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He was taught 5 PDA yet 1-9 Ed their KMJ Fresno.

And now , KPMG is live at a local on Amazon echoes Alexa.

44 degrees in Fresno at Radio City frigid winter temps rolling back into the region good Monday morning one and all I am mad live in the KMJ newsroom and now on Amazon Alexa this President’s Day news update sponsored by Gary McDonald homes a new band of weather is rolling into the Central Valley , and it’s expected to put a frigid Jill into the air throughout the week damn Dominic McAndrew shares the details.

Light snow showers expected in the higher elevations with a possibility of the white stuff from 1500ft up in Mariposa Madera and Fresno counties.

Notice much cooler temperatures this afternoon. Probably only in the mid ’50s in many places .

The National Weather Service’s Cindy Beam says they’ll be freezing conditions overnight. Tonight too .

It’s coldest temperatures being between 24 and 28 degrees for as much as 2 to 4 hours , it is very cold air mass with clear skies that allow temperatures to cool rapidly overnight.

There is also a possibility of further precipitation to come later this week as well. Dominic McAndrew KMJ News .

And we’ll have more on your forecast coming up in just a minute or 2 taking a very low-tech approach to fighting fake posts and possible election interference.

A major challenge going forward for is verifying the identity of those buying ads for US political campaigns , making sure the buyers live in the US , starting with this year’s midterms ‘s going to use the US Postal Service to do that it will mail postcards to prospective advertisers who then must go online and enter a code contained in that card the postcard will be sent to the address is the prospective advertisers supplies confirming that at the very least , the buyer lives in this country which Johnson. Washington .

Fresno Police continue to search for the vehicle and driver responsible for a deadly hit-and-run Sunday , in the west-central part of the city. Officers called McKinley and Brawley after getting reports of a man struck by a vehicle . The victim , believed to be in his ’40s or ’50s , died at the scene . Now officers searching for able eat ’90s 5 series silver BMW that’s reportedly missing its passenger side mirror . Anyone with information . Now as to call Valley Crimestoppers . The numbers always 4-9 8 stop nearly a dozen residents of a South alley senior living center forced from their homes by fire by Celia fire says the blaze broke out just after 11:30 Sunday morning at The Meadows senior cottages in the 3900 block of West cleric who say the fire started in the attic of a tenured wing and began to spread quickly . No injuries reported . The cause of the blaze remains under investigation . This week the Fresno Unified School Board votes to rename the theater at the Roosevelt School of the Arts after this hometown Broadway star .

Now , that’s the way you sing and that of course the melodious tunes of Audrey McDonald the graduate of Roosevelt in 1988 she since won Tonys Grammys an Emmy award Wednesday the school board will vote to name the school theater in her honor 3 minutes after 10 o’clock shows us it’s going to Wall Street , but it’s close and honor president says that gives us more time to talk about the temperatures first off current temperature on the outside. Here in Fresno Radio City 44 chilly degrees . We’re only going to get into the middle-lower ’50s . That is nearly 9 or 10 degrees off the seasonal average for some spots . We’ve got a winter weather advisory in effect for the Madeira Meryl poster Fresno ancillary County foothills until 4 this afternoon . Snow . Not a whole lot of it but Chile . The snow level getting down to about 1500 feet this afternoon and then after , that’s all done . We’ve got hard freeze warnings and freeze watches basically every morning right on through Thursday morning morning temperatures , a few of those days mid ’20s . While that is news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks . I am that hot live on News Talk 5-81 0 5-9 FM KMJ .

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The numbers here if I mean 4-1 it is McCarthy number 2-7 1-4-9 5 one at that follows up credit approval.

You’re listening to dedicated to live in local news and talk and your calls at 4-9 0-58 58.

Now the valleys new number one Trotsky and most now on. Good morning .

This is brass KMJ. I’m John Brierley and I’m Christine science he talking about Fergie’s rendition of the national anthem at last night’s NBA All-Star game and it got us into a conversation about some of the worst performances we’ve seen just about how it should be done . I think you and I both agree we just like to say just saying it to .

Filtered out just ring. The songstress , I call it straight . Yeah , that’s what I would .

Saying that , I don’t know exactly how to finalize as we head straight to sing it straight. Don’t be doing all this wop stuff in there come a anyway I take another call 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 Dave you’re on KMJ .

Palin mountings we were just , you know I’m John Kerry is to come out to sea is clearly way over they’ll torture IBM. Yeah . I’ve been saying and for Mrs. High School in that still do honest , but I might have a common and I think I understand it , I heard , I could be wrong . Whitney Houston and living . She prerecorded that that’s all and lip saying it , so she would make making a mistake could do what I heard . But she did a great job . Faith Hill . There’s a real nice job on that .

Oh I’m sure she does.

And and I got a question , how do you , you have to ambition for the Grizzlies , I’ve never sang the national anthem. I would love to try saying I think be that and you have to go down there there additional chocolate .

Yeah , you know , every year before the season. I’m like around this time of year they hold auditions , usually you what you might do , David just call their offices and ask them where you know national anthem auditions will be or what , what they’re doing . Now I am I , when I judged it it was you know an audition and you just showed up and stood in line and we have listened one after another .

I yeah but nice talking you folks.

You know the talk in the air out. Good luck to her .

You think it they did.

You know , one of the reasons they did this audition at Fresno State was they would get a list of people who could do it , you know how can somebody one got to sing at that the other for a lot of the other people have been able to singer took as though they were looking for talent to do it , so they were gay. You know , 4 or 5 people who could do it right and they had people they can call when they needed somebody .

Well , you know , the Grizzlies have so many games during the season they need. Yeah , a lot of people who sing the national anthem for us .

Well , we got , like , 6 football games but they lawsuit looking for basketball game show iron maybe you know , sometimes they just have to play a recording if caucus. I can say , a base .

Now is like a basketball to the band is usually their rights of the band , which is fine. Right . Yes , no love it when it’s the band .

Jack you’re on KMJ.

I I just wonderful the first guy I’ve seen in years is the guy that paints while he’s singing the national anthem. He paints a patriotic pitcher of some sort in usually the lasting honors the flag and but he’s seen what doin it needs .

I never seen yes in this was up. No .

Yeah , I mean he’s done football is done basketball. I see them both play .

So he goes to a basketball game and he paints while he singing at the game.

Yeah. He’s at the sidelines with a big canvas or whatever it is and he’s painting this page , it’s some kind of patriotic pitcher .

Without Leghari.


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