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Sheila Jackson Lee
Sioux Falls
United Airlines


Sold out the first class. We have an extra seat fine I get it , but you know the bump somebody a paying customer , is it out of the question for a congress person to have to sit in coach that doesn’t want to pay if you want first class book it pay for it and then you’ll be treated like everybody else , but to come on X . This is the thing . Did she really not do anything that is this all on the airline did they do it and all she did was show up , and they gave her first class , he said . I did nothing .

Well , this is what you know , I think this is clearly all on United Airlines and again just one incident after another with United. I had an incident with United 20 plus years ago . I’m sitting at the Sioux Falls , South Dakota airport waiting for my United Airlines flight to take me Mido hair Chicago the flight simply does not arrive .

There were temporarily case management nobody sadly has management I ended up having to take a bus to Chicago. Nobody said anything away . It was insanity . Yeah , the plane did not arrive scheduling mishap some kind of nonsense excuse they give us the plane was not there look like I’ve got a ticket . I paid $200 this ticket from Sioux Falls to Chicago and there’s nothing there no play no pilot nobody nobody knows anything . Well , somebody should know something , I mean it’s it Vinny the whole this guy they beat up the doctor who refused to give up his seat when he was bombed to remember this over summer beat him up , dragged him off with the cameras rolling , of course , now this incident and then added that didn’t in in after we take a quick timeout the Christie Tejan thing .

Yeah , we’ve got acquiring other airline story today also involving United kind of kinda sorta Curtis Walker 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 807 7-6 58-58 it’s 9:30 check the news here with Meredith start.

Thank you very much gentlemen there at least named the victim of a Christmas.

They homicide officers called the 1,000 block of Clinton Street around 4:30 Christmas morning , that’s where they found Esteban CEO Goldsmith , who was shot and killed their skaters now say they are actively pursuing leads in this case and are trying to locate a person of interest. Meantime the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office confirms an incident near Harris Ranch earlier this morning , was just a blown power transformer but early reports suggested a plane crashed in the area of Mitchell and I 5 so they sent Deputy out of the scene that deputy determine that wasn’t the case . Here’s Fresno County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Tony body .

Get a check of the area. We couldn’t find any signs of an aircraft . That was down some electrical power lines were on the ground so it appeared that something blue causing a fire in electrical fires .

Body ads PG&E has since been notified and sent a crew out to repair that damage coming up on 9-32 let’s check in with the comings and goings on Wall Street still showing double-digit gains not quite as much as they had at the top of the hour. Though the Dow now up 19 currently trading at 24,071 update your car territory in the outside here 43 degrees with mazy sunshine here in the corner of palm and Sean Radio City expect mostly sunny conditions afternoon highs today Valley wide upper ’50s lower ’60s skies clear out tonight that will allow the formation of some patchy dense fog in the morning , maybe even some patchy frost . That’s because the mercury will dip down into the mid to lower ’30s overnight tonight toward daybreak tomorrow that is news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks . I am not art Stoddard live on News Talk 5-81 0 5-9 FM KMJ through countries 3 California George Valley it’s your KPMG when you want an RV .

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Good morning John brought you would like Taylor talking about United Airlines mishaps. One of them , a teacher from Washington DC was flying home from Guatemala through Houston at first class accommodations all the way , gets to Houston and her first class seat disappear . The airline says she had canceled it , she says . While I canceled the second leg of my trip for pets that book another one somewhere finds out there . Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas is NRC and so she complains and then Sheila Jackson Lee calls are a racist .

Nice because she has a way to handle things now you races.

Well , I mean the whole race aspect just comes out of nowhere , why would it why would this have anything to do with race. I lost my first class seat . I don’t care who it was too . I’m just upset , and then you say because you’re black but that’s why I’m complaining , right .

If you have view me awake. Yeah , I mean , I mean that was the first reaction is because it is cheap and pulls the race card , their first reaction . Yeah , I don’t know where no not that you’re privileged lawmaker skirting the rules here . How about that . Well I’m you know in your , in your getting preferential treatment over a slowly pee-ons .

Well , I guess my point is , if you are , if you say you did nothing wrong. She’s I ask for nothing extraordinary I receive nothing extraordinary if that’s the true to stick to that , why you have to come back and say it’s because I’m black that seems to have nothing to do with this right just put yourself in this teacher’s place you lost your first class seat you’re upset nobody’s telling you anything that makes sense to you . They’re telling you that you canceled it .

You know , only I mean they’re outright lying to him to their own customers in.

They’re telling you that you canceled it is the reason you have a seat as I did cancel it and I got a congresswoman in my seat is all starting to add up to me you deny all this and then they call me a racist for even bring enough Tim you’re on KMJ.

Good morning , guys. And you know they know they’ve got you because you got to use them . Yeah , so they’re just gonna do it anyway . And so , but you know , my sister and her daughter went back to Orlando , and they , there the plane that they were supposed to capture in Fresno did not make it so they had a hotel room , even in Orlando . Well it there an absurd 10 hours later , they had to take a red eye out of Fresno say Alaska hotel room over will most of it anyway . And then so when they when they grew coming back . They had their seats all ticketed everything was done first class get there and they they present this is American when they switched with unite our US air emerged . So they’re at US so they go in and they said , okay , we are seeking legal . Well , you don’t have ECC we why don’t had seats we came away . Why do you my seats away . Well you missed the first leg of your flight . You know you canceled the first letter my flight I didn’t miss anything you canceled it and they go look an egg . Oh that’s right we did he goes . Okay . I mean my seats will be to go you can isolate , there’s a couple people just in my 30 we’ll get him back from them . And given they this , he said . We can’t do that . Why can’t you do that you can rebook clear cut , and they didn’t do it legal . Well , you have to get a refund . She won’t give me my refund that they don’t . Will we can get a refund . Now you have to go online again . It took her 2 and half months , and there were $40 a ticket and they centered in Las Vegas that plane got canceled so she has rented a car to Las Vegas and drove home , she said . That’s just yet they bigger 40 bucks a ticket difference and it was like a $500 difference ticket for each ticket . She lost about a thousand bucks and that’s not even the worst one . A friend of mine . They were going . As a family was going to Italy and they have the same thing happened when there was a flight , the castles like 10 of them and they were like young kids , and they said , and they took their tickets away from home . Will he try to get on their seats and everything else would he couldn’t get a me-first class . He’s got all all gone now . These are all first class tickets they scatter them through these planes and they had like these 4 , 5 year olds on separate planes though you know my my friend your out might these you can’t put little kids on a whole nother plays that’s just so Spitzer’s stupidity . You know it was you all they’ve got you and they’re not gonna re-they didn’t ever remember .


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