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When he won an RV.

After you’re ready to hit the open road at any time. And when you get an RV or gamut from past already you get quality , full service experience affordability and personal attention backing you up every mile every day . And right now . Best holding their annual blowout sale all Mark here over 1500 RVs and campers in stock best interlocking is proud to be the best placed that’s skilled best resourced family owned RV dealer in central California during their annual blowout sale $50 million and inventory will drive off the lot of huge savings and deep discounts to you and with every or be sold in January . Best he will donate $100 to United Way come out our best Darby any day in January for their huge annual blowout sale there will also be manufacturer reps on site to answer any questions . Best all is open 96 every day just off Highway 99 until a rodent Sherlock best the Center putting your dreams on the road .

6 on set.

Well , TNT liberties says his habit ideology Ridsdale now through December 30 first stand by TNT and check out one of their most popular US made long gun saves started at 399 also TNT Liberty saves has 20% off and up to $500 factory melted rebates on select Liberty models was 18 months. Same as cash zero percent financing and could add up to over $1800 in savings on a presidential same DG liberties has never had so many good deals at one time . With these huge celebrity savings . This is the best time to buy and it all goes away soon therefore they’re gonna be open Sunday December 31st so you can take advantage of all liberty savings with a large selection they are sure to have a say at this your new look them up and TNT 2700 what was Avenue next to Valley rod and gun recalled to 9 43-70 that’s tonight 43-70 TNT saving lives once safe at a time .

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in people over 55 but with treatment , it can be slow down stopped and in some cases reversed , make sure you see your grandchildren grow protect your vision by requesting information about diagnosing and treating AMD call the foundation fighting blindness today at 100 blindness for a free packet on reversing or managing AMD or go to the website fight blindness or were found so much helpful information or again call 100 blindness today.

With your mayo clinic radio health minute I’m Vivian Williams when we think of testosterone. We usually think of men . After all , it is a male hormone but women have testosterone too and it also has important functions in maintaining overall health for women . So just like men . We have a slow decline and our testosterone levels with age , as opposed to estrogen , which we just sort of fall off a cliff at menopause and really lose estrogen Dr. Stephanie Fabian says low testosterone levels , sometimes Carlotti can cause a number of problems in women , including low libido so who might need treatment we go by symptoms and then generally , we would treat say that woman who had their ovaries out early , or even a postmenopausal women with low sexual desire , we would consider using a little bit of testosterone to see if that help the situation . Dr. Fabian says testosterone levels can be measured and followed for patient with low key . For more information . Talk with your doctor or visit mayo I’m Vivian Williams .

This is you , you need to look at today’s food farm issues with commentator Joel Stein.

Foreign view is brought to you by the Coalition for property rights and by Valley gun for all you shooting an animal needs go to Valley Now here’s Joe .

Hello there , everybody and welcome to foreign view a lot of Turkey is consumed during the holidays and that’s a good thing. Turkey is a very lean and healthy meat in fact in recent years a lot more Turkey meat is eaten outside of the holidays for that very reason around our house tricky leftovers get put to some very good uses . Well , now there are some other Turkey leftovers being put to good use as well and this particular use is another example of an agricultural byproduct they can benefit us all . Do you know what Turkey leftovers , I’m talking about and what you I’m referring well state until after the break and I’ll tell you .

The Coalition for property rights of non-profit organization believes American citizens have the right to own property in use it in any legal manner of their choosing. However , there are those among us today who believe citizens should not have that right , the CPR has a broad base of support from agriculture small business and individual citizens . The Coalition for property rights encourages all American citizens to lawfully fight to preserve their private property rights .

Since 1963 Valley gun has been proudly serving the needs of hunters , farmers and shooters and now you too can take advantage of Valley guns years of experience , honesty and integrity. They simply going to Valley Valley can assist farmers with birth control , they can deliver cases of 12 and 20-gauge shotgun shells right to your door for a lot less than you may think also you’ll find low prices like the Marlins XL 7429995 as well as special prices on shotguns by Remington and Winchester for all of your shooting an animal needs just go to Valley .

Welcome back Turkey leftovers can be put to a lot of good uses for a long time after the holidays and the leftovers , I’m going to talk about next can be put to some really good uses you may not have considered the Turkey leftovers , I’m talking about our Turkey droppings Turkey done and they’re used to make electricity a power plant in the Midwest burns over 50% Turkey done and generates clean power for approximately 55,000 homes and more poultry litter power plants are currently being constructed. Just one more agricultural byproduct they can benefit everyone . If you have some food and farm issues like me to comment on , you know his email me by just going to our website at view . That’s it for now . I’m Joe Scott and this has been . Foreign view : the opinions expressed on this program not no .

Early those at this radio station or its sponsors always remember no farms no food so long.

5-35 now here on the camp Agri Park as China with check in now with meteorologist Kevin Reimer to find out what’s up with Wednesday’s weather forecast.

You may have to dodge a few scattered rain showers around the Valley this morning. Otherwise , partly cloudy breezy and cooler today with a high of 55 for tonight clear and cold with a hard freeze likely across the valleys low temperatures dip into the mid and upper ’20s for you Thursday morning France otherwise sunny and very cool with a high of 52 from became Jay Weather Center on FOX 26 News cheaply urologist Kevin Kramer your hometown whether connection .

Currently under a partly cloudy sky Fresno , we’re looking at a temperature of 48° well in hand for mostly cloudy at the moment and it’s 42 degrees. Right now , but researchers at the University of California Irvine and others are rolling out a new satellite-based droughts a Verity index the index makes use of data from NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment mission called Grace some of that data includes groundwater storage to drought assessments , researchers say it will provide for accurate in continuous drought monitoring across the globe . His time it’s now 5 ’30s .

CBS News Update Republicans take a victory lap after the Senate passed a sweeping tax cut package early today , House Speaker Paul Ryan tell CBS this morning the trickle down will be a boon for middle class Americans. This is gonna help people get more jobs and better wages and plenty of other tax cuts were very so minority Leader Chuck Schumer , one of the 48 no votes in the Senate . The top 5% will reap 9 . Do you know 9.2% of the benefits . Is that what you intended . That’s what do and UVA political analyst Larry Sabido .

It’s a terribly unpopular tax bill. In fact , it’s probably the most unpopular tax bill that anybody can remember in modern times .

House votes again this morning on technical glitches in the bill then sends it on to President Trump Mr. Trump says he will hold a news conference this afternoon. CBS News Update I’m Deborah Rodriguez .

This piece KMJ but rallies some ski.

Wednesday morning it’s December 20 , the final day of fall we’ll have your complete weather forecast coming up in just a bit for this final day a fallen just go few minutes from now. Also , we’ll be checking in with Mark men in a , again , it’s sort of like crop advisers they’ll be talking about meeting some new challenges for this time of year , also the 20-17 Census of Agriculture referring to reach producers across the country much more ahead please stay with us . 2 .

It’s time to make your list and check it twice because Santa Claus is Coming to Town , this is Karen medicine for guard to tell you any Incorporated don’t fret but sharp blow.

And how can boost your following I’m Alex early with the business rock stars minute small bootstraps companies across the country are leveraging to compete with Fortune 500 companies. These tips will help you grow your folly number one committee or outlets , but energy and effort into each platform capturing your eye .


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