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Christmas and Happy Holidays for the breaking news leader he was taught by the 18 one 0 5-9 KMJ press you know.

42 degrees in Fresno at Radio City still searching for a triple homicide suspect Good morning one and all I am at outside live in the KMJ newsroom and now on Amazon Alexa Fresno Police reaching out for the public’s help to find a man they believe responsible for a triple shooting in the northwest part of the city , get those details from km Liz current.

He was described as a dedicated family man and back in October , 52-year-old Roberto Ramos was shot in front of his wife and son at their home on the 5900 block of West for bullets , killing Ramos injuring his family Fresno Police Lieutenant Dave Madrigal says the suspect is an African American man named Laval gene.

He’s 20 years old , he’s got strong ties in Madeira he has some ties here in Fresno. And he also has ties in Las Vegas right now , we have a reasonably that he is currently in Las Vegas , but we’re looking for the public’s help .

Laval Dean goes by the nickname footage he’s 6 foot tall one hundred 50 pounds and was last seen with short dreadlocks. If you have any tips call Crimestoppers at 4-9 8 stop lose current KMJ News .

From local news to the Pacific Northwest safety investigators continuing to comb through the wreckage of that Amtrak train that derailed yesterday , south of Seattle , Washington , killing at least 3 people.

One thing seems certain : the train was going very fast too fast.

Train was traveling at 80mph in a 30 mile for hours track.

There didn’t czar is with the NTSB but why was the train going so fast where their mechanical problems with their errors by the crew on board. This will not be a speedy process .

Our investigative team is usually unseen between 7 to 10 days.

More crews are trying to clear wreckage. So the southbound section of Interstate 5 can be reopened . Steve Futterman CBS News DuPont , Washington .

Turning to values. A group of Valley farmers formally filing legal opposition to Governor Brown’s twin tunnels water project Saxby says farmers located mainly in Kern and Kings counties filed an objection to the multibillion-dollar project and Sacramento Superior Court now a total of 18 water districts of filed objections against the Delta tunnels project coming up on 3 minutes after 9 o’clock let’s pop in and check in on the comings and goings on Wall Street and things a decidedly negative this morning for the Dow Jones Industrial Average currently giving back about 55 points . Volume now trading at 24,044 update your current temperature 40 with mostly sunny skies 42 degrees . Here in Fresno at Radio City wall to wall sunshine for Tuesday the 19th day of December . Look for the Mercury to top out on the valley floor , generally in the middle ’60s increasing clouds overnight tonight with temperatures relatively mild in the upper ’30s right around 40 then for tomorrow cloudy cooler may be a chance for scattered rain primarily in the afternoon and highs only in the middle ’50s that is news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks . I am mad odd live on News Talk 5-81 0 5-9 FM KMJ crusty and Mousavi based on okay when it can’t stick .

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And our environment.


Good listening to Kenny MJ dedicated to live in local news and talk and your calls at 4-9 0-50 in 50 years just embassy together it now the Valley’s new number one Trotsky and most one. Good morning .

This is broadly Moussaoui KMJ on John Brown.

In for Christina moves on again today. Blake Taylor . Good morning , John . Good morning . How you doing . Hang in there . The time of year , it is that time of year isn’t everybody’s getting sick or has been sick or is continually being sick and now I’m starting to come down . With that , I think , and they’re not sick , you’re probably feeling like you’re gonna be sick . Yeah , that look I’m on the verge , that’s where I am today , a lot of people , but they were good condition . We’re gonna fight through it . We’re gonna fight through and play play hurt today that’s our .

And maybe that will work. But I guess I think you and I were sitting around talking about why is it so hard for the Republicans to sell tax cuts . Seems like a pretty easy sell .

So let me get this straight. My taxes are gonna go down thanks to the GOP congress and President Trump if he signs this thing in the next day or 2 . My taxes will go down , but yet , I don’t like that idea . Apparently not . Apparently , according to more than 50% of American citizens just hate this idea . Yeah , I think it’s not necessarily the fact that they’re being told these are going be tax cuts . They’re calling it a GOP tax plan a vehicle like the GOP and b they really don’t like our President , and that’s who your poll .

So you think it’s just too hard for them to get through that. The fact that they are in another party and they hate the President , so whatever they’re doing is going to be .

And I think it’s as simple as that. Yeah , and they’re being fed a line of BS you know by the Democrat Party with the backing of CNN and MSNBC in those types smell and and our newspapers across the country , too .

Yeah , well , it is , it is amazing because guy what I hear they’re gonna pass tax cuts. I am obviously concerned about how that will impact me right , but I wouldn’t . If I didn’t get any benefit . I would still be for it . Sure . If somebody gets access I’m for yeah I’d like it to be me . But if it’s not me I’m not gonna be against because I don’t get anything right so and I just amazing to me that you know we’re gonna we’re gonna talk about Governor Brown a little bit here because he says this is a monstrous .

City because you know well , basically it’s the apocalypse is heading America if this thing passes. According to Governor Brown .

Well , the Democrats. You know all the sudden they’re worried about the deficit . The national deficit . Yeah . Now remember , when we were in the heart of this depression in 2008-2009 2010 , Democrats decided this would be a good time to pass one of the biggest entitlement in history which increased out debt by trillions of dollars , right . Not a problem but this tax plan , which would give you a cut and more money in your pocket . The government can’t afford it .

It’s completely hypocritical yeah absolutely amazing.

They’ve got some numbers here because they haven’t sold the idea to Republicans , Republicans are nervously in favor of this.

Overwhelmingly , however , there are a handful of Congressman Darrell Isa Dana Rohrabacher and Tom McClintock who’ll are not in support of this right now , you know , as it is today , but we’ll find out they may vote here in the coming by the time we wrap up the show at 11. We may have an answer on how the Congress voted .

You know , and part of that reason is because of the mortgage deduction situation in California where houses are very expensive , but all the people that own.


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