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Harry Reid
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United States


Some craft the you guys are not aware of , we don’t want to release the details of. But that’s what a lot of people are saying , what’s the danger . Just saying that .

Well , we , we keep secrets from other nations.

When you stand , what I mean these biomarkers we have you know but if tape.

Saying the darn secret why can’t you just admit that there is a workaround Santa.

This is an indication that your work.

Well , don’t you think you know you know you’re working ourselves come. Well , we , we have it .

I don’t mind somewhere. But the other one think ways into garage bill you know I’ll be very careful with this one is , it deals with 2 of the question you know John was why why not if aliens are out there . Why , why not tell us like Harry Reid yeah everybody on this planet , not everybody but most people have in some some form of faith in God or a higher power . Whatever . Now , how would it should what it shake your state . Yes . If the UFO landed and out became dog truck in the way of the them matter . The people who came out the craft fan and you found out it was a black woman a white man in Asian and East Indian and western Indian and that disturbed was all of our races were basically seen Collins from their point which security .

Would I take my deal right. Well , I I can understand if that’s one of the concerns but when shake mine because I you know I believe in God . I don’t believe that God only looks over Earth . Okay . So my faith extends beyond planet Earth .

Well , I want a lot of people are coming around to that notion. But it takes time . You know , we have a lot . A real religious that fanatics but they’re very devout in their religion they they follow the Bible . They follow the crime they follow whatever but that that they are tired out of and 2 even the pope came out and had to make a statement saying that if it we life was found it was not disprove the existence of God . So what it comes down to is you can’t just do it . Overnight it have you have to condition the society we live in .

Well , I don’t really sing a little bit at a time a Bill , let me ask you this. Have you seen the video from the Navy pilots off the USS Nimitz .

No I haven’t.

Well , you gotta see it. Check it out . Tweet us back close know if you think about it because it’s quite amazing . I gotta tell you those pilots are , I mean we’re free killing , but yeah .

Women say this Fargo just as we have aircraft that are not allowed to be known until the time is right we have sub-surface warfare platforms and aren’t allowed to be known as well.

Okay. Sub-surface warfare platforms are so what’s under the Pacific . What is it .

Well , what the Pacific. A lot of people are now have no the .

Well , you know you see you seem to know what is it.

Okay. You think it’s like yourself in this in this video . They say there’s this giant thing under the ocean , you think that could be something like that .

What does it mean giant thing.

I don’t know aircraft carrier. I don’t know . Giant center .

Here is a pretty big giant thing.

This is underwater but it’s underwater.

Yeah , and it’s possible we have such that bigger underwater.

Yeah. An underwater aircraft carrier that’s launching UFOs interesting .

You know I am not begging for the United States to reveal any top secret information that would help our enemies understand if they investigated for 5 years. Isn’t there anything they can tell us like hey we had 5000s people who spotted UFOs . And we can definitely tell you at 4,999 of them were bogus soon . Okay . We can explain to exactly why that is because some of this is top secret about things were developing . Is that really giving the enemy and for any information .

No. Yeah , what he say . But if you . But if you could let that door open just a little bit a Creek in that door you you open box , theoretically , is that maybe that’s the idea . Bill , thank you so much for the call . Good stuff appreciate for 9058 58th on them . I kinda wanna open Pandora’s box here . Do you really . Yeah . Do you really John cycling .

Good. I wanna know more about this , I mean we had nothing . We got a video in this guy’s word that everything’s real , that’s all we have for $100 million help a little bit , give us some stuff that didn’t work out , give us some phony site give us something Dave your on KMJ .

Hi , how you doing. I’ve I’m kind of an airplane guy so I I look at everything that’s up in the sky all the time . Well I you know there are reports that people put out , I I think that there , it’s because of what they fear most states in the field , such as dragons are big footer UFO , for that kind of .

We don’t think big for Israel at it.

You know , I was surprised you were screening callers. I don’t know whether to sound logical not .

Do your best.

Yeah , so I think people tend agenda intrinsic explain something they tend to assume that if a UFO and then that’s why they reported that way you know , it’s what they fear most quite well when it comes to mind when I , when I say anal probe to you.

What comes to mind hanging up on the calls were comes a minor could become if it.

I just was watching some science fiction movie yesterday that that’s it. That’s what a lot of these UFO people think that the , you know the . These people have been abducted . They say they do terrible things to you . They were seen those stories . Now why can’t they release of him that information . Let us know if they think that’s real , I mean do they have an opinion about whether that’s real .

I don’t know. That’s why we’ve got this millions of dollars in the dark money being spent on on such questions .

By the way in this in this report. They also talk about this . This other Project Blue Book see that part of this year . This was an existence , back in the ’40s and ’50s and finally ended in the ’60s .

This was the started because of Roswell. Yeah right .

So they’re investigating all their stuff and they give us some information about that. They say they had worked 12,000 of sightings and they say 700 of them remain unexplained well these we are sunk then .

But you know those 7 hundred or are people who saw the the the blackbird the stealth fighter every so and other other high-tech aircraft that was in development for years and years before it ever became pub.

But it’s not now. So now they could be explained . Right . Scott , you’re on KMJ .

I’m anti flip , did you have characters these you careful character are checking a soccer , the husband. We have Superman all we have Wonder Woman we have iron man not I have a those guys destroyed a planet we’ve got warp speed we have space you cut we we have stealth technology that they can’t see the checking us out , because we have such stealth technology that that they can’t see it did want to head the predicted wars and we’ve just kidding daily and .

We’ve been. Thank you for the call . Scott treating you gotta you go admit it’s made for some pretty good movies . Absolutely , you know , but I mean . I mean seriously this this is you mix men in black with Independence Day well Miles X Files twilight zone twilight Star Wars Star Trek all of the above . He makes altogether and and this is kind of what is actually real this happened and is happening here in our US government and . And finally , I’m glad that we finally learned about it , but the questions are gonna are gonna come out . Is there going to be an investigation launched in this I would I would hope so , because I think that if our tax dollars you can be used for something like this , we need to know about it . We deserve it all morning Senator Harry Reid needs to come clean on this whole thing even though he’s on the record now with the New York Times , which is great . I’m glad he talk to the media about it but I think that other folks need to start talking to .

Yeah , I think we just deserve to know more. I don’t trust I don’t say we deserve every bit of information , now if it’s gonna harm our national security . But we need . We need a lot more than we’ve got out of a hundred million dollars I think agreed by the way , speaking to National Security , Donald Trump gonna speak on that at about 11 o’clock were carried out that’s right here on KMJ if you want to give us your theories and I’m I’m still look and everybody’s told us good stories . Appreciate that . But what do you think about , do we deserve to know more information here that’s what kind of bugging me I’ve never seen a UFO . I have no story I wanna hear the stories . They’ve got a , they’ve investigated and come on , let us let us in on the secret jumper arguably on KMJ .

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