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American Farm Bureau
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American producers , we can improve our ability to treat dairy products with that those things are possible. But some of our volatility in some of our concern about change within the , you know , in large part brought upon ourselves . We should be , we should not make problems for ourselves , but I think we have in this instance .

The phone bill. Here is some more positive things were going , maybe there is not enough money to put everything that they would like to see in the new home building .

Well , clearly never enough not enough money to give everybody everything think and they want you know I’m here in the first day with my wife in the college in the hand with my first very first case you get , you know we’re in the colleges , the day the very first thing fitness are particularly studied economics is the study of limited resources and unlimited wants. Well , you know that that pretty well , is that is what wife is right limited resources unlimited amounts of so why we need a better copy program , we need to improve the prayer . We need to fix here in the Midwest . We have a lot of problems with carried the county variation payments into the arts program . So all those things got to be fixed . The easiest way to fix all those problems and spend more money , they believe that be possible so we’re gonna receive the normal negotiations with the 2 of you know , agriculture and the rest of the budget Edwards in the normal talks between now different sectors of agriculture as we worked our way through 2018 brothers , who is facing and solve as we do .

That’s Blake Hurst , president of the Missouri Farm Bureau and a member of the Farm Bureau board Christmas tree farming is similar to other kinds of agriculture in many different ways tree farming us in its highs , lows with production levels and prices as well. The American Farm Bureau says there are currently some Christmas tree farms in every state in the country . Many a small choose and cut Farms like in all buried in eastern Fresno County Doug Hurley , spokesperson for the National Christmas Tree Association says a Christmas trees growing cycle is completely different from traditional commodities .

When we play at the old of trees. We had a block of trees . We are not going to cut that field clear for 10 years we probably don’t sell a single tree from that block for 6 or 7 years . So it is a tremendously long rotation . It’s what we really never know when we’re planting trees . What the demand will be 8 , 9 years later .

Oregon , North Carolina , Michigan , Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are the top 5 producers a Christmas trees to ensure enough demand Christmas tree farmers have to stagger their plantings. Because of the long growing cycle .

People will will see that what people will play out a certain number of trees and after they get to that 7 or 8 year point where they’re starting a harvest. They will have continued to play at so here and they will then continue to play so so that there is a regular harvest .

And Lee says Christmas tree farmers are similar to other agricultural groups because they’ve recently registered their own check off system with the US Department of Agriculture they’re conducting a campaign on social media platforms to promote Christmas tree sales with the campaign titled it’s Christmas keep it real James his time. It’s now 5-22 .

KPMG arrogant ringing in the new year with new technology now bringing the best in Fresno was amusing talk for the Amazon Argos Alexa halo.

When you own an RV.

Camper you’re ready to hit the open road at any time. And when you get beer gamut from best already you get quality , full service experience affordability and personal attention backing you up every mile every day . And right now . Best holding their annual blowout sale all Mark Warren here over 1500 IBS and campers in stock best interlocking is proud to be the best placed that’s skilled best resourced family owned RV dealer in central California during their annual blowout sale $50 million and inventory will drive off the lot of huge savings and deep discounts to you and with every or be sold in January pastors he will donate $100 to United Way come as Darby any day in January for their huge annual blowout sale there will also be manufacturer reps on site to answer any questions . Best already is open 9 to 6 every day just off of Highway 99 until a rodent Sherlock best the Center putting your dreams on the road .

Health IT strategy is now breadcrumb cyber security because evidence is everywhere industry veterans focus on nothing but defending your network against security breaches 80% of all hacks our businesses under 100 employees. Still think you’re not a target breadcrumb gets in there and defense against hackers because they think like hackers . Are you ready to take the next step in defending your network of cyber breach then hire breadcrumb for the most comprehensive and popular service penetration testing you give them permission and breadcrumb actually hacks into your network . Exposing your weaknesses helping you fix them , before the bad guys get view and breadcrumb cyber security plays mean nobody else in the Central Valley offers this kind of comprehensive cyber security service higher breadcrumb call today 5-5 9-5 7-8 48 hundred or go to breadcrumb because evidence is everywhere .

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I I wanna do this. Just I think the strike .

Setting the smart watch free I’m Brian Cooley from CNET in search of the next big thing. APPLE‘s watch just got its wings . The new 3rd-generation model will be available with its own 4 G connection to the internet , so it doesn’t have to tug at the helm of your I phone all the time and since . APPLE has the most popular smart watch will that combined with this new feature to make these devices Main Street well consumers first have to digest an additional $70 cost to get 4 G in the watch . Then there’s another $120 a year to pay for the watches own 4 G account then there’s battery life of just one hour of talk time and the fact the watch still doesn’t have a camera , though those calls will be voice not video and they tell us we don’t make phone calls anymore , built in 4 G does move the smart , watch a little closer to the center of our lives , but the smartphone doesn’t need to lose any sleep just yet know what’s next at CNET..

This okay.valleys official bag sedation now back at John York.

It’s now 5-26 on the Kim G AG report as check out your weather for this Friday. Here’s meteorologists Kevin Reimer .

Happy Friday patchy morning fog in widespread frost around this morning. Otherwise sunny and 56 today tonight . Patchy fog and frost after midnight otherwise partly cloudy and cold 33 the overnight low for your Saturday . Mostly sunny and 58 and Sunday Christmas Eve . Mostly sunny and 62 , with an overnight low of 38 degrees on Christmas Day . Mostly sunny and 63° from became weather center on FOX 26 News chief this Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection .

Currently over and Orange Cove , it’s 30 degrees and in Fresno. We’re looking at a temp of 32 under a clear sky coming up at 5-32 we’ll check in with Joe Scott of foreign view right now it’s time for the DTP report with Carter Pierce .

Good morning. The ATP put it in the Fresno area is expected to be Sarah point zero 2 inches of water . The forecast Wikipedia the next 7 days and Fresno area zero 0.2-3 inches of water the actually TP for the past 7 days through December 18 from various locations so much values as follows : Fresno 0.4 5in fireball 0.3 to 0.6-6 were said 0.4-1 but you water District 0.6 to her earlier 0.4-0 chapters 0.4-8 Stratford 0.5-1 and tranquility 0.6 one by multiplying TTP by the crop quotations you get specific rapporteur youth and interest per day .

The crop coefficients for the next 7 days and present area are as follows : a path 1.0 Armen 0.3-5 sit just 0.6-0 grapes 0.4-0 grass 1.0 onion 0.2 zero and Stanford’s 0.3-6 to review this information visit Jim Lord’s website Debbie Debbie Debbie you die GM at GM Lord agricultural scientist is a Carter Pearson , you start by the 81-5 9 Kim James.

More than 50 groups representing a wide range of businesses sent off a letter to Congress asking for approval of a multi-year extension of a series of expired tax credits the groups include agriculture business transportation in real estate , the American Farm Bureau Federation says those temporary tax provisions , which expired last year represented number of vital American industries and support.


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