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Christian Nicholas
White House


The American economy the jolt of energy , it needs to give people the opportunity and they know.

There I’m John Lawrence reporting it’s America in the morning at 21 before the hour , and here’s Jimbo Hannan.

Tis the season to be talking about something like the North Pole project. It is a new book from post still press subtitled in search of the true meaning of Christmas our guest is D Michael McCann former White House and Pentagon official , a man who grew up in abject real hardcore poverty and now has written this story . The search of the true meaning of Christmas who is Christian Nicholas .

Christian Nicholas is someone who scored 15 billion dollar she’s got everything in life than money could buy , and he finds out he’s completely empty inside that he has nothing and sort of as he’s sitting in his office up his 30-room mansion up in Massachusetts contemplating doing the worst. His brother who’s a minister in Texas calls him and basically reminds him of the only time in their lives that he saw his 15 billion dollar brother happy and that’s when he was an 8-year-old boy on the army base that they lived on what their mom and dad , who were both in the US army in the lower Christianity 8 years of age used to collect old soda bottles and turn them in for money and then take that money could buy presents for the children on the base who had it worse than him then as minister brother Paul says Christian become that person again become Santa Claus all over again , and not only help desperately poor children but hopefully in the process . Save yourself and that’s the journey the Christian has to go .

The irony I guess is not lost of naming him Christian.

No it’s not. And and that was obviously done on purpose , but it but it was one of the things too , as the reader gets into the book while Christian does rediscover his faith and he does reconnect with his faith he stresses to those as he’s creating this project that it doesn’t matter if someone believes that you know and in his faith . If they have no faith if they’re agnostic at the atheist he just cares about are they good people and do they believe in the golden rule . And if they do . He wants them to help on the project .

In some ways Christian Nicholas sounds like a cross between Ebenezer Scrooge and George Bailey from it’s a Wonderful Life.

He is in the sense that he has to go through this transformation and in and if he doesn’t go through the transformation jammed , then you know. Can he save his own life and then that’s the process that he’s going to have , because again like Ebenezer Scrooge where everybody thinks you know a person like that is has everything that life has to offer . Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be that person what Christian realizes is whether you have $15 billion or $15 if you don’t believe in something that’s larger than yourself in life , whether that that is faith . Whether it’s a family . Whether it’s a cause , then your life can be meaningless in the , you can have no anchor no foundation in your life and so he does transform in a sense from Ebenezer Scrooge to George Bailey when he has disappeared for me that was forced upon him by his minister brother and realizes I better I have some tremendous gifts and what can I do with those guest for help for the next 30 years of my life on the planet .

In the North Pole project the the notion of there being an actual North Pole toy shop finds the government involved how and does that work out , because a lot of people of course feel the government touches anything in a de automatically falls apart.

Well I’m one of those people. Of course , says it sort of as a conservative , but I also had the benefit of a I I worked in the White House for 2 presidents and I worked as a senior official in the Pentagon so I I I have a pretty good understanding of how government works . And so for Christian , if you’re going to try to do something like this and if you want to do it and keep it off the books , you know , an of sight , you know , the best thing to do as he has a one of the best lobbyists in Washington on his payroll and through their lobbyist and that getting meetings in the White House with the chief of staff for the president and senior officials in the White House and because of my background in working there . Hopefully I can take the reader through those corridors in a real world way .

And the the principal female character is an executive named Joan.

It is her name is John Randall and she’s an amazing person you know. Fortunately she was the CEO of Carnival cruise line for 25 years and she thinks it’s the best company in the world . It’s the most men amazing thing but she realizes that she dedicated her entire life to her career and forgot to have a life of her own , and so she abruptly resigns at 46 years of age in the day after she resigns . And after Christian has disappeared me he calls are out of the blue and reminds her that he met her 4 years earlier in a green room at CNBC when they were both doing an interview about finances and and Joan found him to be mine of the most arrogant reprehensible chauvinistic men she never met her her life and he asked that now overcome that memory and try to bring her and as because he decides the best way to create Santa’s workshop on the North Pole is to basically put a cruise ship up there and who better to do that than the former CEO of the best cruise line in the world .

I hear they’re urban movie levels and if so , who would you cast as the main characters.

Well , I I think again that they have been might make agency sort of 3 film companies have approached. So far , and again on them on the male side I I’ve always been a fan of Kevin sore Boyle , who has done a tremendous job with movies like this for Hallmark and and and other places , and for the female again I’d have to give it a little bit more fog . But one of the things that I would I would be blessed to have that problem . Let’s put it that way .

Our guest is D Michael McKenna. He is the author of the North Pole project published by Post press .

Thanks to him , it’s 15 before the hour now and still to come on this Christmas morning edition of America in the morning Johnstone with a football wrap up. That and more when we return after these messages .

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Now in America in the morning. The United States Senate has paid nearly $1.5 million over the past 20 years to settle harassment claims and Joe Ramsey’s been going through the numbers .

2 dozen cases amounting to $1,450,000 that’s the dad on workplace settlements in the Senate since 1997 nearly $600,000 was for 13 cases involving member led Senate offices through many more than 850,000 was for 10 settlements involving other Senate offices. The 2-page release from the Rules Committee reveals no names of lawmakers are victims and few details . The document says the largest settlement was for $421,000 and for race discrimination . But there’s no word on how many or if these maybe sexual harassment related Joe Ramsey . Washington .

12 minutes still left in this hour this morning and I , part of the 24h flu but now Bob her son tells us. There’s a 24 hour cold .

Have you ever feel like you are starting to come down with a cold , only to have it fizzle out within 24 hours , infectious disease specialist William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine says one reason is that there’s a variety of cold viruses.

The number of viruses that can cause the common cold are greater than 100 some are more aggressive produce worse calls than others.

Not only that but if we’ve encountered a particular cold virus before our immune system is trying to deal with it.

I made have seen that same cold virus. 10 years ago , so my body remembers that virus and quickly asserts itself and forces it down and recovers . But if we .


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