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3D Matrix
Bernie Sanders
RV Dealer


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Brodsky and moose on your issues your community and your input now on KMJ.

One segment remaining in the bra scheme on shows first hour here at News talk 5-81 0 5-9 KMJ the buzz question a little bit about what we’ve been talking about here at came John is how do you feel about the new GOP tax plan. Let us know by voting online at KMJ you love it . Do you hate it well . Snow will have results for tomorrow .

Inputs amazing about that Paul is a lot of people will just go I ahead it because it’s for the rich.

Without even getting into the nuts and bolts of it and you taking a look at how it might affect you.

Remember yesterday when we talked about that we looked at the overall poll numbers that we looked at the individual components of the bill , which was polled when they when they pulled those individual components like do you like the idea of reducing the number of tax bracket overwhelming support. Do you like the idea of getting lower taxes overwhelming support , but when you pull the whole ball of wax even them even the mandate . You know , do you like the idea of eliminating the mandate overwhelming support for eliminating that mandate . He had to buy health care . But when you add in all our people don’t like it .

There was the video surfacing yesterday that was sent to me on Twitter by a listener that was me. It was a video done by like a field producer for Fox News and he goes out to you , I don’t know , midtown Manhattan or something , and he’s got a camera in tow , and he’s on the microphone pretty scary . I know and he says , hey , how do you feel about the new tax plan . Here’s this is gonna happen your deductions are gonna give double that was the overhauling popular right overwhelmingly 5 camera but he was in favor . Everybody loves it . Yeah , this is , this is Bernie Sanders new tax plan would he think about it love it love it love it love it . I was just kidding . This is actually Donald Trump’s tax plan hated when you think about that . Well , I kinda like it it was completely hilarious . I think , Ray , Appleton used a little bit that audio yesterday fantastic Google it if you , if you get a moment .

By the way we have Hillary numbers in 2.

Oh I I can’t wait to hear the.

Well Hillary on the Donald Trump number , it’s 36% would vote for him in 1821-20 to 2020 Hillary or approval numbers for approval numbers are exactly the same as his numbers for who would vote for him 36% there down her numbers away down and is a hard to believe you know most people they not a likable person where most people when they run for office and lose they become more popular. You know because they kind stay quiet you know Hillary’s been out there a lot defending her loss .

And blaming it well you know everybody , everybody.

So early , it’s not surprising that her numbers are going down , I think if she had just been a lot more gracious in her defeat it and and just did they admitted that they nest up instead of blaming the Russians blaming the FBI blaming everybody. I don’t think more popular doing that Skype Vienna athlete and getting interviewed and taking all the credit for the win . Right .

It’s better to don’t do that better to spread it around think the offense of life. Yeah you you think the rebounding effort . You know , you think you think the other players on the squad . You don’t take all the .

We’re at the end of it , and I think if Hillary had taken some of the blame and said , you know , my strategy was after we kind of ignore these states that we normally have to do , we just.

It was a presentable , you know , when you look at the. Face the facts and figures in the numbers as they evolved after election day , we know exactly what the problem was she do you refused to go in campaign in Pennsylvania , and Michigan were taken for granted . In Ohio , where he needed to be .

Yeah , that she didn’t think she needed to be there. Right , so you know , I think if if Hillary . It’s not like her and I guess I kissed would you rather have the real thing , which is what we’re saying or would you rather have a Google marketing firm and asked them how to white regain my popularity and they come out of Bikindi phony about which one would you rather have .

Neither hit again I would I would refuse to vote again. And I don’t want to have a debate with you know John I know because he would blame me and yell at me by again I would just , I would just stand on the sideline on that one .

I guess my thing is I’m I’m glad that she’s authentic. I think she has been authentic . You know I don’t actually horrible . Yeah , so I think I should go to a marketing companies Sahara weight gain my popularity she could come out with a plan , but it won’t be her maybe she’s not capable of doing that already coming up , we’ve got some other stuff about the dreamers yes next next big legislation also a little bit about avant petrol .

The Vancouver Trump in the news help.

Well , coming up stick around a camp.

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