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I’m accommodating what producers feel is appropriate while at the same time reaching out to consumers.

Cow-calf producer from central North Dakota effort says the check off has always been about the grassroots producers.

Involvement is the key word this convention is a prime example of that and I’m extraordinarily proud of my role with the federation in terms of reaching out and involving individual producers when they have the opportunity to come to a convention like is they actually get to sit down and be involved in the process and it doesn’t matter if you’re from Texas a year from North Dakota or Michigan. We respect and that involvement is the key to our success .

And the final word efforts wants to leave as he steps down from federation leadership is that those who are stepping up to lead the effort are keeping their eyes on the ball we increased angle.

Appreciate producers providing the check off but secondly that through variety of programs , we’re still work every single day to try and give producers the best bang for their buck that that check off dollar is going into the marketplace to promote belief that ultimately comes back to benefit the producer and educate the consumer of the value of beef.

Now elected 2018 , chairman of the Federation of State beef councils of the cattle industry convention in Phoenix was Don Caldwell of that go Nebraska. The Federation of State beat councils is a division of the National Catalans Beef Association which is a contractor to the beef check off program the beef check off is overseen by volunteer check off on the cattle minced beef board with final approval of projects provided by the US Department of Agriculture today’s best question a campaign would would you ride public transportation . It was if it was free . You can vote now at KMJ . It’s 5-11 A KMJ time to head to the newsroom Maddox thoughts there .

Thank you very much Ron. Good morning , one and all . The 9-year-old Madeira boy is dead when a car he was riding in the shot up during a gang-related incident Police Chief Steve Frazier says this happen around 7:30 Sunday night when 9-year-old Leonardo Morales’ was shot and killed when a car this father they weren’t toes you’re approaching Olive in midair the Voice reportedly being taken back to his mother after a visitation day with his dad .

We have in their police department have reassured her and her family and our community and we will do everything within our power to bring closure to this case.

The chief Leo’s father and brother both have gang ties amid police now asking for the public’s help to track down the suspects. In this case . Anyone with information as to call Valley Crimestoppers at 4-9 8 start today state water officials will consider adopting new and permanent restrictions on California’s water use State Water Resources Control Board will consider limits on watering lawns washing down sidewalks and using hoses without an automatic shut-off nozzle similar restrictions were temporarily implemented during the recent California drought and if adopted violations of these new rules would bring warnings and fines . Well some big changes to Major League Baseball will break them down for you next in sports .

KPMG now with the new best in Fresno Samuelson talk however sought echoes Alexa Halifax Bank KMJ it all began in 1938 and now 80 years later. Dave Wilson nursery is the largest grower of fruit and nut trees in the United States . Dave Wilson nursery has current availability of independence almond on different root stocks . The Independent’s variety is a proven so forlorn and eliminating the cost in need of beat is known for its early heavy production and only requires one harvest for more info or to place your order for the Independent , call 6545854 that’s 806 5-4 58-54 .

Dust. One of the biggest headaches farmers and ranchers deal with on a daily basis . Dust off from California Fresno oil company is the real deal when it comes to dust control Gustav is an all-natural , organic product it’s safe , affordable easy to apply and effective dust off can help control visibility under roads , all the while helping eliminate airborne particles . They can make families and workers call California Fresno oil company and put dust after work for you . 4-8 602-2 0 .

I’m Stephen Greenberg talking about your next job. Get more sleep . That’s a great resolution for 2018 and that’s the message from Dr. Charles Seiler , professor of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School on average were sleeping about an 0.0.5h less per night than we did 50 years ago . The nation is chronically sleep deprived . He says and it’s having a profound effect on workplace safety and employee health someone awake for over 70 hours has the performance , ability of a person with a point zero 5% blood alcohol level which is legally drunk in many jurisdictions companies where employees tend to be sleep-deprived have 5 times higher work compensation costs then companies where workers tend to get adequate sleep . Besides , we just feel happier when were arrested and remember the blue light from computer screens and smartphones , make it harder to fall asleep . So try keeping them out of the bedroom . You , the people around you and your employer should be very happy that you did your next job . I’m Stephen Greenberg .

No. The Kenyan JD Sports reports from the Windy sportscaster Major League Baseball will impose stricter limits on the mound visit .

In an effort to speed up games , but the league has decided against the 22nd pitch count clock for the 2018 season now. The new rules included general limit of 6 mound visits per 9 inning game without pitching change elsewhere in baseball . The Boston Red Sox Allah powerful bat to their lineup , a person familiar with negotiations here both stocks and slugger JD Martinez agreed to a 5-year $110 million contract pending a physical . The 30-year-old former Diamondback is expected to be the Red Sox primary designated hitter this season 5-15 is the time now that does it for news and sports for now but you and I , we’ll chat again in about 30 minutes , until then round we carry .

Thank you. Bet 32 degrees . Right now , North rather Radio City here’s governor ever with more .

Across the valley today look for widespread frost through 10 o’clock this morning otherwise sunny and cool with a high of 55 for tonight. Partly cloudy with areas of France 30 the overnight low order Wednesday areas the frost scrutiny . Otherwise , partly sunny with a high of 56 degrees from became J Weather Centre at Fox 26 million all just Kevin Ray your hometown weather for there .

This is a KMJ. The official AG species . Now back to John York but I’m not sure if the on this Tuesday .

US pork exports broke new records for 20-17 according to pork check off vice president of International Marketing Craig Morris , Mexico is the number one market for US pork.

Would you go by via Mexico is our shining star last year up 10%. Well , we shipped 1.7-6 £8 billion to Mexico so unbelievably important market everybody talks about trying on a volume basis . China , the number 2 market it just over £1 billion but that was 9% down from where we were in 2016 and that’s one of the things that I think it’s important for everyone to understand it . We have different markets all over the world and that diversification is really important for us to have a year like we just had were exports are up 6% on a I tonnage basis and 9% on a value basis . Even when a market is important . China’s down Japan’s or 3rd largest volume markets about £868 million they were up 2% Canada comes in and that’s where Phelps £60 million , up 1% , we’ve got these minor markets like South for the area . There were 28% which is phenomenal growth to £382 million and South America 57% to £229 million .

At one 0.2 billion dollars. Japan is the top value market for US pork .

Japan a high value market because we put , we put a lot of fresh warnings in the debt markets and high value on a Mexico which is another one tonnage market actually number 2 value market 1.5-1 $4 billion are up 12% Mexico stepping in a lot of phone in hand on but also a lot of writing I fully 86% of writing weekly export so to Mexico and China China comes and that’s it. Little over $1 billion and and you know it , they were down and at times basis 3rd their dollars was actually pretty steady Canada unconnected $792 million they were actually down 1% in terms of value and in those high growth areas of South Korea . There are up 30% on a value basis and South America 58% on a value basis comin then rounding out the top 5 .

The National Pork Board partners with the US Meat Export Federation in the area of international marketing. For more information . Producers can contact the pork check off service center go to or you can call 104-5 6 pork agriculture officials from Oregon have a message for anyone traveling internationally don’t hold .

A pest , and we mean that literally don’t bring stuff that could contain a past that is dangerous for Oregon or the US.

Helmuth wrong is the director of plant protection and conservation programs of the Oregon Department of Agriculture , he says. Invasive species are unwelcome Hitchhiker’s the message to international travelers a simple and this .


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