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It’s just timed think about putting on a protective permafrost either and I stress your paper guard. If you haven’t done so yet it if you did one earlier usually when cigarettes go last about 30 days . So if you’re running out of time on that might want to reapply it you know it , I haven’t been where we would have that expected damage yet , but it gives us a reminder that we need to be diligent with those applications and maybe keep those but keep those personally and then the other thing too . Also remember is if you’re picking citrus to be aware of the Korean protocol those sprays for Korea should have been done already , but at a certain point after we’ve had a number of by its or enough rain which force we haven’t had yet . Then a second application copper or I the material that controls that might offer will be necessary . So that’s something to be aware of as we need to move along here through this season . You know if you’ve hoping for rain . I know some folks are give anxious to get their herbicide on unless you’ve got a lot of ground to cover say try to wait so we know we’re gonna gonna rain but if you’ve got a lot of around the current and need to get started . Especially if you have micro sprinklers I’d say going to get started and then turn all those Pakistani point creditors to help set the herbicide in the ground and then when we get some rain could finish incorporating it at least that area that that gets the water for the strangers that area of the herbicide will be lost and they were herbicides will they have around about 30 days , someone even longer . So even if we don’t get a rain right away . You know when we do get the rain it should still be able to give said it the ground incorporated it was out much like , and as always if you have any questions . You know it’s all at 5-5 9-9 away success . Thank you .

John Martin is a pest control adviser for guard to tell you the burger chain Wendy’s will reduce the use of antibiotics in its beef supply chain. The announcement follows similar measures . The fast food restaurant chain took in its poultry supply chain starting next year . Windies will outsource about 15% of its beef from producers that are only committed to a 20% reduction of medical antibiotics products routinely routinely used on cattle . The US Department of Agriculture conducts the Census of Agriculture every 5 years . Stephanie hold tells us why the government carries out a census with that big gap of half a century make at half a decade .

Ever wonder why USDA’s Census of Agriculture is conducted once every 5 years.

It’s mandated by Congress be done every 5 years.

That was Barbara writer-director of the National Agricultural Statistics Service’s census and survey division.

It’s a massive undertaking so massive undertaking requires a lot of resources , so every 5 years is about right in the sense that you know what we can do earthworms of getting it done.

USDA’s mailing out nearly 3 million questionnaires to farmers and ranchers all around the country.

2017 long hours to see what changes the agricultural sector has undergone as well as allow other USC agencies to see if the programs are put in place a say 5 years ago they can measure the effectiveness of those programs or see that they have to adapt them or even develop new programs.

The census is one way for AG producers to make sure their voices are heard. Completed applications are due by February 5th 2018 . This is Stephanie hope for the US Department of Agriculture in Washington DC .

Kim Jae news time it’s now 5-22 gun on cell.

TNT liberties says his have an ideology Ridsdale now through December 30 first by TNT and check out one of their most popular US made long gun saves started at 390 died also TNT Liberty saves has 20% off and up to $500 factory melted rebates on select Liberty models was 18 months. Same as cash zero percent financing and could add up to over $1800 in savings on a presidential same DG liberties saves has never had so many good deals at one time . With these huge liberty savings . This is the best time to buy and it all goes away soon therefore they’re gonna be open Sunday December 31st so you can take advantage of all liberty savings with the large these selection they are sure to have a say that fits your needs look them up . TNT 2700 what was Avenue to Valley rod and gun call to 9140270 that tonight . 43-70 Tandy saving lives were unsafe . At a time .


Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in people over 55 but with treatment , it can be slow down stopped and in some cases reversed , make sure you see your grandchildren grow protect your vision by requesting information about diagnosing and treating AMD call the foundation fighting blindness today at 100 blindness for a free packet on reversing or managing AMD or go to the website fight blindness doubt or were found so much helpful information or again call 100 blindness today.

With you. mayo clinic radio health minute I’m Dennis Vilda using your genetic makeup to make sure you get the right medication at the right dose . It’s called Pharma could you know me .

We want all already have that information in the electronic health record. So say a doctor that patient one sitting with you right this minute , you should cut the dose in half or you should double the dose .

Dr. Richard went Obama’s is leading a pilot program with thousands of volunteer patients examining the viability of such a plan.

If you look on the Food and Drug Administration website. They now is to 127 drugs that there’s clinically actionable variation in our genome and that you would want to know about while being treated with drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure . Cardiac disease , rheumatoid logic diseased psychiatric disease virtually every disease .

Using technology and innovation to individualized medicine for more information. Talk with your healthcare provider or visit mayo .

It is Ferguson I.

Finding a good mentor can be difficult , but luckily you can teach yourself a lot of what you need to know. Nowadays . Here are a few tips to get you started . I’m Alex really with a business rock stars minute number one take online classes . They’re extremely affordable and you’ll be able to fit them into your schedule very easily in the United States Patent and Trademark Office teaches a free course how to file patents . Number 2 , go to a trade show walking the floor of a trade show . One of the best ways to learn about an industry very quickly . What are the new products . Where is the industry headed . Who is your future competition you can answer these questions and more all at a trade show number 3 now working there are meetings for entrepreneurs almost every day in every city LinkedIn groups are another great resource . You never know , you may find your next partner at the next event you attacked I’m Alex for early and this is Ben a business rock star minute .

I’m Nick some Alexei a select quote agent with a true story that could save you hundreds of dollars a year. A woman named Linda just called her husband Ray has a $300,000 group life insurance policy . But it’s changing jobs and can’t take it with him . Well , I was shocked to many highly rated term life insurance companies we represent and found Ray , who is 41 and takes medication to control his cholesterol , a 10 year $500,000 policy for under $27 a month . That’s almost twice the coverage for less than half of what he had paid if select quote hasn’t for your life insurance you’re probably paying too much .

For your free quote , call 4723961 that’s 804 7 to 39-61 800 4-7 2:30 9-60 1 or go to select since 1985 we shop you save get full details on the example hits quote com/commercial surprised to vary depending on your health issue company another fact not available in all states.

This this season. KMJ the rallies official lag sedation now back your .

Coming up on 5-26 year old became agri let’s check out your weather for this Tuesday. Here’s meteorologist Kevin Reimer .

Across the valley today , look for sunny and mild conditions with a high of 65-40 tonight. Partly cloudy and chilly 41 the overnight low before you Wednesday a chance of a brief passing shower in the morning and partly cloudy in colder with a high of 55 degrees from became J Weather Center and FOX 26 News chief urologist Kevin Kramer your hometown whether connect .

Currently 36 degrees under a clear sky in Fresno and in on Keane , it’s 35 degrees at the moment coming up at 5-32 will be checking in with Jill Scott a foreign view right now it’s time for the EDP numbers with Carter appears.

Good morning. The ATP put today in the Fresno area is expected to be Sarah point zero 2 inches of water . The forecast GDP for the next 7 days and Fresno area zero 0.2-3 inches of water the actually keep for the past 7 days through December 18 from various locations , some values as follows : Fresno 0.4 5in fireball 0.3 to 0.6-6 were said 0.4-1 but you water District 0.6 to her 0.4-0 chapters 0.4-8 Stratford 0.5-1 and tranquility 0.6 one by multiplying TTP by the crop quotations you get specific rapporteur use and interest per day .

The crop goldfish visions for the next 7 days and present area are as follows. I thought 1.00.3-5 citrus just 0.6-0 grapes 0.4 is .


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