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The central California that partners once again with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office for the holiday heroes blood join them Monday , December 18 for Saturday December 30th from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the community room at the Sierra Vista Mall next to call no blood drive on the 24th or 25th all blood types are needed , especially 0 negative this season is the season for giving the least amount to give the gift of life and receive a special feature for more information about donating blood this donate blood

Natural health solutions with Chris and Ron. They were running how you don’t Chris now you’re the CEO of get the . Right . Yes I am what is that the . I mean is this to you buy in a store . Well , now it’s not I’ve changed teenagers that life changing life changed . He is an herbal tea the gently Clinton’s your body from intruders . What do you mean by intruders well intruders or toxins , chemicals GMOs heavy metals and more . There are food and our water and our air we breeze seriously you have seriously and life changed . He will help you with removing these as you say intruders as rancorous their side effects with the state well you might lose a little weight when you clean your calling you lose weight . You feel better and you have more energy well Ronnie where can people purchase life changed t oh that’s easy get the that’s get the TE right I and thank you for being on the show . People don’t forget deputy .

With your mayo clinic radio health minute I’m Vivian Williams. We all know that eating fruit and vegetables is good for our waistlines but could they also help us preserve our brain power .

People have been looking at how diet can affect the risk of dementia. For a long time .

Dr. Donald Hendricks says a study of 900 people showed that diet can affect the rate of cognitive decline. The mine diet as it’s known includes food you already know , is healthy options , vegetables , fruit , fish , poultry and whole grains . Dr. hundred says leafy greens and Gary’s in particular , seem to be associated with less cognitive decline . So what food should we avoid .

Foods that were associated with faster cognitive decline in , there’s really no surprise here. Red meat , butter and margarine pastries and sweets fried and fast foods .

So what you eat now may determine how well you can think later for more information. Talk with your doctor or visit mayo I’m Vivian Williams .

50 thousand Watts of Prime News and talk area that KMJ and oh Cumulus broadcaster 37.

Why would he degrees in Fresno at Radio City using an increase reward as an incentive to catch a valley shooter. Good morning , one and all I am at out stop live in the KMJ newsroom and now on Amazon Alexa the reward offer to catch the person randomly shooting at cars in 2 Valley counties has now been increased , we get the story from km Lisburn .

This is a 911 call just released by the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. It captures the exchange between dispatchers and victims in a vehicle .

9 and won’t make emergency she opened who are out of it. He got a lot someone to shut my thought did to get hit . Yes I income .

Their car struck by a bullet Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims now appealing for the public’s assistance to find the shooter between November 20.

7th and December 17th there’ve been 10 separate reports of vehicles being struck by gunfire 8 have occurred in Fresno County and to have occurred in the dairy county.

The suspect vehicle described as a dark-colored pickup with a lifted body an oversize tires Valley Crimestoppers offering a $3,000 reward to anyone who can help identify the person responsible that number 4-9 8 stop Liz turn KMJ News.

To the nation’s capital within the last hour President Trump spent the time defending the GOP’s sweeping tax reform bill as he signs it into law.

Before leaving for Mar-a-Lago President. Trump said he was fulfilling a Christmas promise to sign tax reform into law .

Every one of the networks were saying will he keep his promise will he sign it for Christmas before Christmas. And so , I immediately called I said let’s get it ready .

Mr. Trump dismissed growing public opposition to the tax reform law that Democrats say favors the rich.

I think it’s selling itself. It’s becoming very popular .

President also signed a short-term spending bill that funds the government through January 19th Steve Dorsey CBS News , Washington.

From National to state. It’s been a month since California’s gas tax went into effect in a new poll conducted by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies shows 52% of likely voters now support an initiative to repeal the hike in state gas taxes and vehicle license fees coming up on 3 minutes after 9 o’clock let’s check in with the comings and goings on Wall Street . Not the kind of holiday cheer open from Wall Street right now is it’s a down day thus far , with the Dow Jones Industrial Average currently giving back 49 points , trading a 24,003 update your current temperature on the outside , as millions head out on the roads or get ready to take to the friendly skies pack your patience traffic still little heavy 37 degrees with a of the cloud cover here in Fresno Radio City expect decreasing clouds throughout the day . Little chilly though afternoon highs generally in the mid ’50s overnight tonight mainly clear but continue cold look for the Mercury to dip down valley Lewis upper ’20s to lower ’30s across the heart of California that is news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks . I am mad art live on News Talk 5-81 0 5-9 FM KMJ crusty and Mousavi on Monday .

Is Josh slow at the NFL season is here and you are ready for a podcast. It’s not what you’ve already been downloading over and over and over . You know what I mean every former quarterback with the possible exception of Jeff Garcia now has a podcast with a co-host and it goes along the lines of , say , former quarterback . It sure does look like a challenging week in the NFL . Let’s get your take on the big Carolina Jacksonville showdown after we hear from Panthers head coach Ron Rivera about how seriously his team taking place portals and Ron Rivera says , oh , we think the world of Blake Bortles is gonna be some kind of challenge for our defense . Blah blah blah through to tout Blake Bortles improving in every game . He’s got great any given Sunday , yadda yadda yadda Blake Bortles . Yeah , well , this is not that show this is bullets and giggles , no sound bites no predictions , not a single mention of X’s or O’s maybe a cure for feeling a little weird , but mostly , this is what they see as we just count down the 15 games to be played each weekend like we’re Casey Kasem in a jock strap and a cup we rank them worst to first give you all the news and notes . You need to sound really impressive during corn hole at your tailgate you downloaded Friday on way to work or on Saturday running errands or Sunday underway to the actual game . I gave it 2 or 3 minutes of snarky insight per game so running time , maybe 40 minutes or so , do you get to be the guide the tailgate , US at one piece of information that makes you sell liquor totally in the loop . It is John Oliver meets John Clayton Jimmy Kimmel meets Jimmy the Greek no punches pulled no lab animals harmed no Xs no has no muscle no fuss and for those of you who went to high school in the mid 1990s no dignity , no doubt , this is the ultimate countdown to Cornwall . This is pro football blitz in giggles with me Josh fluent make it part of your stop down Friday mornings or Saturday mornings or whenever really it’s it’s a podcast , not a collagen pointman bullets and giggles , making you sound like the smart guy weekend get togethers since 2017 .

And today you’re listening to Kenny MG dedicated to live in local news and talk and your calls at 4-9 0-58 58.

Now the Valley’s new number 1 McCloskey and most time now. Good morning .

This is for us KMJ. I’m John Brodsky for Christina moves on again today on this Friday and Blake Taylor . Good morning John McCain nice everybody along today almost Christmas almost there man why you ready to make it up I mean they’ll still not but it’s okay , I’ll get there . I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out on Christmas Eve wandering the malls blurry eyed hoping that something would poke me in the eye and fix my problem , and it’s probably were all be again this year , we’ll see . Well , good luck to you find out there actually are New Year’s mercy , no , no , we are not . Okay . Not for me . Yeah I’m get cut more of a people person then I maybe sound like large crowds of psychopath was like water and I look , I see other people in the same boat I am and and the thing is , you know , you don’t know what you want . Here’s hoping to see something please something jumped out at me and let me know to buy you and generally happens cause you have to come up with it by then area . You know I leave the necessity is the mother of an then Jerry you know we a little tax cut history today . But before we do that we got our Donald mop up on yesterday’s show about Apple , which now is becoming battery gate yes smattering you know it had to have a gay gate on at some time . Well , they’ve Apple admits what Wednesday that they’ve been slowing phones down they if they were caught red-handed company that we’re not tested phones and found out they’re slower so Apple admits . Yes , we’re doing it and then it takes one day lawsuit , here comes the class action lawsuit , filed in not only California but also in Illinois , I believe . Yeah , so I’m I am not surprised investors always a lawsuit got people are saying , hey , you didn’t perform your probably didn’t perform like we thought it would you actually harm the product if we will surely home the product they so they don’t say in the lawsuit . How much money they want is there was some kind of compensation and a new phone . Even so , I guess we could all get in on that if we wanted to bother claiming to be entitled to compensation for overpayments to Apple for phones that were slow down on .


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