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aggressive disease
American Red Cross
large cell lymphoma
Mayo Clinic


Hi , this is dominating the KMT newsroom these stories coming up at the top of the hour. We’ll have more on that Amtrak derailment up in Washington State . Reports of fatalities coming through and AG industry leaders hope the federal government will offer more help to farmers and ranchers . I’m John your .

The American Red Cross urgently needs blood and platelet donations and asks donors to schedule appointment to give now every 2 seconds someone in the United States needs blood your blood donation is critical and could help save lives. Please scheduled appointment today . Download the blood donor and visit Red Cross or call 100 Red Cross today you can make a difference .

California Blood that partners once again with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office for the holiday heroes blood drives join them Monday , December 18 for Saturday December 30th from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the community room at the Sierra Vista Mall next to call no blood drive on the 24th or 25th all blood types are needed , especially 0 negative this season is the season for giving so please come out to give the gift of life and receive a special feature for more information about donating blood this donate blood

For the holiday been so busy trying to get business in order for the start of the new year. I wish the jolly old elf would bring me a new compressor to help us be more efficient in the New Year as well . And honestly the shot could really use a new pressure washer to could go to any , there’s nobody better for that stuff around here and you tie things could be better . Well you know I thought all the best deals show up around the world Aga Expo , we have seen that before too but and they need actually offering Aggie prices right now and you get a year in tax break you’ll need that tell me about it and the shop really needs the equipment .

We’re gonna keep growing , the way I want us to. By now you know pay him pressure washers as one of the Valley’s largest distributors of steam cleaners pressure washers and air compressors and there’s never been a better time to give them a call . JD advantage of world Aggreko prices now and get that year in tax write to 7-5 38-91 or visit 80 . So does anybody know if any actually means .

I’m Telkom solar a leading solar energy company for agriculture and water works with some of the most established growers in the Central Valley , such as Russ tablet CEO of moonlight companies in Ridley we selected Telkom to bill this 1.1 megawatt system , the project was completed on time. It worked as they stated it would saving us $330,000 last year . We’re very happy we chose to work with Telkom soul . For more information call 6-6 7-90 200 or online Cal come Telkom solar solar for agriculture and water .

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in people over 55 but with treatment , it can be slow down stopped and in some cases reversed , make sure you see your grandchildren grow protect your vision by requesting information about diagnosing and treating AMD call the foundation fighting blindness today at 100 blindness for a free packet on reversing or managing AMD or go to the website fight blindness or where found so much helpful information or again call 100 blindness today.

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With your mayo clinic radio health minute I’m Vivian Williams. Okay , okay . Negative AOL CEO , it sounds like a code and in a way it is . Hail Clr Anaplastic large cell lymphoma is a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and researchers recently broke its genetic code .

What we have is a disease that previously was thought to be one homogeneous entity , so everyone would get treated the same. And what we know now is using genetic tests and we can actually distinguish at least 3 each different groups of patients they had very different clinical outcomes .

Andrew Feldman was part of that team of cancer code breakers because of those very different survival rates. He advocates for genetic testing for all patients with this particular form of lymphoma .

And early result of this finding might be adjusting the intensity of therapy.

Saving more aggressive therapies such as stem cell transplantation for patients who are predicted to have more aggressive disease for mayo clinic radio I’m Vivian Williams.

Coming up at 11 the legendary Ray Apple. I mean is that he would really an issue . Now back to Brasilia Mousavi’s on KMJ pay . One of the highest sweet deals of the year is back at KPMG . Just in time for Christmas . This is perfect , guys and gals if you’re look and maybe to pop the question or you’re looking for something shiny to put on your significant other over Christmas , on sale now . You spend $250 , you get 500 bucks to spend at the Wicker Christian company at River Park take avenge right now because quantities are very limited just click the sweet deal to have a KMJ .

Talk UFOs. Let’s get right your calls John your own KMJ .

Well , no. A well first I haven’t here crashing way we don’t know about the airlines . And then I have a question for you . I believe the fact that if the society as a whole . We live in . I doubt that there are aliens may do exist . We would all have to come together as a group as a whole just to save what we have to work together and I and the question . She is as far as religiously we all believe they were all trading God’s image , so that we had a aliens do exist . Are they also created in God’s image . Thank you . Have fun .

Oh boy.

Well you know there’s been a lot of thought put into this by people who are smarter than me , you know , they don’t think that the fact that there is life on other planets means there is not a god. Right , right , right .

Well that would be responsible for them as well. The euro harassed .

Got isn’t just planet Earth it right God is everything right so to me , but it doesn’t prove anything you say in our image. What does that mean 17 thought prism we look like the card looks like us or anything , I think it’s all about intelligence me and the mind , right .

So if the lizard people are really among us , they are in God’s image as well. Absolutely contemplate that hidden deep here on KMJ jet .

See , I’ve got gonna try to squeeze one here , John. It was a real long story , but you’re on KMJ .

You know I’ve heard quite a bit I I , if you were to put both your hands out in front of your status an arms length and luck to eat your hand. That’s how far I seem to lights when I was younger , while 11 former Take Me Out to the campaign . And we’re looking at the stars . It’s very dark see beautiful you all the stars are very limit eliminated and the sky was clear and that is if you see lights flashing . You could see the tea lights flashing opposite of each other . Together in simultaneously that these lights changed places and they were the only 2 lights in the sky that were starters appeared to be stars as far away as other stars that were very bright as the others but they changed places and no other stars had change places and , but that’s just one thing that I I noticed and I’ve never forgotten and I’ve told people they told me stories as well .

Yeah , John , thank for the call so that I have right now. Gotta get to the break , but more of your stories coming up 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 on km .

How do you grow your business quickly I’m Alex we’re dealing with a business rock stars minute well there’s no secret sauce for instant success , but here are a few tried and true methods from experience entrepreneurs , they can help accelerate growth in your business. Number one , hire the right people . Before you can think about growth do you need a solid staff to help you achieve your goals . Number 2 , invest in yourself you most likely will not see any profit at all when you first start out any money you make should go directly to helping you bro number 3 always think ahead planning your next step by anticipating all possible scenarios is the best way to stay grounded as your business evolves number 4 focus on your customer experience deliver quality experiences and products every single time customers’ perceptions of your business can really make or break your business , I’m out too early and this has been a business rock stars and .

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