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Cool Technology
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And we saw right.

They KMJ ringing in the New Year with some new technologies since retirement Tech today , we are going to be bringing you the best in Fresno snooze in talk now being heard on Amazon echoes Alexa to say hey Alexa play KMJ very cool technology Jack.

Already , we’re talking about some other cool technology will have a bit of a trickster in it. That’s the iPhone , which now Apple’s admitted they slowed down your old model . They’re not saying they’re doing it to make you buy new and they’re doing it to protect you from any battery damage that might happen .

Yeah and Colin nonsense on that. I do not believe their explanation : they can explain this away they’re intentionally slowing down my phone your phone . All of the iPhones that are only a year old John the sevens in the successes that you and I both have .

I just had too many friends tell me the same thing , mainly about their batteries. Yeah , you know , and that their batteries are just going down faster . My phone is just slow and I don’t , I don’t have battery problem like a slow problem I don’t know that river .

4-9 0-58 50 it’s the phone number talking about your iPhone‘s right now suggestions solutions , hence tip sorry upset 4-9 0-58 50 it’s the number they’re Lucio you’re on KMJ.

Good morning John Merry Christmas.

Thank you for that.

If you’re welcome there created a reoccurring revenue they work the people holding onto their phones longer because they , you know , the company took away to 2-year plan. But there are devices a lot longer . You gotta get more revenue . Yesterday I read that some of the , that all buying about battery I don’t rattle my got a lot of my phone you these companies that created like you get a gentleman assured because my nephew drew this out with the gentlemen with one arm . I don’t . The syringe is the vote that is electronic heroin .

There you go. I see a global you can do about the addiction issue , you know what people are addicted to . There’s no doubt I I would admit to it , I’m addicted to it . You know what .

In its release.

Yeah. Lucy or you’re breaking up on us . Thanks for the comment preceded Merry Christmas to you , sir .

We have all this you know driving texting problems that’s addiction if you can’t wait 5 minutes to get where you’re going to even look at your phone. I think buildings and you are on it , they were all the world suffered a that’s a little bit and loves dogs here Anthony on KMJ .

Good morning , guys. A Merry Christmas and a Happy yield bottles out the other .

Beverage Anthony. Thank you .

I’ll go it fears about there’s iPhone 4 by about 4 days back in thousand level and I got an iPhone 5 when they came out and they had it for a couple years and I drop them what they faced down it broke the screen. Well , I think it up . It was like to have a lot of drained out of a dent has well you know is absolutely just they thrown away . Yes , you know it in my job going down a road 60mi an hour , something I was thrown out the window . So when I have upgraded and got the , there was a large 3 when I got basically he think sales tax and but my daughter got 1-6 month that dragging famous $45 a month or 2 years . Why did you ever imagine you they reckon payments on a telephone right now was the telephone .

Yeah , I know that’s how they build it into the.


Well it here. Cause your fortune . Yes a racket . They got .

Yeah , it’s pretty good one , but I don’t mind any of that because that’s all up and up. You know , you know you’re getting into it , is it is kinda surprising you go in and they , they have a discount on the phone . As you know , it’s a 200 bucks for a hundred bucks we gotta pay tax on 600 bucks right right to but , I mean but that’s it . But you know that it’s not a secret . They’re not hiding anything .

Right , and. And the thing is I mean we’re paying for the experience . You know you’re paying for that lifestyle and that’s America‘s Hall of enough .

Do you know you know it’s going to cost 100 bucks a month. Whatever you know . Yep , you have to do it .

What you say a month on your phone. I don’t even know I’ve honestly I don’t mines mines $122 a month and that insane when you think about you know 20 years ago but I probably I paying $10 a microphone .

I got the 6 you know 2 of a package deal look at our old price from the old phone in. It was a that that’s how you look at it , is it any more than I was paying before . Sometimes you can even go lower , with a new model here . Hello Richard you’re on KMJ .

So you know my daughter got of all of the 6 plus of all her home about go low , but it did also get so hot it herder ears it burner here.

That’s not a good like both about these phones exploding sounds like that you might want to check it out.

Well , she did back at Apple and they kind of scratch their heads over the banana and certain. So we don’t know they need to put on battery most battery seriously did that they didn’t cure the problem of the battery just dropped .

Well , well , it seems to me if you hold up your year and it’s hot. That’s not going , you know , the debt that said Apple Rob .

You you’re getting you’re inflicting pain upon yourself by making a phone call. That’s an issue . You know , you may well take a look at that .

Well , we got this other story about , do you know the danger of cell phones close to your body. Right .

There’s that , too. We may dive into that and our number 2 law .

Yeah , let’s go do that coming up next on KMJ stick around.

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