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Bill Clinton
Dave Wilson
Ken Starr


Or or or you know it. It’s all just a big step to get in there . Artists forget about of his position . How he recovers .

Well , I say , I could see that this , this is what the first thing I thought in this political world we’re in where we know the people are trolling for anything they can find around Trump : it wouldn’t be surprising to needed somebody would go try to find something on somebody around him like we have this vital thing going on , but the problem here is that these women were you know investigated by the FBI for security reasons. I don’t know that if I was a woman . I would go that far to lie to the FBI . You know , here that’s all different deal .

I I agree , I agree. I’m just losing all your car and everyone is automatically guilty and and as far as credit in the and everything else that is about it . Smear . Yeah , so for him to want to keep his family out of the out of the limelight . You know , national or the national average . If he if that doesn’t mean though medically guilt .

Well , that’s my question to you know do it. Do we say they’re okay so he has an abuser , let’s say , it’s all true , should he not ever be able to work again . That’s my question . Should we just take nobody hire him he’s the right guy . It’s over . I’m not right by , you know .

They release on the prison system. After a couple .

Well , that’s my point , you know , here in California. We’ve got a whole campaign to hire ex-felons right .


This guy’s derivative convicted of anything , but let’s not to hire him.

Just because someone has have you know.

He’s been accused not in a court of law not convicted. No jury no nothing he’s guilty he’s done please those .


It literally those follows a yeah well Phillies the expansive been through an anger management class. Okay . Yeah . He hasn’t .

Know. I’m not sure how effective those are Tracy you’re on KMJ .

Good morning.


Let me preface where first of all the domestic violence is not funny. It’s an extremely serious , serious issue and topic I myself have there I will call myself a recipient because they don’t wanna call myself a victim , domestic violence , physically , emotionally , mentally everywhere you can think .


I don’t believe a word.

What is women aren’t claiming.

I don’t believe any have ended did the agenda the progressive who have you know.

Has done nothing but she average average average average ever since the moment President Trump took office President Robert isn’t the ranch just their agenda and how they want this country to be run , I don’t believe the Washington Post. This whole Russia thing . I mean we weren’t got evidence the nonsense that has been going on . I don’t believe a word of it . I think everybody on the other side needs to shut up and let the President , do the job that he was elected to do . We want our country back . We want the laws of the constitution to be followed . Cut the crap out you guys and let him do his job .

Tracy. Thank you very much . I think you know there’s some of that out there , I would like to say that’s kind of where . My mind went to begin with Jose what’s if we can find somebody like an ex-wife with a picture with a black eye and we . He did it and I could see that kinda stuff being looked at my problem here is when you’re being heard by the FBI are committing a crime if you’re lying to them right different than just coming out with a news conference with Gloria Allred or something . Yes , and I’m just don’t know . And how serious somebody would really have to get into this to lie to the FBI . You can you go to jail for that . Perfect . So you know one you know that’s what kinda gives it to me , I don’t think I think it would be a lie to the FBI .

I wouldn’t lie to the FBI I win , but I wouldn’t lie about this story.

Either you know but you know , you know it’s own people would. Well , we know that there are people who know that would . And do you and that’s the problem . There are people out there that lie about stories like this and they ruin it for women who are telling the truth and they make or or even man and they make it impossible and so these people are all put under a microscope . These women are put under a microscope and Rob Porter is put under a microscope because of the allegations . Here I tend to believe them . So to me he’s not the victim and this . He brought this upon himself . However if you believe his story you wouldn’t believe them and you’d say they brought the scrutiny upon themselves , so is it , it’s kind of a 2-way street on this .

So it’s , it’s no matter what we call it’s. He said she said yes , might be more she’s but it still , he said . She said Daniel you’re on KMJ .

Yes , good morning and I , when Bill Clinton committed adultery with everything you know everything that could wear shoes. All of the righteousness on the lips of the women’s movement were so quiet , you could hear a mouse pissing on cotton . I don’t know , you know , I don’t know how you and they were listened listening to all this when you know when it when we have a right you know we’re innocent until proven guilty . And when we lose those rights who don’t deserve them to begin with because we we were lost that when you give up those rights . You know , there’s so many people so many of our people died for . It just turns my stomach and .

Well , that’s why said this should be resolved in a court of law , not in the employment arena. It’s not a good place to do it .

I love this does get resolved in a court of law. It’s horrible . I hope I hope you know that that this does come to light .

And then he can go behind bars. And I think that’s where he deserves to be if you did that . Or you can you know who has often been until 2 exactly .

But that would make it easier on employers if it was resolved in a court of law , then you could say you have been convicted of this crime and you’re fired consider making the employer figure out he’s got to be the judge and jury on this and I don’t , I just don’t like that aspect of this , even though it’s a White House raise your on KMJ.

Yeah. First , all in the process of by saying that I I mean in the crowd . So I mean I’ll believe that hurt by him being out of office but at the same time we know that there are people who have been convicted of crimes is spent 25-30 years of their lives in prison , and then it comes out . You know 30 years later . DNA proves that no it wasn’t their person . They’re committed the crime . No , they’re innocent unless you have hard factual truth , proof that a person has committed a crime , their person should not be convicted . Either one in a quarrel or 2 but by public scrutiny . I have a personal friend of mine out had to do a year and a half of his life in jail . You’re just not because he committed a crime , but because he knew somebody anyone’s guilt guilty by association . You know , and it’s just sometimes of serious it’s a greater lesser of the 2 evils troops it meant to do so the wrong option that fight when you haven’t done something wrong , and just give up . I have opposed to do a long time in jail or I haven’t you noticed near . Yes , I mean it’s , you know , for the same crime even if you don’t do it , you know , so I understand why didn’t buy , but as well you know sort going to smoke just fire .

Okay. Yeah , I mean it’s just , it’s the , this is . Same old story . How do we figure out how do we believe just watching our TV monitors . I was just looking at the picture of Bill Clinton and Ken Starr .

Yeah. Here we go . We look all talk about Bill Clinton . Yeah , I think it and he made a good point , by the way their car a couple calls go about where was all of the women’s movement with all that , because it really isn’t a woman’s movement . It’s a big , it’s a liberal movement .

Well , you know , that’s that’s what’s so funny is or interesting is , I will ask my liberal liberal friends about that and they will say well , you know that that was his private life , right.

Well told I I I don’t think that there are excuses for private life public life , whatever you know you know if you’ve done these things.

But if we’re gonna eat unless they were gonna leave all the accusations of women Bill Clinton‘s got a lot of accusers are flat overall area had not just not just away.

He’ll Clinton isn’t abusing women he’s womanizing.

Some of them nor accused of rape.

Okay. Some of them well him of rape for a zero 5-8 5 NHL brass Christina right back on campus . It all began in 1938 and now 80 years later . Dave Wilson nursery is the largest grower of fruit and nut trees in the United States . Dave Wilson nursery has current availability of independence almond on different root stocks these .


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