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Gas Tax
New Mexico
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So they’re still suing in some , in some cases winning.

Well they should , and if the state look if Sacramento is telling us and construction companies up and down from the Oregon border to the Mexican border that they’re not doing a good enough job. Okay , I understand that but when all of the construction companies , gather together and say and fight back . Clearly there’s some miscommunication going on here , I would say that the folks running the construction company might have some better insight and knowledge on road construction and some Shmona in Sacramento .

Right now , because I don’t claim to know anything about building roads , I don’t , but I do know this : if I can’t tell the difference. I don’t care . Right . So if you’re telling me that this road , is not as perfect as it could be , but it’s not gonna make any difference to you in when you drive on it , I don’t need to spend another $3 million make road out of the spend 3 million on another road exactly accepted because we’re gonna we’re gonna wicket doing this 12 cent per gallon gas tax to fix the roads . I wanna fixes many roads . I can . I don’t want the roads we fix to be so perfect that we can fix other roads is a mechanism that makes a lot of sense . Perfect sense . And by the way , then you get this whole long know how much of this gas tax actually goes the roads . Yeah , but that’s another you .

4-9 0-58 50 is the phone number 4-9 0-5 8-5 8 give us a shout hearing will talk roads KMJ.

Are we fixing our our roads to good taste.

Quit her stupid quickly sir , I’m sorry John , but what kind of stupid question either. Well , we know they’re not .

So what are we pretending we have these great standards for a just deal with reality right Federico you’re on KMJ.

Yeah , I know he’s not only as well anyway , so I think the , the whole thing about 80% of the road work is done around here is what they call overlays just putting the cow quietly existing work right and what they have to do is they have to grind out the profile grind the first part , that’s when you got this in income out Meenakshi at down to the curve you know now , it’s going to be done right , and then they’ve got a it properly with trucks and parents of the Guinness move overlay well every job we ever did. As a percentage of every dollar spent going into a slush fund bump and grind and that’s what it is you go out there and they’ll do a Bill do a profile Caltrans actually as vehicles that run the highway on the section you do and they will tell you fund doesn’t from this station at this station right side left side center . This is what you’ve gotta do you you’ve got problems here and there . If you drive down a road and it looks like some aging achieves greater to the whole road that’s profile grinding that’s added cost after the job you don’t want to have any of that cost in the job and that could be found . But they had crew that asphalt poor planning on the trucking is coming and cold . It’s not hard enough .

Hey Federico let me cut to the chase here tell me about this heist , do we have standards that are too high do they make sense.

New York shares with the priorities of anymore , they really are , why do.

We have the highest areas of anybody in the country. And yet , we seem to have the worst roads .

Well what do they’re changing the formula they’re not allowing only use certain or law based.

Well , they’re talking about the smoothness not nothing about the products are talking about the smoothness of the roads and how much you can bump up and down over the course of a mile.

That that leads to the product’s use you get Gil give us room road in a better product using stuff the California‘s.

Okay , okay. Well if that’s good to know . But I’m just saying how smooth as a road have to be and to me , if I can’t tell if I can tell by driving does it make any darn difference Jackie on KMJ .

Good morning. The bottom line is as all the specifications are in the building process . They’re all there be read .

That’s true.

And when you know when the company bids all that information. Yeah , so , and then they signed a contract . That means that they’re willing and and able to beat out specification . Yeah . If they don’t win the contractors liable to make a correct or go bankrupt . They split .

No , I agree. Everything you said is right , but my question is our standards are ridiculously high when we only have so much money . We have so many roads should we have standards that we can afford to fix .

Maybe they are key stringent I’m not I’m not area white top contractor a street highway engineer not none of the above us. I’m a contractor but not , not that I think about threats .

Well , according to the story. We have the most strict standards in the whole country . Other states do not have these standards and yet all of us drive and other states and think roads are better , so why don’t we built for their their standard and if we can fix more road .

I would question the study that’s my opinion that would question that study. I don’t really believe or that have the more stringent in the in in the nation .

Well you understand this up-and-down movement when you drive you know that your car can only balance after so many inches in a mile in California. I think it’s 60 then , other states it’s 90 do understand that concept .

Yes , sir.

Now , why , why would that make so much difference if it’s so much more expensive to build.

I don’t , I don’t think it’s I don’t I don’t believe the study I don’t I don’t know that that’s necessarily true.

Okay , well I’ve beheld say I’m not a contractor either , so I can’t verify that it’s true. Jack . Thanks .

For the call. 4-9 0-58 50 is the phone number 4-9 0-5 8-5 8 .

Ruth you’re on KMJ.

Hello. You know , I would like to know why these standards are in New Mexico because we had a home of the towers and driving out from Albuquerque to tell us they have their roads they don’t have a tax base we have here . Their gas is cheaper . I think it’s scandalous I , it seems like you need to follow the dollar and find out who is really behind this garbage .

WellPoint , I’ll tell you what my curious. This is a perfect example of people who do the standards who spend other people’s money . Exactly where if you had to fix your driveway and it cost you twice as much to be 100th more smoother , you would probably want to dry weather smoked exactly right .

And if you’re nuts but that’s what we’re running into now and this is our money.

Yeah , but you got people in Sacramento , who want the best absolute standards in the country. Don’t cost them a dime right it’s our 12 cent a gallon . That’s exactly right . You know , 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 John like Taylor KMJ .

I’m kind in the KMJ News Center a deadly Amtrak crash near Duma Washington as the NTSB looking at all possible causes.

California producers can take advantage of government help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I’m John York .

These stories at the top of the hour on KMJ.

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