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Yet again. Here’s a kid came back from a serious and you realize year you know how to lie upon the lessons in the Olympics and all the sun . This happens , I’m not wasn’t just quite . This was the last run of the event . I know I want more panic . Yeah , I know I was like a thing it’s all say , you know .

From Times also sorry but your phone is like chirping and it’s really hurting my ears and no more than I get what you’re saying you know no I’m not yet. Yeah .

It’s unintentional disrespect this what I would call , what do you.

He didn’t mean to you and sober than on purpose it wasn’t malicious he he explains it. I buy the explanation I accept the apology and I say to him . Congratulations to you , you’re awesome know you know I what he’s right . What he did in watching , I can’t do that , I mean you put me on a snowboard off straight on my butt . So I’m respect .

What he was saying is exactly what I was thinking when I first saw this my God this guy just did this incredible run , he is. So if you saw his reaction , you did right Christine afterwards his react .

Slowly , Mr. Gollnisch is just so ecstatic.

He has , he’s I was jumping out of his own skin. Yeah . And he’s crying he’s emotional he’s Hogan is mom is there anybody around him . So yeah , I get all that you and I and I forgiven too it it’s it’s it’s not like these people who set intentionally or Neil for the national anthem . That’s a different deal 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 it’s 10:30 guys . Check the news of star on KMJ . Thank you very much .

John and Christine , we have some developing news into the KMJ newsroom. The closest police department canceling a silver alert this after missing elderly man is located over on the Central Coast . Investigators say 87-year-old Gerald Haiti was found just after 9 this morning by police in Watson bill , he said to be in good health and will be reunited with his family later today . He was reported missing from his Clovis home early Tuesday morning , the power of agriculture continues to gear up today at the World AG Expo and KMJ AG director Don or has the details .

Live equipment demonstrations taking place right now in the world. Explore arena . You can sit back and watch the latest equipment and action and watch exhibitors go head to head . Other Devils are set for noon and 1:30 today . There were also cooking demonstrations are heating up over in the world I get exposed women’s pavilion with the first of the day , kicking off at 11 o’clock this morning . This report is sponsored by John Deere AG West Fresno equipment , your local John Deere dealer John York KMJ News .

And if you’re not much for demonstrations recommend you head down to the international Agra center and sample delicious food that you can purchase throughout the grounds now Tuesday 10-31 now checking of the comings and goings on Wall Street. It started out slow but now . The Dow is booming currently up 159 points now currently trading at 24,800 update your car temperature for on the outside . Here at the corner Shaw in Palm Fresno 55 degrees . The old double nickel with a mix of sun and clouds of beautiful day in Fresno Dorothy International Center more said where ever your travels take you today , you’ll see a mix of sun and clouds and unseasonably warm afternoon highs today topping out generally in the mid to upper ’60s that is news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks . I am mad live on News Talk 5-81 0 5-9 FM KMJ .

If you missed yesterday’s edition of the ready Appleton show here’s it taste in this subject but I spoke to press drop about personal view abuse of food stamps in the vehicle and I’ve told that to probe that he answer to this Obama inflated program appears to offer food deliveries. It’s not a staff ready Appleton coming up at 11 on KMJ Fresno equipment . They know how the San walking Valley grows look for the best deals in financing or a full lineup of John Deere especially tractors to help manage or nurseries in vineyards from the tougher dependable low profile 6 1:25 AM built to handle all your orchard needs to the nimble a narrow 5 tractors to squeeze into the tightest places with an even tighter turning radius , see for yourself . Start by Fresno equipment today or find them online at Fresno Prez no equipment serving Valley grower since 1961 .

Diabetes , high blood pressure hangs daily mad everyone’s on them. If you’re a 50-year-old male maybe a bit beefy or even with type 2 diabetes a million dollars of term insurance may only cost you about 200 bucks a month affordable term life insurance is out there called term provider and speak with big Blue 48114588-1458 or visit big remember Big Blue’s like you he’s on managed to .

KMJ Czech radio news and King MPH Fox 26 central California’s most powerful news hopefully HRT need up to bring you breaking news for.

Good morning. Dombrowski Christina moose on talk about patriotism in a number of instances , Shaun White kinda got dragged into this kind of accidentally yeah I’ve thanks cuz I accept his apology , I don’t think he did it on purpose , and the fact that he apologized . You know very sincerely because you know these people are protesting don’t apologize right right so I accept his apology and I don’t wanna make any bigger deal out of it , then it is but Julie . What do you think .

Well , authorities said my piece I was tests really really upset over someone complaining about him dragging the flag you know when they handed it to him. It appeared that he didn’t really know where they were handing in that first and so I give the guy a break . My goodness , he was a motion at all , he was in the moment and rightly so . So that’s about all I have to say .

That’s okay. I mean I don’t , yeah , we feel the same way . Yeah , you know .

Liz you’re on KMJ.

Hi , I just had a real quick thing to say is when I went to school. They used to teach history so you had a real understanding of what it took and the respect of the flag irrespective of what our forefathers went through and stood for now , they don’t do that so young kids don’t have the information or the education to make they were at least good judgment and they just kind of happenstance of Fatah playing follow the leader in doing with popular instead of based on real and I think that we need to get back to a lot of our basic moral values . And then if you still feel that way . For now , at least we have . Education and understanding of what the flag , and put their anthem meant , and what everybody went through to get to this point to allow them to be able to make decisions like they’re meeting .

Good point and that’s. She said something to get to this point is is a good way we can , we’re not there we’re not with there were were trying to get in this country . You know , all the things we have our ways to make it a more Perfect Union , right . Yeah . Perfect Union embargo and we’re never gonna be perfect .

Well , that’s it. That’s the thing is , is I got the impression that once I thinks that they are perfection is attainable and perfection not attainable it’s ever revolving and end in changing and it’s fluid in that respect . So we work on one thing we get better at that and then we work on something else and we get better at that . So I don’t know . Well , that’s , if you want to enact change really go go do something don’t sit there , but I guess O’Neill .

You know the the more Perfect Union way of saying this is a good way. I think we all want a more Perfect Union the flag represents the system that allows you to achieve a more Perfect Union , not a Perfect Union rights not gonna be perfect . We’re all gonna disagree was gonna be politics and people spending and all this kinda stuff , but the flag represents the system that allows you to achieve a more Perfect Union so go to your protests go fix what you think is broken but don’t disrespect the symbol of the process that allows you to do it .

That’s what I’m trying to say. Good thing their way of saying it , right . You’re on KMJ .

Yes , I just got one thing that I don’t think anybody is addressed and addressed this morning regarding the carrier that flag and that is that that boy just got off the doing of fantastic thing by winning the gold medal , and he was happy he was waving his arms around saying whole everybody but at the same time they him this big flag. It’s a wraparound himself that I believe the bottom 4 by flag and he was carrying his board in one hand and the big flag in the other hand , and I just can’t member imagine how anybody could fold up a flag to keep her from going on the ground . And you know and be happy and wave with his arm is hands at the people at the same time I think that what it is . He put the flag into the same army as with the board and he couldn’t fold it up , we just couldn’t and so it just of accidentally hit the ground and that’s the way I thought that’s all I’ve got to say , really .

Yeah lets you know and that’s what , that’s what he said and we read a statement. And that’s what he said and I . That’s what I believe happened . You know I believe what he says happy .


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