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Solar Energy


That WALGREENS you can trust. We’ve got you covered for any surprise the season brings living if they run out of wrapping paper , you know you when if I forget the hostess gift , we’ve got something for everyone on your list is . Okay , let’s just say hypothetically my in laws show up unannounced 2 days before Christmas . For the 3rd year in a row we have ignored .

Well for a WALGREENS and find just what you need just in time to be holiday ready select stores open until midnight.

Chris Daniel for the Gill auto group in midair , you’ve heard me talk a lot about the guild deal well what exactly is the Gill deal it’s a different philosophy in realization Gilad a group never gonna say like some dealerships do always just a short drive down to here a quick trip over here you like , you know , it’s now like 70 miles Gil gets that it’s a drive to mid-air. They’ve got to get the price lower to get you there , especially with their internet prices which are always lower than anybody else’s . For that reason . Okay , now you there . Here’s the other part of the guilty of product specialists who get paid whether you buy the car or not , they still get taken care of , it gives them the freedom and you the relief of nobody ever getting super aggressive are you . So now you finally there and here it comes , kindness and they asked me to use just outward and they’re right kindness and really great service start to finish and again the price to entice you to be there . That’s the deal deal but there’s only one way to get the deal deal . Yeah . Gotta go to kill them kill auto group in midair . Take the 99 of the 1-45 days ago half mile left here there .

Telkom solar a leading solar energy company for agriculture and water works with some of the most established growers in the Central Valley , such as rust tablet CEO of moonlight companies in Ridley we selected Cal consular to Bill. This 1.1 megawatt system , the project was completed on time . It worked as they stated it would saving us $330,000 last year . We’re very happy we chose to work with Telkom soul . For more information call 6-6 7-90 200 or online Cal come Telkom solar solar for agriculture and water .

Not feeling so wonderful this season. If your doctor is unavailable you have options consider career Delta urgent care to Sequoia Prime Care by , say , a medical clinics quick air or a nearby walk in clinic could be a Delta routine care at 1633 Southport Street by Celia could also help of bricks strains strains stitches and more , it’s open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily offers onsite X rays has a health care provider on duty and accepts most insurance we attempt more than medicine .

Life to.

Ask you sign your issues your community and your input now on KPMG.

They , one of the hottest sweet deals of the year is back at KPMG Just click on the sweet deal tab you spent $250 you’ll get 5 hundred bucks to spend at the fantastic Wilkerson company at River Park take avenge right now quantities very limited put the sweet deals KMJ .

By the way , just talking to Ray Ray has some thoughts on this very topic. So you might want to stick around . If you get some thoughts and call Ray about this as well . We’re gonna continue with your calls here to the end of the show , raise up at about 15 minutes on KMJ Mandy . Thanks for calling , I , well I guess . Thank you . Back at you , man he what .

Well , I I have I think part of their plot. And I do this year . Update the 11 point oh and immediately I have issued my song I love conquer I lost out and I asked if you really was my phone cutting off in the middle of a conversation cycle I hold APPLE and they it well like call of important you know isn’t large enough to do the update .

We semi the FDA fork for if you’ve got the.

So I , so you’re telling you live it was designed for which models he says 7 about I think there was nothing in the disclosure either the past that that. So let me something we’ve got it , that’s the way it was . And they is not what you know it was , yeah , we can .

Perceived to be stable ISRO what you were loaded you’re stuck with it and then.

So it’s not hard that think that what we don’t hear phone and started up again. But we very a well known and then the following that they doubted like Hercules a little , but then I have I will but added that it never did never ran thing so I still have it . And like you , I don’t want another system . I like my ankle but I didn’t get my eyes iPad after that .

We’re gonna have people afraid to do updates. Well , I mean they’re just feeding us a virus by doing it seems kinda like at home . That’s exactly what it wants . Yeah there there .

Feeding you an update that they say you your phone needs to run at its optimum yet to run its optimum we’re gonna slow it down. We’re gonna throttle you back .

Well , we had several calls the people got updates and therefore scar were 7 yep , this is like that’s what have my yeah just like how can I get an update they smartphone worse with a deal there. Exactly . Tom KMJ .

Yeah , you know , they have heard about the free many other kinds of iBooks. If you know works , and you can download the manual and all the latest updates . Here we go . The current one . You know how do yellow tablet . So what’s new . But I’ve every time I get enough that I automatically go in there , I see what’s new and I feel it setting like can change it it’s couple unabated you concerted by title . Very helpful . I’ve got a lot of my battery lost because of it .

Really end and so you got iBooks.

Yeah. Iverson iPhone users are iPhone user guide iPad user guide its universal for for whichever one you have been the that go in there , you know , not what you want , then . Then you go announced he would say this is new . I didn’t know about here automatic adjustments late , so I put my phone during the day goes super . Great . Well , I don’t want that they not off , you know .

Well all right , thanks for the tips once you helpful. But do you think , what if you know what you’re doing there than you don’t have this problem that people are having with these updates messing with their phones .

You know I I’ve had a couple issues my contact such crap , you know that there’s no , there’s no mobile use everybody’s under a home. Contact , but I do restore and I think the guy if you have a very good never gonna restore you can always start fresh , he said . It’s a little bit of a headache . But after a few days . Your party and that was , that was my hands is to the user : user guide read it you read it one and if you have any questions . I mean you know back on the verge of its free .

Good enough. They argue . Thanks so much for the help and prescient now agreed area Stan you’re on KMJ .

Joel America’s first year.

Thank you. Back at .

Okay. So my opinion these there were very carefully . Hope you know that APPLE is not as everything about this very problem but it anyway . When I got my as well you know there’s extra refineries he get get out very , very good . It’s like a like a case . I said , okay , so he showed me years and it’s always a barrier was earlier following you can to now see what 15 seconds is fully charged with his very that up . Yeah , okay . But , okay , so my words like that , and I forgot my success . And I heard 3 things like that , like they did at this hour base load my first medium then they my second battery know my diary that if they have to phone that’s now way all the road and I’m really not a Jews and I switched about the very getting like in half an hour to Georgia .

Okay. Stan I’m out of time here , thanks for your call . I’m glad got the tip got some good tips you in . I still don’t know what to do but they raise up next . You may continue this conversation is about some other things I was played as well , including the latest on the Jerusalem . You won’t hear that hotly debated . All right , that’s all coming up , coming up next on KMJ .

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in people over 55 but with treatment , it can be slow down stopped and in some cases reversed , make sure you see your grandchildren grow protect your vision by requesting information about diagnosing and treating AMD call the Foundation Fighting Blindness today at 100 blindness for a free packet on reversing or managing AMD or go to the website fight blindness doubt or were found so much helpful information or again call 100 blindness today.

If you’re Mayo Clinic radio health minute I’m Jeff.

Paulson stomach flu is a misnomer really influenza is respiratory you get the dry cough the fevers.

So what is the illness. We call stomach flu .

It’s just a more common term for a viral gastroenteritis.

And preventive medicine specialist Dr. Cindy Khurmatu , says the best remedy for it is simply to rest.

Symptoms exist because it’s telling a body what to do is telling you to slow down.

Dr. Kerman’s advice is to avoid eating or drinking anything for a few hours.

You just wanna have your stomach. So a little bit further .

Then it’s important to stay hydrated sip on a clear fluid water is best but clear sodas are weak teaser okay too. If you can’t tolerate liquids try chewing on ice chips when your stomach has fully settled try eating small amounts of easily digestible foods like soda crackers on buttered toast gelatin or a banana and avoid fatty and spicy foods until you’re fully recovered . For more information . Talk with your healthcare provider or visit Mayo .

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