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An advert about its feet off the ground , then when our over across the road over across another field and some words this are my grandfather of course and we did not go there. That evening , but the next morning he and I went over there . We did find where this Africa landed and left now people like you’re nuts . I actually saw this happen . So I am a firm believer or .

What what Color was it.

It was a silver colored I remember as a kid I was about 11 years old.

There won’t get headlights on it.

It had not , we would expect it to be thrashing and all that kind of staff now that it had some light on it. No , you know , I wasn’t aware looking lighter and I ad here . As I remember it there was I , you can see an entryway over our windows . If the silver silver discarding but we saw up from the bottom . We don’t know what the top of that look like .

It’s 25 feet. Seems kinda small .

It was , it wasn’t their big that day tiny anyway and yet.

Yeah , I think those programs , which I took the tiny aliens innovate that’s I think Tate Iran. So much for listening to us online in good look at Missouri appreciate call 4-9 0-58 58-4 905-8 5-8 taking calls from Missouri now anyway .

Good because if if you were to think how big would a flying-saucer B to me , it’s more like start Star Trek. You know the big a big thing for the whole , you know the enterprise big hundred hundred people on it rooms everywhere medical place , you know , not a little 25 thing what what’s in that well .

You you get here but their Galaxy and that’s what John from the mother ship do you think of this in the whole mother ship down to earth you gonna in the too many movies topped up. Well , I mean it’s just economically more feasible .


Good morning , guys. Think I think it’s it’s important that we , you know , research and spend the money because it could be you know foreign countries that have maybe develop some technologies who we may not be sent me away if they so we can’t necessarily always let the public know you know you look at the stealth bomber the drones in this kind of thing I think initially people would have freaked out if they saw those things so you know we , we need to investigate find out logically what it is , but we , we don’t , we , you know , Joe Blow don’t need to know right away .

Whatever suing okay agricultural rare I’ll grant you , there may be some things that we maybe we should know but after 5 years , we have one video is that it all the interviews they’ve done with people all the sightings they say they’ve investigated we hear one video c’mon we gotta get more than that.

Well I saw something here in Fresno along with my neighbors , that the media came out a week later and explained it as a missile. But you know I going to a long story . It was definitely a UFO right and fragile skyward up incredibly bright when was that it went nowhere , gosh , I would say it was right after 9/11 it was a moment what they claimed it we suspect . I mean , we saw the light the sky laid out right it was nighttime is lit up right by right the media Week leaders the quiet it came from the the east towards the West yet they claimed it was a missile out a Vandenberg going going towards Asia .

It was a huge turn mess off the sea and that that actually what happened not too long ago , John inmate less than a year ago. I wanna say that , that same similar situation Vic the the night sky-lit up over parts of southern California people here in the valley even saw it , oh , it was another missile being shot off at Vandenberg . That’s what they . That’s what the the Defense Department told us that it was , you know , I never seen some sort of funky reflection from the clouds in the atmosphere . Yeah .

I know the difference between East and West and.

The encircling.

Didn’t make sense to me. But you know .

So what. I mean what danger in just telling us the truth , I don’t know what .

Really means to , you know , once your enemies necessarily to know what you’re up to. If a military okay application .

Could they just say military application can reveal instead of like it never really think it’s a UFO from outer space can be some way of letting us know some information he’s gotta be so harsh harsh. It’s a big deal about all this .

We all think they’re ask questions. You don’t want the through to giant we already .

That there is life out there , right. The somewhere there is life out there , so what’s the big deal . Let us know what you found out Victor you’re on KMJ .

Your morning I am 23 years of night driving with a big rig. I have not seen a thing , nothing . And I mean it’s been out there on I-5 . That’s my regular route , all the way out to Willow it’s dark and it’s a and you know unfortunately , or fortunately I’m not you know things however I didn’t listen to George laureate now .

I you know you’ve gotta do you’ve gotta drive.

Closer to trailer parks in Arkansas.

Exactly. The one thing that I will say is that I’m not okay with I was standing up missiles , rockets , whatever you wanna call them with our address on it . I’m not okay with that , you know , we might be pretty tasty and they come by and high risk that’s like anchovies .

You know , but something you know you don’t want to give up their remains in a twilight zone familiarity that never once while I and I all kids sure saw few episodes.

There was one. So with these , you know these people came another planet , and it was a paradise and they’re gonna let just a certain number of humans visit and so they found this book on the on the aircraft , who’s called How to serve mankind . And so the sky’s get 90 gets a call from a friend or ignore some you know get a call back and got runs up to just as he’s getting on that book that book a cookbook .

Who did vicious humans.

Mike you’re on KMJ.

Good morning , telling how you don’t , but you know , I mean I prompted by story with I got sober that 19.

Well , Carol , you’ve got a life for.

It has. When I saw something it with it 41 an avenue 12 and it was about curatorial morning and I was driving up my parents . I was living going north and I exile Sutton and southwest quadrant of 41 now is well at first I thought it was a helicopter and I stared at it and it was only about 50 yards out and about 50 yards . So talk approximately 75 yards . I should have been able to hear something and as I was driving , I was watching this light there were people running light and a big spotlight show shining down into the hole of growth we had in the past we had to leave shoppers out the area shining their lights in the orange groves and the other vote . So I thought it was a police chopper , and I want to it . I noticed it the White was not harboring of floating like a police chopper did it was stationary . It was not moving . And as I got up parallel to it or perpendicular to it . I turn my music down open my window and it was a helicopter I should have been able to hear something and I got a little bit too and drove on but I I I wanted to check it out again and I pulled over to the side of the road after Avenue 12 and I could see it in my side view mirror and I had to wait for another car to come by . I was going to U-turn . I looked at it in my side view mirror made a U-turn and the U turn took maybe 2 , 3 , I I give it 5 seconds on a bad driver when I turned around , it was gone . It was not there and in the sky , so I pulled out to work I perpendicular to it again . I got out my truck in to the east of where I was there with with opening the area cattle land has revealed . There is nothing in the sky and I could see everywhere and I could not see any light or anything and I got . I got pretty smoked in the temperament truck and headed headed out home .

Though I don’t blame you , do you think we should be be should be spending 22 million a year to study the stuff you could have reported their I you know.

But I’m not saying it wasn’t necessary chopper.

I mean , but if we had if we had an agency where you could report that you could find out what , what the heck it was maybe right.

You know you know who knows that they’re going to say you know there was no.

Well that’s what , that’s kind of what my he was deniability but that’s like he spent 22 million for 5 years about $100 million they’d they’d stop funding it in 2012. Supposedly they say it’s still there not funded right .

So , they’re just all volunteer was away alien hunters.

Yeah right. 4-9 zero 5-8 5 age he’d like Taylor KMJ .


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