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Tax IRS issues can be such a headache Fulbright is a local business owner who has been using the walker group for his tax issues.

15 years ago or so I got behind on my taxes and I put it off and eventually got myself and a bite and I can handle it. First all takes time to do it , and there’s a lot of worry and vault worry doesn’t help anybody . I don’t recommend waiting I recommend handing it over to the Walker which is local right here in Fresno . We call them do phone interview telling what your problem is they’ll ask you the appropriate questions and give some guidance what to bring in and then you go in and meet with them in their office numbers 4-8 6-4 8-2 9 right present . It’s never going to be easy but it’s must easier with a walker give you peace of buying to breath about you’re gonna have a pretty good feel that you’ve got somebody they can handle the problem . So the phone interview is the first step saves them time saves you time gives you peace of mind and give them time to establish a plan before you even come in . So the phone interview is the first step .

4-8 6-4 8-2 9 the Walker go.

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Rusty and new signs your issues your community and your now on KMJ.

Ruskin son here on KMJ we’re bringing you the best of Fresno is news and talk on Amazon echo just say elects enable KMJ 5-80 skill and then you can listen the KMJ any time on Amazon except echo that’s how I listen when I was on maternity leave. It’s great . It’s awesome . If you have a lack said . Be sure to do it . The kids and I listen well we made lunch breakfast dinner or whatever .

Well it make you a fried Bologna sandwich. That’s what I want .

It depicted you know the cook at our house will not make a fried Bologna sandwich that would be me because they don’t have baloney because as it will be off the air. I know it’s some baloney adorning overnight or have noted that Taiwan . I’m not gonna say I’m not gonna go there .

I wanna fry Bologna saying I don’t care what you think about the.

Well , it’s the , let’s turn to the sheep on the phones Giles generally earn zeroing forgiveness under group really Fox News Europe first KMJ.

Oh , I was just , when I heard that guy it just irritates me because this is gonna be sacked exacting I get from being Democrat liberal I talked to is Fox there immediately that itself. They were talking points . I swear they get a mailer Fox News and your warship transfer and you know I I expect to hear . I’ve been and .

They retire. Okay .

You know , you know it’s crazy and you know you can given statistics you can get them studies and then you know I had one guy why don’t believe it because I see things , but you know you Helen that’s added although you have to have a study fit and then they start calling you names you know you’re a racist your trees a nastier there it it’s it’s insanity , it’s all on emotion.

Well that’s very true. Yes , it is based off of emotion and I you know I think the . He didn’t like that I use the term sheep , so he was using a back on me and I get it you know David Carlson in and you know that’s fine .

Well , I think , David , he sounds like everybody’s a sheep but David.

Well , a local horse. Yeah .

David. He’s the one that sees the real world . There were all sheep is looking through the glass and all get all the sheep but Dave , it’s fine . David got it figured out all of us , you know .

These impeding the same thing that everybody else is repeating every time you talk turned Democrat you you know in the exact same talking points that they know.

Well except he he spread it out. He says that there’s a CNN people too and the Fox people in a addition we get out of this . You know whatever this it has ducked Athena ha .

What what he said is it’s all of us in here , not just say not his public and we’re not here. These same Democrats to him but not him .

We are all sheep but David is the sheep.

I look forward to him running for president but anyway.

So the deal. Did you give an opinion , we would his opinion on anything .

Here’s downward achieved and that we are all start wireless mole Fox vs CNN which he is above in for regurgitating the same thing. So on then how do we .

Solve any problems who will actually read it. What tax . What’s the racial issue before our sheeple , then you should have solution to what the issues are .

The problem with the sheet argument is , you know , conservatives have a view of the world. I don’t know why the world is divided like it hasn’t to liberals and conservatives . He said it’s we get out of that , how do you get out of that you know I think like I think you think like you think liberals think like they think you can change anybody’s mind you know I don’t think like I think you know . I felt like I thought , long before there was a Fox News Fox News either 20 years . You know I was here as a conservative before Fox News . So I don’t need Fox news to tell me how to be a conservative . So I don’t you know I was is come with their Daniel you’re on KMJ .

Yeah , good morning. I wanted you have , you know , I’ve never heard the story in when I think story I don’t mean make believe I mean you know the the written lyrics . The national anthem . You ever read the actual story of what it was describes .

I mean if I read the lyrics are , I read the story about the lyrics.

The story about the lyrics alert written by Franklin got pretty lawyer in public.

You know , yeah.

The events you know and and I just feel if you’ve ever heard it , I have the pleasure to hear it. This . That was after 9/11 .

Then we have to leave it there is a lot of thought out.

Sorry , but we just ran time.

But it will have to go find that we , well , okay , yeah , thank you very much. Raise out of foreign sugar right here is looking for their fried Bologna sandwich bringing home free up next on KMJ .

As normal drilling was here long before the drought. They have no plans of going anywhere anytime soon proposals that Arthur and Oromo farmers themselves . They’ve been drilling wells for more than 50 years now . Arthur turnover of well drilling look forward to seeing everyone at the world expert take advantage of special pricing this that Arthur well drilling at booth SS fired by Gate number one West need more info call our 3rd horrible drilling 9-6 53-69 .

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Thinking about solar so negotiators is all about providing the best possible solar experience. That means the best price , the best customer service and the best value over the life of your system so negotiators is a contractor but they a sister network in helping over 50 families a month goes solar they give you access to their Premier network of local contractors pricing and the most options of low interest financing call their team today to book your 2018 install a 4-4 own solar or visit so .

Did you know system damage caused by animals living around your roof isn’t covered under any standard contra.


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