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Good luck. But again , if there’s a lot of questions . How about that . Should they be prohibited if they’re on welfare right now .

I man ads that’s a debatable question right there is I would put in there we will you be a citizen you’ve got on with her. You gotta be productive , you can never be on while flight . But the question is , so you qualify for welfare and you’re not a full American citizen . Are you then immediately deported .

Must posted a welfare if you’re here illegally.

But I understand him I I don’t know , I don’t know they will.

But that that’s Robert , he says. But of course a lot of the thought people say they are anyway because they know the ropes of synthesis .

Well , what if , what if you qualify for food stamps. Are you then therefore automatically deported .

Or just can’t get a path to citizenship. We can’t is hard to deport all these people . That’s why we’re in this bind were in 4-9 zero 5-8 5-88 hundred 7-7 6-58 58 John Brodsky Blake Taylor . What do you think looks like they’re gonna come up with something for the dreamers anything you want in that bill . Do you think is import how long should it take and we’ll continue our discussion in just a minute . Right now it’s 10:30 time for the news with Dominic McAndrew .

Thank you. There , John and , but there are police make arrests in the weekend murder of a 16-year-old gang member Tuesday night officers arrested 21-year-old Anthony Salvatore terror for the fatal Sunday night shooting of Isaiah McGuire . The 200 block of street .

It was their own game that shot their own person he was aiming for another person in the game. It just so happens or victim was in the line of fire and one of the rounds struck him .

Police lieutenant Durham on TV also says it’s suffer terror is charged with murder and attempted murder. More than 100 Fresno children in need of about their holiday wish lists fulfilled by first responders . This morning a combination of helpers from American ambulance but our sheriff’s office and Fresno Police say the purchases inside the target in Fresno at River Park organizer Karen Cross Keys says the money comes from charitable donations .

Yes a grant to Fresno Police a neighborhood watch association and then there is a big donation from American ambulance also that helps fund today were shopping for 130 children that otherwise would not get Christmas.

This is the 17th year of the heroes and help us shopping event over to Wall Street. Now it’s looking pretty good . The Dow is up 18 points right now in terms of weather currently 46 degrees . Right now , whether today would you for a little bit of rain , high of 55 and tomorrow . It’s gonna be well sunny with a high of 52 with news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks I’m Dominic McAndrew unused 5-81 0 5-9 KMJ high .

Well Martin with Kim , and I’d like to wish you and your family. A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays things for listening to this is game juries are to Beijing should you and yours . All the best . This all those Susan Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from the valleys breaking news leader who 5-81 0 5-9 KMJ when you on an arbiter .

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The central California that are partners once again with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office for the holiday heroes blood drives join them Monday , December 18 for Saturday December 30th from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the community room at the Sierra Vista Mall next to call no blood drive on the 24th or 25th all blood types are needed , especially 0 negative this season is the season for giving so please come out to give the gift of life and receive a special feature for more information about donating blood this it donate

John Brock was like Taylor talking about the new dreamer actress looks like it’s going to be discussed in January and look like they come up with something like you’d be verification question in the last segment where you say you will you do to people that you find , what if they have committed a crime or something if they’ve done something that disqualifies them on the bill to being a citizen or following through whatever we come up with , do we kick them out of the country do we allow them to stay , but they don’t get to get into the dreamer program to become a citizen , they can still stay maybe be legal but not a citizen. There’s . There’s a lot of questions to ask here yeah about what you do because you know , what about the crimes what crimes never winner sanctuary state bill now we lost a bunch of crazy 800 crimes that you could be deported for with Glen that into this you know a list of crimes if you commit your disqualified but not a traffic ticket or a parking ticket or something like that . Right .

What if you’re carrying an ounce of weed. Yeah , which technically in California is soon to be legal . Yeah right . So that’s not a problem . Rightly not buying it so it’s federal law I I think I find the welfare conundrum an interesting debate . Yeah , so , and if you missed before the time out there that we took for the bottom our news we were discussing . Well , if you’re a dreamer and you qualify for wicker food stamps or or end up on welfare . Does that , is that a deep portable offense . Is it a defense .

We’re just not or just won’t allow you to get into the citizenship line right you know. Yeah , so I know this is really , it’s , it’s not as simple as it seems . Now they are typical if we want to have you know one way you could do it , it’s just say okay everybody who’s a dreamer is legal . We don’t take care . Did any of this and to consider stops today . Yeah . But we don’t take crimes there is Stephanie consideration but nobody wants to do that you the criminals be citizens right or , what if they would if they were a criminal they serve their time but they’ve served their time . None of the clean now , that’s how we like to think of criminals . You’ve served your time you’ve paid your debt .

You’ve got a second chance do you I don’t , I mean you know if you get your citizenship while behind bars , but all these things have to be thought out from little bit right I think they do and hopefully that’s what our faith. Our federal government is up to , right now , because if this comes to fruition in January . I think it’s going to be interesting to see how it’s all spelled out .

Gregor on KMJ.

Thanks guys. Okay . So , my recommendation would be a 2-part deal , number one , as you may recall when the dreamer act the dock Act was originally passed under Obama it’s spelled out the details of what qualifies you as a dreamer and I believe it set up a registration process , that’s how we know there’s 800,000 dreamers they’re registered so you set up a situation where you take Obama’s legislation that already exists identifies the dreamers and you can ask that those people are now on a path to citizenship , they’re not gonna be deported unless they create a crime that is deplorable you try that to a new immigration bill that then sets out the guidelines for all future immigrants to this country , whether they be with children or not , and you put the 2 together and you you get the one with the other . How can a Democrat but against that .

No , I’m with you , but you know , you still have to answer some questions. You know how long is it going to take break from and where are they gonna be citizens or just legal .

I leave I and I believe the dreamer act , I didn’t need include a path to your green card and of citizenship.

Not citizenship is no , there’s no path to citizenship for dreamers. At this time , but that’s the question should be citizenship or should just be legal status .

Well anyway , it should be. It should be legal status , but once they’re in air there should always be a path to citizenship .

Okay there , how long should their take.

What’s a requirement. Now on the Yucatan requirement .

Well , we make it would have required we can make whatever requirement. We want , it’s our country right .

Yes , yes it is. John .

So I just as well. You know I don’t which I today .

No I don’t , I don’t have it. I was born in this country , so I can answer that question .

Well , I’m just saying that you do you. I mean you think likely to be 5 years , 10 years , one year tomorrow what should they sutures .

I loved it. It should , it should not be tomorrow it it should be when when you’re a productive citizen of the country and I do you know whether that’s 3 or 5 years , and they don’t necessarily have to graduate from college has right now , we need we need technical workers . You know people that that they have gone to apprentice school .

Yeah , I guess , what I guess mind , I’m kind of leaning on this. I’m with you , I don’t have to be a college grad high school grad .

Yeah , I thought that I I would say so at least GED.

Gotta be you guys so or equivalent. Yeah , how about you hold down some kind a steady job for some amount of time like 3 years or 5 years or elected in the military .

Certainly here in the military.

The military do something to show that Europe productive.


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