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Okay. Here it KMJ Appleton is going to be out at the world Aga Expo , it is going to be slightly warmer than yesterday actually a beautiful day for the opening day of the World Aggie Expo meteorologist Kevin Reimer talk about what’s half .

And today , right after we hear about what’s happening with our commute and here’s the latest Joe Castellano here in Fresno traffic looking much better traffic is light in all major roadways are open and clear but crews and some are still working to clear TV clocks on northbound I-90 East many Avenue well some a model of axed on North down 41 at many Avenue north on are completely blocked in tow trucks on the scene , working to clear the roadways. If you’re headed today number 1 of the world Expo expects and stop and go traffic on southbound 9 as you head into to Larry came to morning traffic . I’m Joe cast on .

Finally some cooler air moving back into the valley for today sunny but cool with a high of 62 for tonight clear and cold 36 the overnight low and for your win today sunny with a high of 64 from the came Jay Weather Center on FOX 26 News chief meteorologist Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection. It’s been a while since we’ve had aired this clear , we have good air quality today and that’s what it is . This morning , you can see the Sierra beautiful were up to 45 at Radio City traffic and weather together sponsored by In and Out Burger there’s fresh and there’s In and Out Burger fresh come see or made to order burger being freshly prepared before your eyes and tasty in and out difference live in local talk the Brodsky and Mossad show right after the latest news at the top of the hour with Maddox not here KMJ thinking about solar so negotiators is all about providing the best .

Possible solar experience it all began in 1938 and now 80 years later. Dave Wilson nursery is the largest grower of fruit and nut trees in the United States .

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24-7 energy area after you empty out there let’s now you know this drug 45 degrees at Radio City.

The ad world makes its annual return to Larry. Good morning , one and all I am that not stop live in the KMJ newsroom and now on Amazon election this news update sponsored by breadcrumb cyber security , the Central Valley’s leading cyber security firm . The World Expo now open for business and its global reach remains high . He’s km Dominic McAndrew .

Obviously the Central Valley attracts people from all countries far and wide , but the event until every is certainly an international get together.

30-year we are right in the country , range as far as a its shoes and participants.

That’s Jennifer forks with the International Agri Center , where the show takes place.

Folks know that we do a work Greg agriculture and you know states and they wanna see we’re doing , they were sure what they’re doing. It’s just so we signed the see some of the new and different trends here your added to free with more technology becoming Martin penitent more interest and it folks gonna be here one assumes going on and they want to show what they’re doing as well .

Approximately 100,000 people are expected over the course of these 3 day world AG Expo Dominic McAndrew KMJ News.

Quickly 3 minutes after 9 o’clock. The Dow Jones Industrial Average Dylan negative trading off about 88 point to 24,050 degrees and wall to wall sunshine here in Fresno Radio City expect mostly sunny conditions today and highs in the mid to lower ’60s that is news on the hour on the half hour when it breaks . I am stop live on News Talk 5-81 0 5-9 FM KMJ this is kindled .

9 CEO at Community Food Bank. They say you can’t compare apples and oranges but here Community Bank they serve the same purpose providing essential nutrients to our neighbors in need in central California , an area where food is abundant . One in 4 family struggles with hunger . That’s why communities a bank is dedicated to providing food to those who don’t have enough donated today a Community Food because we can’t do it alone , but together we can eliminate hunger .

Chris Daniel for the Gill auto group in midair , you’ve heard me talk a lot about the guild deal well what exactly is the Gill deal it’s a different philosophy in realization Gilad a group never gonna say like some dealerships do always just a short drive down to hear a quick trip over here you like , you know , it’s now like 70 miles Gil gets that it’s a drive to mid-air. They’ve got to get the price lower to get you there , especially with the internet prices which are always lower than anybody else’s . For that reason . Okay , now you there . Here’s the other part of the guilty of product specialists who get paid whether you buy the car or not , they still get taken care of , it gives them the freedom and you the relief of nobody ever getting super aggressive are here for now you finally there and here it comes , kindness and they asked me to use just that word and they’re right kindness and really great service start afresh and again the price to entice you to mid that’s the deal deal but there’s only one way to get the deal deal . Yeah . Gotta go to kill the Gil auto group in midair . Take the 99 of the 1-45 days ago half mile left here there but .

Just thank you feel greatest free speech no now. It was like , you know , I mean why why the right , we could never get off here I am .

This KMJ John Brodsky and Christina moose on vacation on that list rock. Good morning . This has brought him loose on KMJ on job prosecuting and Christina my sons how you doing today . Christina and do not have a huge I’m doing all right . All right . Goodbye better the rapporteur today , I think , and both of us are doing better than Rob Porter this morning this January .

Just doesn’t go away , doesn’t know and.

Usually , you know , there’s a new something new blown up from the White House. Like a tweet or something you know and not with the story .

Well , I spend you know other administration stories would last a month in this administration. One day is about a lifespan .

The federal and that this is made it through a weekend is incredible.

It keeps going. Yeah , look at our monitors . It’s still a top story up there and people , people know about this is rapporteur White House aide been accused by 2 ex wives and a girlfriend of abuse and during the course of his leaving the White House , the things that people said that got people upset sort it spread farther than him spread to Donald Trump to John Kelly , the chief of staff and they are now being questioned about why they said what they said and why he wasn’t fired faster and why didn’t they know . And what about as Clarets who do you think about all this .

Well , I think that I am.

You know this is Tony brought it up. It’s all part of the me too movement . I think that the media is a loving this right now but I do , I do believe the ex-wives . I believe what they say about him , you know it , especially since there is a photograph of one of them with a black eye . He says that he didn’t do these things . However , it’s hard for me not to believe the wives when you’ve got 2 of them and a girlfriend , saying that he did these things to him he is dating hope Hicks , who was also in the White House . She’s one of the president’s advisers that’s you know I I don’t know what their relationship is or is like , but you know , I do have some concern for her , because I believe .


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