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Fresno County
Post Office
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US Postal Service


We had , by law , they have to pre-fund their pension. They say it’s there . You know , don’t ask John asking to guarantee that .

You know , FDIC area high but I think we’ll see.

You know , back to pre-funding thing.

That’s why they’re losing money. Yeah , I mean , look . Are you throwing good money after bad . Are you just thrown it down a dark , dark hole at this point . Well , I think by continuing to operate lethal service we have .

To look at it like we look at the bus service Terry who we operate the bus service at a loss because leaders say it’s worth it because some citizens near are we willing to operate the postal service at a loss because it provides a service that we’re willing to lose money or do we want something that makes money or are we willing to take a little bit of a loss to get the service.

It’s a great question you know in these times I I’m not really sure I I gotta tell ya. If I were in in Paducah Kentucky . You know I might be a little upset of the ship . If the Post Office for a shutdown , but if I’m in Fresno . I don’t necessarily need it that much . You know I mean that my wife does not depend on it .

Therefore , that’s our question to our audience. It does . Does your life depend on this , how important is it to you . 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 John Rossi would like Taylor news time not start .

Thank you very much , gentlemen. The reward for information about the random shootings at vehicles in Fresno Madera counties now stands at $10,000 most recent donation coming from Harris farms and will go to anyone who help secure an arrest . Here’s Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims .

Between November 27 and December 17th there’ve been 10 separate report a vehicles being struck by gunfire. They have occurred in Fresno County and to have occurred in the dairy county .

Suspect vehicle described as a dark-colored pickup would lifted body in oversized tires anyone who spots it should call Valley Crimestoppers the number as always 4-9 8 stop South alley police track down a driver who allegedly crashed into a power box and then fled the scene. Now and happy Ronnie o’clock Thursday night near Hillcrest McAuliffe invite Celia car smashed a SoCal Edison power blocs and knocked out the power to the nearby neighborhood law enforcement track down the driver after he took off 26-year-old Juan Sanchez was then arrested for hit and run as well as for driving under the influence . 9-31 the time now checking back in with the comings and goings on Wall Street . Looks like the Dow Jones Industrial Average wants to finish the year on a negative note currently trading off almost 27 points , the volume , now 24,008 . Let’s hope it rebounds before the end of trading today after your temperature for here partly cloudy skies 46 degrees . The corner Shawn Palm here at Radio City expect hazy sunshine throughout the day today mile to afternoon highs generally in the mid ’60s overnight tonight hazy conditions maybe some patchy fog and frost or daybreak tomorrow overnight temperatures generally in the mid to upper ’30s that is news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks . I am mad odd stopped live on News Talk 5-81 0 5-9 FM KMJ KMJ now broadcasting on Amazon echo he election play KMJ .

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The children’s eyes on that special morning they’re all shiny and bright , no one else is bright. A brand new car truck you gotta go to kill Chris Daniel for the Gill auto group in midair hundreds of cars on 5 big acres waiting to make you married the somebody new cars , but also a huge selection of certified pre-owned vehicles for the 100,000 mile limit war Plus no payments for 90 days on select 2018 and select 2017 Chrysler , Dodge , Jeep and Ram vehicles that offer ends January second the deal on a group is your truck leader but 20-17 Ram 1500 Big Horn crew cab 4 by 4 with an MSRP of 48 1-70 what about to go MSRP stands for . I can’t that you subtract the 8 sales and bonuses . You say the 14,072 and that they corner you get for 33-108 . There’s one of those price you must have a 6-19 fighter or below in most financial Chrysler Catholic . That’s a lot of holidays shiny and bright . You know what to do now you gotta go to kill .

The morning Dombrowski who by Taylor talking about Donald Trump’s tweeting again about the postal service at Amazon.

Basically saying that Amazon‘s not paying the price. They should be paying in the postal service to charge them more , but if you try to dig around in here , it’s hard to find proof that they’re not paying their fair share , already .

Yeah. But there’s also proof in the pudding here that the US Postal Service does know they hell they’re doing . When it comes to finances . Yeah right . Well , there was a money but wasn’t billions a year any pointed that out this morning , the president did in his tweets and he’s absolutely right and I think it’s time to take a really hard focus to look on the future of the postal service because I gotta tell you we were just talking with Ray Appleton in studio just a few minutes ago , you asked him point blank . Do you need the postal service , he said : Not really . Yeah , he’s a 69-year-old man .

Now what would we do though at election time without all those Flyers tell us who to vote for.

We were David validate a spend all of that campaign money for they have to email us , I get more junk email I get those.

4-9 zero 5-8 5 A Thomas you’re on KMJ.

Good morning John Blake writer Michael B he took I’ve been here as well , but I would not necessarily die if I don’t have the post service I saw a lot of stuff on eBay and even as number one shipping service is the pope service and presentation at Tim town package in a 12 by 12-7 bucks studio work think for 13 hours and next competitor was you UPS or Dell UPS for $26 first on earth you know $10 widget whodunit then you’re gonna hear not gonna be able to profit off right hand to do know that it’s really an Internet services one to 3 days through the service and it 3 to 5 for almost double price going through that and then the next Justin failures.

Well , there was really surreal is I don’t know what is. I tell you .

They tell well maybe they’re charging cheap right.

Yeah , if that’s what it tells me.


Because the company this maker money is charged and double and I know I understand what you’re saying , it’s great for you , but it’s not great for the business model. Maybe because of the guy in the profit business the private side charges double you gotta ask yourself what’s going on here .

Georgian troops. You know , yeah . John : I’m I’m well I understand .

And that is why models will be changing because of that.

So that’s why I say it’s easy to take it. Amazon on their rich . They’re the big guy . They can afford to pay more widely to charge them more but I’ve seen every all of us have to look at the mirror go , are you willing to pay more for your stamp yeah and anybody Gwinnett already pay more for a statue probably .

But look how fast I mean Amazon is how all of a business before you years maybe 1520 years maybe.

And it’s already basically the biggest next to Apple , the biggest business in America.

Yeah , and they’ve got their own delivery system too. Yeah right away . Click them but I do say don’t just sit here and go , it’s all about Amazon so that all of us if we want to keep this thing going . We all have to pay more . I would say , hip and do you know . And personally I don’t I don’t mail enough that if you gonna charge me a buck for a stamp , is down 49 cents honorably care .

Yeah , exactly. See , you know , that’s the other thing , and if you’re if you’re making your living on selling stuff on eBay . Yeah . Your business models gonna have to change . That’s just plain , simple as that if the Post Office where go away .

Right now , HBO on KMJ.

Well , I I was driving around last week over by more otherwise known as do your job don’t I work find new Amazon building that you noticed. Yeah . Would you know Jack gradients for uniform world . I’m going to the Post Office today . I’m actually going to go to to post offices because I mean a lot between 3500 and 5,000 pieces of mail in my little hobby my past time and the Post Office does what a crazy , crazy things like most of their post offices , the building’s they operate out of they do know our own and they’re at the mercy of the landlord who keeps raising the rents autumn don’t make a wall of sense to me why they would do that , but I’m not businessmen , but they do some amazing things like getting bail returned to me that’s been so damaged , there’s no return address on it and they know exactly who it is that they need to return that piece of mail to a comes tomorrow beg you know beyond the Christmas .


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