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We were the Supreme Court. I don’t think students should have the right to to to say no . Her set during the anthem , I think , Supreme Court should have said you know you’re underage you do what your teachers say you’re in school now maybe , I would say something like this : if you don’t wanna stand . I want you to get permission from their parents or something that that because when you’re apparently put him in school you’re basically entrusting them to watch over your kids right . Would you let your kid not stand for the anthem now . Yeah , so I would tell the teacher he does . He’s not , he’s not for the anthem don’t letter right does he still sits there any part of the disciplinary problem here , I just don’t agree with that decision by the Supreme Court . Now , you know , it doesn’t matter if I agree or not they have the right to not stand , and that’s the way it is . I just don’t like that decision .

The Supreme Court says it’s part their First Amendment right.

Yeah , I just don’t think when you’re not when you’re a student under age you can’t even buy a car without your parent’s signature you have all the right everybody else has. So that’s , that’s why say I don’t know who who how I became flag monitor I maybe somebody said you’re the flag and this is what you’re gonna do , and this is how you do it and you don’t get the right to protest and not do these things didn’t even occur to me like to let the flag at the ground or anything like that , so it seems to me this is part of learning in school , you learn to stand you learn to do things properly and when you get out of school . If you decide you want to do that . Fine .

On your own time in the public part , but not in the classroom.

It seems like patriotism is under fire in our classroom.

Sen. It’s become kind of a fad the people think that sitting is making some kind of statement about race relations or whatever 4-9 zero 5-8 5 age Dombrowski Christina 9:30 news check time I start on KMJ .

Thank you very much. Christine , and John . The world I get going areas .

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And the weather will be downright perfect until Erin more on your forecast and a second Clovis police continue a Silver Alert for at-risk missing elderly person 87-year-old Gerald Haney lives near Armstrong and bullet. He was last seen just before 5 Tuesday morning reportedly driving a red Toyota Camry California license plate 5 W G B isn’t boy 5-6 9 officers say Haney could be headed toward the LAR Sandberg did you know areas you wanna see a photo . We have it up in the KMJ Twitter feed . You can find that at the handle at KMJ , now you’re asked to contact Clovis Police department if you have any information on the whereabouts of Mr. Heaney comfortable 9-30 2 checking of the comings and goings on Wall Street . It was down for quite a bit when it open now . The Dow Jones Industrial Average making the little run currently up 35 points , trading at 24,081 now . Here you go with your forecast 49 degrees here at the corner shop and Palm Radio City with a mix of sun and clouds beautiful day on tap into Larry Fresno Clovis Madera every your travels take you in the central part of California mix of sun and clouds and afternoon highs today generally in the mid to upper ’60s partly cloudy able to Chile in the overnight hours tonight , with the mercury dipping down into the upper ’30s to right around 40 in Fresno and Clovis that is news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks . I am not not stop live on News Talk 5-81 0 5-9 FM KMJ .

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Good morning , John. Christina on talk about Shaun White who and inadvertently has got himself into a patriotic conversation here because he dragged the flag and a lot of stuff going on in schools in NFL stadiums people kneeling for the national anthem people not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance teachers blasting our military like in Pico Rivera . And so on . Why . I think probably accidentally dragged a flag that now he’s and this conversation skeletons and yeah got into it , so it seems like you know there’s just a lot of people who have decided that kneeling for the pledge or kneeling for the national anthem , is the way to protest , whatever grievance they have in this country and I guess we should all New Yorkers . We all have grievances don’t wait .

Well , sure.

So anybody think everything’s perfect out there now , so we all have grievances but we stand for the flag because it represents the freedom we have to change things so use we respect the symbol that gives us the right to change things.

You know a free country don’t disrespect , a symbol of the country that allows you the freedom to do those things. That’s my point of view , respect the flag because it , which gives you the chance to change the things you want to change delicious respect that . So get off my soapbox .

No , I think it’s very well said.

Okay. J you’re on KMJ .

Good morning. You know you got their answer your own question . Sometimes when you ask doesn’t have been sirens go further in charge of the school district . Who do you know the teachers union although antigen there , what are they , you know where where there politically they’re not being targeted because the have to remain Jan neutral about these things so then not changing it whether they wanted to or not there , they’re not the outfit . But when you have too much on why he probably didn’t want it because they want , so it wasn’t him .

Well , you know we’ve had a lot of ways. We’ve had a lot of discussions about you know the teacher’s personal feelings in the classroom . To me , you should be in there to teacher’s subject , but if you brought up Christina . You know , you don’t have to lecture somebody about your point of view about the flag you can like if you can use it as a teachable moment to talk about the history the flag why we stand , things like that right to just go over because I’m not sure they are getting that I don’t know but like it you’re you’re you’re talking about the teacher this teacher was angry that she wasn’t standing Clovis teacher out before the speech . Yeah .

So did you know that.

You know , you know , I knew I heard about that.

He was mad that she wasn’t said he wasn’t.

They’re in trouble now they’re in trouble now because she got mad they’ll do think getting mad.

Now the teachers in trouble.

Right. But he wasn’t supposed to be teaching or going in that direction since opposed to be neutral , so she stepped over the line and can travel John Wayne Shaun White stepped over the line and I didn’t from .

Well I think Shaun White and any.

Well it is in any trouble and yeah , you know , I think , personally I think the reason the teacher in Clovis is in trouble is because the teacher allegedly told the student to go back to where they came from to look up to their country right here like that.

She was Hispanic and lay ocean or something right.

And I’m , if that’s what sad you know yeah you don’t say things like that you just whether you think it or not , you don’t say things like that. So I think there was a missed opportunity here to make it a teachable moment instead of it attacking someone if that is what happened a lot of people on my my Facebook friends seem to know this future have had this teacher in Clovis . They say the nicest things about him .

And the stuff that they post about him. They say this is all very out of character from what they experienced when they were in his classroom . So I don’t know maybe there’s something going on the guy’s life maybe it happened , maybe it didn’t happen . I don’t know .

Well , we were told that he was not at school. A couple of days after this happened . Right , correct . And then we were told .


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