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This is science today WiFi networks are so ubiquitous and now , researchers are working on a novel ways to utilize existing signals including figuring out how to optimize heating and cooling systems in homes or buildings , but how.

Do you need to be able to estimate articles wed WiFi signals.

That’s Yasmine must Sophie , an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of California Santa Barbara she runs a research lab there on mobile sensor networks.

That’s something that we’ve been doing more recently trying to count people waited just WiFi signals now over the whole building. You have more why Filene’s and so then you can extended to larger areas . So basically the WiFi card is just recording it’s received power for a period of time . And just from that signal we want to figure out how many people were there which areas are more crowded than heating in corn can be optimized equity .

For science today I’m Teresa Brennan.

With you. mayo clinic radio health minute I’m Dennis Vilda using your genetic makeup to make sure you get the right medication at the right dose . It’s called Pharma could you know me .

We want all already have that information in the electronic health record. So say a doctor that passion for one , sitting with you right this minute , you should cut the dose in half or you should double the dose .

Dr. Richard went Obama’s is leading a pilot program with thousands of volunteer patients examining the viability of such a plan.

If you look on the Food and Drug Administration website. They now is to 127 drugs that there’s clinically actionable variation in our genome and that you would want to know about while being treated with drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure . Cardiac disease , rheumatoid logic diseased psychiatric disease virtually every disease .

Using technology and innovation to individualized medicine for more information. Talk with your healthcare provider or visit mayo .

Yes is Guillaume. Now you need blanket today’s food varnish is with commentator Joel Stein foreign view is brought to you by the Coalition for property rights and by golly guns for all you shooting an animal needs go to Valley . Now here’s Joe welcome to foreign view .

Here’s a cute little story it actually happened quite some time ago , but it’s a true story , it’s about a chicken-crossing the road , a county judge dismissed charges of jaywalking against a Chechen now livestock farmers whether they’re raising chickens are sheep or whatever can receive traffic citations if their commercial livestock blocker impede traffic for too long a period of time on public roadways and I suppose that’s as it should be well a chicken belong to a poultry farmer was impeding traffic on a nearby roadway so a sheriff’s deputy wrote the chicken a ticket. However , when the chicken farmer brought his case to court , the judge dismissed the charges against jaywalking chicken . Do you know why well state until after the break and I’ll tell you .

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Welcome back. Okay . As I said livestock farmers who’s commercial livestock blocker impede traffic on public roadways can receive traffic citations . However , even though this particular chicken farm chicken was guilty of impeding traffic . The judge dismissed the charge . Here’s why : even though the Chechen belongs to a chicken farming operation this particular chicken wasn’t part of the commercial operation . It was a pet . So the judge dismissed the charges . Apparently this file had not run afoul of the law . If you have some food reform issues like me to comment on , you can always reach me by email by simply going to our website at farm view . That’s it for now until next time I’m Joe Scott and this been foreign view always remember no farms no food have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody so long .

5-35 now here on the Kim G agri port. Let’s check out your weather for this Friday . Here’s meteorologist Kevin Reimer .

TGI after thank goodness. It’s Friday , we’re heading into a Christmas weekend patchy morning fog today widespread frost otherwise sunny today with a high of 56 this afternoon or tonight . Patchy fog and frost after midnight otherwise partly cloudy and cold 33 the overnight low for your Saturday . Mostly sunny and 58 and on Christmas Eve day on Sunday . Mostly sunny and 62 , with an overnight low of 38 for Christmas Day . Mostly sunny and 63° from became Joe Weather center on FOX 26 News chief meteorologist Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection .

Right now we’re looking at a temperature of 32 degrees in Fresno in midair under a clear sky , it’s 30 degrees at the moment. International trade is a major economic driver for rural America this year US farm and food exports totaled more than $140 billion that’s the 3rd highest number on record .

James his time we’re looking at a time of 5-36 right now.

CBS News Update. This is getaway day for millions of Americans traveling for the Christmas holiday weekend , but a small fire kept passengers waiting at Love Field in Dallas is business well they saying they’re gonna win everyone on their minds , not even than anyone else on the other night . An estimated 6.5 people will fly during the holiday travel period now through New Year’s Day CBS’s Don dealer AAA says that airfares are about 20% lower this year than in years past . Of course , low airfares means more crowded airports , travel agency predicts an increase of just over 3% compared to last year . Travelers may face some delays due to expected rough weather in the Midwest and the South Quay C&C TV meteorologist Dave AG hilarity from Dallas , all the way up into Tennessee here we could have flooding rains in some locations . I would be surprised in Arkansas and Tennessee some pockets of up to 3 to 5 inches of rain . They have flood advisories going on there . CBS News Update I’m Peter King .

This piece KMJ rally some official AG ski.

Good Friday morning. It’s the 22nd day of December all again . We’ll find out how the weather is shaping up for a meteorologist Kevin Reimer in just a bit also coming up later here on the key G AK report independent certified crop adviser Marx’s event talks .


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