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Equal Housing Lender
Supreme Court
Valentine's Day


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You’re 62 Brodsky am saw news told 1 not.

Our bus question today KMT What do you do for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day . Do you celebrate with flowers gifted dinner or nothing because it’s a hallmark holiday vote now KMJ Brodsky and moose on here we’re talking about patriotism in America asked the question before winter break is on the rise is on the decline , and if it’s , if you think it’s on the decline . How do we get patriotism back .

Amongst our citizens 4-9 0-58 58 Doug Europe on this one with Raskin moose on Good morning.

Yeah , I just in the last section John kept saying that.

You know , my 16-year-old son wasn’t a full citizen.

And I want to just know what percentage he has cause I think he’s confusing patriotism it. I don’t know , and I want know what percentage . My 16-year-old son is of of of a citizen .

Well point of trying to make a maybe not very well is that we don’t allow people under 18 to do everything right and we treat them differently , the criminal justice system.

I am. Yeah , you know , I think . You bet .

If y know by 70 said very well , but the point I was try to make as we treat people under 18 differently when they’re in school , we don’t let him just do whatever they want. The Supreme Court has said that they have a right to said during the national unjust and I disagree with that . I don’t think we should allow them to do that , so I’m not saying that they’re not citizens that their 90% or whatever but they’re treated differently because they’re not of age . Right .

What if , what if they have religious reasons.

Well , you know the and have those things have been dealt with by the Supreme Court to and that’s , that’s a little different.

That’s a difference , referring to what we’re talking about here.

But he who has a whim one day because they read an article somewhere and say you know now , I’ve got a cars and I don’t feel like standing in a war.

For starters , I don’t necessarily disagree with you.

I’m just saying I think your vocabulary on this is askew.

Yeah , I think you’re probably right , but , but I just try to make.

You know your failure pageant , but you’re going about this by calling you know you’re wanting a bunch of people into a category and calling the non citizens. Yeah , I don’t , I fault all citizens I believe was yours dad like you know that’s a really harsh statement to make , to a lot of young people who are very patriotic .

Okay. Well if that’s true , but I’m just saying they are not full citizens in the terms of somebody who’s of H right .

We grew up.

The drawback.

Well , I guess 99 I don’t know , you know it or not there , are you there. No quite rare .

I think I don’t son go go overseas. They should only get 99% of our military can pick him up . It is not a full set of .

Well , I mean you understand what I’m saying right , I mean you’re by either stared I don’t I don’t necessarily disagree with your criticism of me , but I’m just trying to make the point we treat them differently. Why do we let them off the hook on this .

So so well what age do they become for once they’re 18 out there out. I’ve got one theory correct they can’t drain cleaner , greener not want Britain .

Right. That too , right .

But John big. The courts have decided though that at birth , they are awarded , you know , all right , said the amendment that our constitutional moment has has to offer .

But they don’t have all the rights of people who are.

They don’t have Fukushima Siberia too you know of course you’re not gonna let a 3 month old 3-year-old or 13-year-old drive a car , they look into it at 60 you know.

So there are aged white degrade yes Varejao if you cross in the you get to do more stuff and this to me is just one of those things that you will get to sit for the national anthem , so your 18 just like driving a car , whatever.

But then you’re also saying to them then I guess they don’t have.

Free speech. Until the age of 18 .

That’s what , that’s exactly what you’re saying.

And I it and my I go everywhere.

Okay. And we would disagree . My school you know every speech .

My school you sit there and learn and you do what you’re told.

There you’re 18 when you graduate. Then you have a lonely . We hope you have learned to think and then you can sprout it off .

Do you think that’s what our founding fathers intended , though.

They wanted people to be educated. Yep , I thought it was very important for our democracy , for people to be educated and to be educated , you need some amount of discipline that’s one all of our teachers are screaming about all the time .

I think we gotta take a break here.

Yes I do well. Get your Toyota . Thanks , Doug .

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