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American Red Cross
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Mayo Clinic
Spinal Stenosis


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The American Red Cross urgently needs blood and platelet donations and asks donors to schedule appointment to give now every 2 seconds someone in the United States needs blood your blood donation is critical and could help save lives. Please scheduled appointment today . Download the blood donor and visit Red Cross or call 100 Red Cross today you can make a difference .

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in people over 55 but with treatment , it can be slow down stopped and in some cases reversed , make sure you see your grandchildren grow protect your vision by requesting information about diagnosing and treating AMD call the foundation fighting blindness today at 100 blindness for a free packet on reversing or managing AMD or go to the website fight blindness or were found so much helpful information or again call 100 blindness today.

I’m Peter King Americans are celebrating Christmas in far-flung locations like Afghanistan Elizabeth Shepherd is a soldier in Kabul.

It’s very different beyond the navigators , this year I guess in the missing my family so my fellow Sunnis away Merry Christmas.

He’s hundreds of miles above us but international space station astronaut Mark Vander highs thoughts are here I know this.

As a season when we all hope for peace on earth and it strikes me as something that really is doable and needs to happen from this standpoint where we see no borders Vatican choir sang The First Noel the Pope called for peace in the Middle East. CBS’s Robert Berger says fighting is taking its toll on Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem , where tradition says Jesus was born . The sparse turnout this year due to recent West Bank violence Palestinians have been protesting against President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital so many tourists stayed away .

Mr. Trump didn’t go there in this tweeted holiday message.

In this season of we spend time with their families. We we knew the bonds of love and goodwill between our citizens and most importantly , we celebrate the miracle of Christmas .

Here to God sleds are skis in much of the northern US are very happy with the snow that’s fallen or still to come. National Weather Service meteorologist Brian Hurley has a snapshot for the northeast Syria .

Expecting from 6 to 12 inches. Maybe locally higher amounts across Interior New England . This would be much of Maine and New Hampshire and Vermont and for a good part of upstate New York .

There’s also snow in the upper Midwest and Pacific Northwest a rare white Christmas in Seattle , the Rockies , could get 18 inches before the snow stopped falling their Christmases here holiday shopping is over and one retail analyst expects spending to be up more than 5.5% from last year. Perhaps the biggest holiday shopping season since the great depression , Greg Johnson with Customer Growth Partners .

Climate crimes are the lowest in 44 years , so there’s much less fear of loss of job and loss of income.

The end of the year has many of us looking for new rides W W days Jeff Gilbert says January could start the year of the truck 28.

Will bring new versions of the Chevy Silverado as well as a totally redone Graham Ford trucks marketing chief Todd Eckert says sales of their 50 are up 11% this year , the segment has been very strong arm over the last couple of years and obviously we continue to see straight from overall customer perspective. Ford will also soon bring back at all new version of the Rangers smaller pickup Jeff Gilbert for CBS News Detroit .

This is CBS News.

Honesty , integrity experience from the people in the know and trust serious names open your old with 4.

ABC’s Jimmy from even and I want to wish everybody a happy no nowhere as the new year approaches we start to have a little bit of self reflection. What do we do . Last year , what are we gonna do in the next year . However , we make ourselves better why got a really good idea . Listen to me , this is an opportunity for a fresh start to clean the slate to start , what is your New Year’s resolution gonna be you wanna have a good new year’s resolution you wanna start before the New Year and what you need to do is you need to get a zebra and you need to stop snoring quotas and see why PP and start your New Year’s resolution with a positive outlook and a good night’s sleep , hear me . So if you wanna do it New Year’s resolution is here and it’s gonna change your life for a better , you’ve got a buyers’ deeper listen if you’re snoring you’ve gotta stop it dead easy and change your life Z y .

It those conversations available to show and for exactly.

That’s right. It’s just 10 signal resort a casino $650,000 fame and fortune giveaway and all you have to do is play with your child change a rewards card from November 28 to December 30 and for a chance to $500,000 from $100,000 . Yes , my head 8 lucky guests will be chosen to put the winning combination for cash and a chance to take home $500,000 drawn to help Friday’s and Saturday’s 80% premium we don’t wish out of your chance at winning again Friedman . Look at Clinton plus you can win a brand-new Cadillac CTS ’80s grand prize draw no December that is a lot of England for example look at LAX mon way Chuck charity gold Rousseau a casino .

Thank you very much. Must be 21 another to play physically is closer to 20 I have too .

With your mayo clinic radio health minutes I’m Tracy McGrady staying active to keep fit that can be difficult for people with spinal stenosis , a condition that causes serious that pain spinal stenosis is some a slow insidious process that happens over decades as people build up that arthritis , to the point where it can cost pressure on the nerves mayo clinic orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paul Huddlestone explains that as we age. The desks between her vertebrae lose moisture in the spinal canal narrows creating pressure on the nerves that creates a constellation of symptoms trouble standing up straight limping problems with the power in the food that we call spinal stenosis fortunately once diagnosed . There are many treatment options available for spinal stenosis , they can include physical therapy or a weight loss program to decrease pressure on the spine arthritis medicines can also be used to reduce inflammation in more severe cases injections or even spinal surgery may be necessary . For more information . Talk with your doctor or visit mayo once again .

Merry Christmas and Weinstein and chip Dave here the audience and we’re all in this together. Welcome to me I’m steam rollers and American Chris .


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