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Dave Wilson
News Chief Meteorologist


It all began in 1938 and now 80 years later. Dave Wilson nursery is the largest grower of fruit and nut trees in the United States .

Dave Wilson nursery has current availability of independence almond on different root stocks. The Independent’s variety is a proven suffered and eliminating the cost in need to beat is known for its early heavy production and only requires one harvest for more info or to place your order for the Allman , call 6545854 that’s 806 5-4 58-54 .

Belly tree growers.

Both Smith says that they do you for helping make the fan jet brand , the number one micro sprinkler in North America since 1977 both Smith has been honored to bring you the highest quality and superior performance of the American made fans yet growers have given them plenty of suggestions. Over the years the fan jet was developed to meet and exceed your expectations as a thank you to their loyal growers both Smith is offering a preseason fan jet special go to your local authorized both Smith dealer for details Van jet micro sprinklers manufactured in the valley only by both with precision rain brain when you want it , where you want . Remember when you ask your dealer for fan jets , make sure you get both men beware of substandard foreign copycats . They don’t work like up there . Nick fan jets often imitated , never duplicated jet micro sprinklers made only by boasted in Exeter California American made America don’t visit your local authorized both dealer to cash in on the preseason jet special .

Coming up with 6 fresh knows Morning News live in local went to breaking news coverage. Now back to the AG report on KMJ .

It’s 540 now here on the Kim agri port with a news update here’s Matt , I’ll take.

Very much , John. York good Tuesday morning one and all . The chair of the House Intelligence Committee and family Republican congressman Devon Una says it was a year ago when he found out the Trump Russia dossier had been used to secure a Pfizer warrant on a former Trump advisor he tells KMJ Israel Appleton that eventually led to the release of the now Nunez memo .

The last thing you would think that it would be a political campaign this coordinated with a foreign adversary. And in fact that didn’t happen . As we now know there’s no evidence that that happened so what they did is they weaponized for intelligence , surveillance in order to go after the entire campaign .

News as it took time to piece everything together and the Democrats own memo fraught with redactions has yet to be released by the White House. The lack of rain and snow so far this winter may prevent an annual natural spectacle from happening in Yosemite National Park officials say due to ongoing dry conditions fire fall . That’s the glowing of horse tail fall by the setting sun may not happen this year , typically the popular event occurs in late February but Yosemite officials say it’s unclear if they’ll be enough water to flow over the falls this year . Stay tuned . A big night for Steph Curry in the NBA will break it down for you next in sports we Appleton broadcast .

From the world gags but February 13th 14 15th exclusively on News top 5-81 0 5-9 petroleum chair.

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Top TV tech trends to watch in 2018. I’m Brian Cooley from CNET in search of the next big thing streaming boxes you add TV will likely remain the most popular way to go over the top , but we’re seeing more usage of the built in streaming apps that come in the TV , you buy as well . We’ll be watching how many people cut the cord or just use an on-demand streaming service to augmented while they shaved the cord . A big part of the question will be how popular live streaming bundles will be that seek to replace live channel surfing versus using those for on-demand or online-only content recent streaming video service announcements by Verizon , T-Mobile Disney and our parent CBS show there are a ton of major new service offerings on the way in terms of TV’s themselves OLED TV is will move more to the mainstream and to affordability while on the other hand , even low cost LCD TVs are increasingly including Roku Streaming Ted our favorite know what’s next at . I’m not luck .

GMG sports reports from though Wendy’s sports there let’s begin at the NBA shallow Steph Curry scores 22.

CNN and very unconventional move Golden State head coach Steve Curley allowed players to run some of the huddles late in the game and he could because the lawyers one in a Laffer and against the Phoenix Suns one 29-83 and DeAndre Jordan’s double-double. That’s not the sandwich but 16 points and 17 rebounds helped LA Clippers to a 1-14 one 0-1 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on the college hardwood Virginia climbed to number 1 in the latest AP men’s basketball poll despite losing Sunday to Virginia Saturday rather to Virginia Tech , the Cavaliers received 30 of 65 first-place votes to reach the top of the poll for the first time since December 1982 Michigan State . Second , followed by former number one Villanova Xavier in Cincinnati . Rounding out the top 5 to the snow . 17-year-old first-time Olympian coup week in becoming the youngest woman ever to win gold at the Winter Games here’s core wire .

The crowd favorite crushing a competition with back to back Cheney’s in her final run garnering a near-perfect score even if it was the that I don’t wanna go home knowing that I could have done better example when I landed. I was a leg cited and I feel so much more satisfied and I’m so much more proud Jim now the 3rd US Olympian to win gold in freestyle snowboarding events at these Games .

USA USA , and finally to racing the lineup for NASCAR’s inaugural race of the season. Taken shape in Florida rascal flats will perform a concert before Sunday’s Daytona 500 the native and southeast performing your national anthem actress Charlize thrown will be the honorary starter who gets to wave the green flag and recently retired NASCAR star Lily Dale Earnhardt Jr will be the Grand Marshall ironically enough , the car he used to drive the 88 Chevrolet sits on the poll for the 550 is the time now that does it for news and sports for now but you and I , we’ll chat again this time tomorrow until then Mr. Don York back to you .

Well , thank you very much. Matt , let’s turn our attention over to the weather center let’s find out how everything is shaping up on the first day of the world Expo .

A nice Tuesday shaping up a little bit on the cool side sunny today with a high of 62 for tonight clear and cold 36 the overnight low and on your Wednesday look for sunshine and 64 degrees from became J Weather center and FOX 26 News chief meteorologist Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection.

And right now in Fresno. We’re looking at a temperature of 39 degrees until every 36 and over and Hanford it’s 34 degrees at the moment . Independent certified crop adviser Mark Silverman wraps up tips this morning for a belly wall that growers .

And you know it was talking about yesterday grows. I wanted to cover a couple more things to be thorough with regard to fertilizing a very important factor to keep in mind is proper removal rates . Yeah , there’s a lot of guidelines for putting certain fertilizer rates on based on the age of those trees .

But ultimately when there’s crops removed. You need to factor that into your equation in near Turkey agriculture . We’ve got great emphasis on to the , pounds of crop move from the farm because basically it left in this growing season it was producing at left and so what we’re looking at is , is when we’re adding back it’s based on what the subtraction was from the crops . And so when plant materials produced that isn’t that he is the equivalent of plant built but by photosynthesis plant parts regardless of the type almost everything good plant material based , it’s about 95% built by photosynthesis . So you see , you have mass and that means you have energy spent in a year you feel produces pounds and tons of fruit and leaves sticks and limbs sugars etc that energy’s gotta be replaced and that’s where your fertility plan comes in . Well , make sure that you factor those removal rates into that as a good actor guidelines keep them 95-5 mine too since 95% of the plant and that is carbon high general oxygen based the other 5% is your other nutrients primer insistent should really be put on photosynthetic efficiency to maximize with those leaves can do to speed the crop to protect itself , etc .

Secondarily should focus on the essential elements beyond those enabled the nature take care of itself has basically and the other thing to keep in mind this time of year.

Don’t overlook irrigation. We have been getting rain if the soil .


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