and whether or not they were Trump supporters because you know there are there are plenty of women I agreed with the woman . That’s called a few callers ago a very passionate response about her specific experiences throughout her life . I mean it used to be that here in the state of California . There was a statue didn’t limitations on right I was raped by someone broke into my bedroom when I was in graduate school put a knife to my neck a pillow over my head . The threatened to suffocate me his fingerprints were taken but there nothing , nothing came up . There was no DNA match only thing like that and then about 8 years later there I got contacted by the police . There was a fingerprint match because that man had assaulted a police officer in an impound garage where his car was towed and it was a female police officer that was gonna check out here except fine money or whatever so he he hit her he was fingerprinted , and his fingerprints matched but you know what , nothing happened to him , because the statute of limitations had passed on a known rapist I subsequently went to an attorney . Do you see if I could sue civilly but the attorney said . You know you won’t win anything because you were able to continue to graduate school you’re successful in your career , you know that there will be nothing .

There’s no damage.

Imagine I’m sorry.

I said there was no , there were no damages could basically what he’s saying , right.

Yet because of the fact that he didn’t/my face all or I didn’t have to drop out of school or you know about , so you know it. It’s sad that other women say they need to stand at the show . I’m in my ’60s I tell you . Yes , I went through , you know this meeting movement now as a 13-year-old club you the whatever I think .

My life would have been a lot different , you know , not just in terms of obviously a person coming in.

Know you you do you still not raped , right. There’s nothing you could have done to stop there .

But I still also have been sexually harassed. I wish I was in a male dominated graduate school .

So let me ask you because you brought up , Donald Trump. I’m still try to figure out why you said that .


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