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If you’re Mayo Clinic radio health minute I’m Jeff Olson.

One of the major issues , we’re seeing right now are children there have listen to MP3 player is iPods very loudly.

Archeologist Dr. Kelly Conroy says the small devices produced big sound and you shouldn’t assume that your child’s volume is set at a safe level.

The best thing that parents can do is actually limit the volume.

You have to dig into the settings to find it. But many phones allow you to set a maximum volume for music , you could even prevent your child from changing the limit .

So one the rules is called the 60-60 rule the.

60 is for 60% of the maximum volume.

We have them listen to the iPod at 60 or that range and also only for 60 minutes.

And Dr. Conroy suggests your child listen with headphones , not the smaller ear buds.

Guys go directly into the ear canal. Both can be damaging . But the headphones are better than the ear buds .

For more information. Talk with your healthcare provider or visit Mayo .

Scale , this is a test of the Emergency Alert System.

This is been a test of the Emergency Alert System. Had this been an actual emergency official instructions were followed the tones , you just heard this concludes this test of the Emergency Alert System making savings .

Of the madness Nebraska you saw on new start by the 81 0 5-9 KMJ.

Hey debuting on 10th January. The American principles Institute presenting the API Liberty report every Wednesday morning at 8:10 AM on Fresno was morning news here on KMJ they’ll bring you Conservative analysis by local leaders on today’s top issues again that debuts 8:10 AM Wednesday , 10th January . Here KMJ .

All right back to our calling topic Jim Muir on KMJ.

Well , good morning gentlemen. A couple points first . Well , I think the caller that you know they should be absolutely voters is right on the money , you know , if they were voting in the community came from , which is by state law . Their return to the county of Tibet but they should be voting in that county . I think that would dilute their vote it wouldn’t impact the communities at these hospitals are in debt and that would solve the problem .

It’s still if it is just a me reply to your point I I agree with you know just like to have all these people end up in one town voting as a bloc , that’s what seems kind of weird about all this then.

Yeah , now , and you know they can make the argument. Well , the community that they’re residing here is impacting them immediately . Well , yeah , so that’s kind of like what happens when you’re in the service you know yet to pay state taxes in California , even though you’re resident Alabama yes you know used because your station here . The other point I I think one of the patients called in and said something about the fact that they wanted visitors and it will , this is a state entity that there residing in by county , not if not a Sunni interesting entity , so how is not paying taxes in the city . Going to impact the state . I mean this case really they are there because their bright , you know .

Gotcha. Jim , thank you .

Great point Jim have a happy new year to you about.

Dave your on KMJ.

You know I I just want to say that he was a new go last 2 hours , has just reinforced by the to why I’m leaving my home town Fresno and moving the hell out of the States. Everybody in the States gone crazy talking about whether or not inmates of any kind against their will retain their civil rights . That’s why they were taken away back hundreds of years ago , when the state became a state . So , so I don’t say where you going oh , no , I’m not tell you that Shanghai was away as well . All it is not a California who were ultraliberal moved up door you because they couldn’t stand with their new you have brought upon themselves , and I’m not going to get out .

I well they’ve got elected I’m going. Okay . Well Mr. Goodall one state to the West . So , okay . I remember .

Larry you’re on KMJ.

There are sure mean traveling about in the region is it’s really are still nowhere. The figure in the dark during an industrious soon . We can really then begin the feeling that they were convicted St Clair then they Herceptin and horses and really think turned into the actors in that house there and I think if you’re interested . You have to do with Indian before therefore they should marry . And then they can vote in the first place to move still our school up in the ahead .

That’s kind of the point I was trying to make is like if you’re not good enough to be released back into the community. Right . Are you really somebody they should be voting even though technically you’ve served your time that’s kind of , that’s my point . So .

Here if danger to the community. Physically , but you’re not a danger to the community with your ballot , you I I would say that doesn’t make any sense .

So I I just and I’m with Europe on their call , just like when you can be released , then you can vote if you serve because I don’t have any power. The ex-felons who served their time . Technically speaking , when you’ve served your time you’ve paid your debt to society right you committed a crime . We said this is what you have to do to atone for that now it’s 7 years , 10 years , whatever . When you do that you go back into society . Hi Daryn prom with that person voting you .

Not necessarily , but I also would advise against arming them too. Yeah , I mean do you add Institute reinstitute all all constitutional rights . I think ex-felons can have good right hook . That’s the law . But if things keep going the way they’re going they’re gonna be armed . Pretty soon , right . Yeah , I mean , think about it .

There are so , but that’s our time our Thomas somebody who has served their time but they still haven’t been released , so to me , it’s like the sort of limbo we gotta have a different rule.

3 applicants coming up next here on KMJ women who are pregnant smoking pot. What the hell’s going on I don’t sound very good so stick around KMJ .

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