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Shaun White
Supreme Court
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I believe what he says happened happened.

Yeah , like a snap shot of white kinda is part of this discussion accidentally hit. Yes , you know , we , and I think we all agree he didn’t intend to do it . There was so much other stuff .

Good morning. To me this discussion is not really about right know the discussion that I’m trying to have it is about patriotism in America . And do you think it’s on the rise are on the decline , and if it’s on the decline . How do we get it back Shaun White got kinda pulled into this today via Twitter . Because of this incident that happened , which by the way we think was an honest mistake of what happened and we let it go and we accept his apology and move on , but you have an incident in Clovis where students . It’s for the Pledge of Allegiance . You’ve got a teacher in a way Hooper Rivera Pico Rivera , who tells his students there are military is the lowest of the low you have San Ramon therefore a pep rally . One of the high schools . They’re saying we’re not gonna do the national anthem because it’s racist . You still have people sitting across this country for the Pledge of Allegiance in schools . I mean we could go on and on and on . That’s the discussion I wanna have no Shaun White got pulled into their and I I don’t into I didn’t intend for him to be the topic . The topic for me is patriotism 4-9 0-58 58 if you want comment .

And that’s exactly right and that’s why we are asking the question you know push on white he resist at the wrong time. But that all this other stuff is going on . Editors bothers me that you can protest so easily by kneeling for the national anthem , or not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance . In a classroom and act like you’re doing something and it just seems like it’s kind of becoming the fairest way to make your protest . You know , if we all thought like that we would all we would all not stand , and just what what would be , what would be different . How would anything be changed just because you don’t stand for the national anthem . It’s a synthesis . Is this a fad and people feel like they can participate in this fad and act like they’re getting something done and act like they are a better person than they really are Doctor think .

We other just following up a popular movement that’s you know they’re they’re following what they see on social media on Instagram on Twitter on Facebook whatever and they’re copying it because it makes them feel important and you know , and that’s the other aspect of this is that I don’t think that they’re really doing it for anybody but themselves and those kind of it , it’s very selfish , it’s a selfish movement. You say that you’re saying that you’re kneeling for others but I really think that you’re kneeling for yourself . Yeah , so you can take a selfie you can snap it posted to Instagram and feel important . That’s what I think this is about .

And that’s why I say we shouldn’t allow students schools even do it.

Because there is so misguided in what they think they’re doing we should just help them along and not allow them to do it.

But the Supreme Court tells you , John , that you have to allow them the option to do it. No , you have to you . So therefore , you do the situation like in Clovis . Then , when somebody does that . What do you do you don’t allegedly call them names so you Timmy you make it a teachable moment and you explain why you stand for that , for the national anthem , or for the Pledge of Allegiance , why you do those things this the the meaning behind it . That’s where I think things are are getting lost and and mixed here cos I do think these students are very misguided and in so you need to add to educate them obviously , because I think they’re just doing it because it’s what the others are doing , they’re just kind of sheep .

Yeah. And like you say when you make a flippant comment to them . Why go back to your , your own country or whatever you don’t really change them . You know , if we could actually make them probably defend themselves more .

It will if somebody said that to you , what would you do I tune you out by blow you are , you know I would. I’m not gonna listen to anything else you have to say .

We better off engaging me and making me defend myself intellectually , yeah , just by asking me why are you setting it up because I don’t like race what what is this going to do about it. This is going . Accomplish anything to solve that problem . Are you doing anything else do you understand that the flag gives you the right to go out there and participate in our democracy and gold make things better . Why would you disrespect a symbol of the thing that allows you to change the things you think are wrong . Given that conversation with that student he might teach him something Travis you’re on KMJ .

The White House. I just try it , when you’re talking about playing pledge Allegiance to the flag . I mean a good years ago and I can’t remember the name of it angers me that I , but Russian saffron , 2 teachers was teaching in the classroom and they go through the pledge Allegiance is said : we’re not gonna do puzzle agency says because I don’t believe we should suddenly just we should the region’s to or our country . Some like that , but as the book progresses as look at the flag is not impressed so good M should had 7 so she took the flag as she cut it up if you get each in the peace and slag she’s here to do what you want with it but I’ve forgotten the name of that book , but the book was really good and I was so angry when I got mad that they would do that but it explained about the presence of of Allegiance and what they thought , but I don’t wanna miss of anybody could think of the name of that you think it’s a really good books to read and it really tells about those Allegiance .

Well , now we’ve got a whodunit. Okay . I don’t know if you have any idea not though no hello David Yurman KMJ .

Tiger going.

Not too bad.

Yeah , I just had to say one thing about her just say that , you know there are sheep and that there are cutting what they think it’s cool and all that , but I don’t want to go there if they weren’t you know everyone does that you know if they were from someone else and become the heat and that becomes an addict I go along those of Fox News or CNN. What is that and you go you know if anything they said copyright stay there and then people harness if you radio show if if they’re biased to your opinion , then they can’t be that is fair , that had become very , very rarely by anyone . There is no leaders in our country anymore and I thought he had realize sheep every one of us is if somebody else and they become , now that there is no vision . The holy war . You know that’s point you know not understand . Before you say that there just being she you know she does it well .

I think you just tremendously insulted us.

And you know how hard to find. We don’t know , but you’re just so wrong that he had a recall you anyone else you think that we don’t have our own . You know I think any of us have our own opinions . You know , some of us pay . Now , some of us were the school .

Sat there and learned and didn’t sit for the Pledge of Allegiance. Listen to the teachers and learned what they had to teachers so that we could form our own opinions as we grew up and I don’t just sit here and spout Fox News stuff all day , by the way .

The my joy.

You sound like you’re spouting some CNN stuff.

An iPhone fan and that’s time Tigers everyone had royalty , but I can’t tell you before there others Democrat or Republican , but it’s also put up against each other and show their gifted this country will never give now you can say whatever you want them in there , but I know what I’m saying is true because no more this country will not change like think to the system of changes felt because we have 2 people fight against each other. How can it .

We just say this , we have 2 parties because people have different opinions about stuff , and I think should happen. You know I don’t need to watch Fox News . Do you know what I think about some crazy program that somebody wants to bring up . You know I don’t need to watch Fox News to go what my supposed to think about this you know we are conservatives are pretty conservative Christina . Yes , you know you can’t , you can’t throw something at me I can’t find my own opinion about what I think about it , that’s very insulting to say we’re all watching CNN , Fox News parroting each other only to watch them to know what to think , 4-9 zero 5-8 5 HR Brodsky Christine Amazon on KMJ .

I’m not Assad in KMJ newsroom. The president renewing his push for infrastructure improvements and a shooting outside of the NSA , not linked to terrorism . Those stories and more are coming up for you . At the top of the hour .

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