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No 2 of the Valley’s finest frosty and sign right on KMJ and Jamie.

Trust in my son here on KMJ talking about tackle football. We’ve got to California lawmakers that won it and tackle football in the state of California . Before he had high school so that you could play tackle football as a freshman in high school but anything before that no it’s gotta be flag football and I’m just asking the question what do you think of this , you know I’m a football fan , I’m not a football expert to me ask you this . Okay . By percentage question . Okay . This is stitched Sacramento . Okay . A state law . Yes , what are the chances this passes 100% . Thank you very much . I think euro area said to the phones Chuck here I’m with Raskin moose on .

Morning , how are you doing that.

Right. I my story is that I played football from intriguing , too . Ice-cool prior to that I was getting in trouble all the time with the group that I am with and football kit , especially when you’re a beginner is that you really have to work hard physically and so you’re not up to being going out of out of town and doing stuff . You really shouldn’t . You know , it’s not going to write thrown individually . It worked with me very well and I played football and wrestled in high school , you do get , and in a scratch so all here in there , but it’s , you know the exception that there’s anything serious you’re taught how to properly hit and how not to hit and the coaches wiped out pretty well . They did it was about where I went and I went through that City College . But it was so political and City College . They dropped this semester and think it over and ended up getting drafted into the army . What I learned in football I used as a military policeman in the services to highlight thought things should be and it worked out real well . I ended up in high school as all city wind and and I like that , and I don’t look at other things . And what I was doing for the prior year’s and and it turned out that those those items sort of feelings are ideas worked well in the service and also it worked in my well the Apollo . I had a stroke last year so .

Want to you.

Well , that’s right. Jack , I mean I think his like he’s talking about what I’m talking about , you know , just like the good things that it does . He was on the wrong path . Yeah . Now there’s a lot of things they can do that doesn’t is not just football but football is something . Think of what football is done for so many people . People are going to college . The mine I’ve going to college has a football star . And if you go on beyond you make a lot of money . Pick a lot of money . So it’s been an entryway into the middle class and even upper class for a lot of people . All those people who play in the NFL , and now it’s getting kind as bad name cos this concussion stuff , which I think is kind of dubious studies anyway personally look and edit busing people but I understand now but their parents are gone . I will make keep playing football . Well , you know , if your kids a great golfer . That’s fine , but if he’s a little overweight and he can play golf . He can play basketball maybe football‘s what he needs . And I think you know you might be better off playing football and whatever else mischief , he’s going to get into . That’s the point . I try to make with people . Yeah , you know , you don’t act like if he’d if he doesn’t play football everything’s gonna be okay doesn’t mean everything’s gonna be okay . Good point you go your on KMJ .

The fire has begun for God.

Yeah , I heard a couple of thoughts I think a lot of the CTE and scientific proof that they have comes from large people usually NFL players that are 250 plus pounds hitting each other over decades of time these kids way like under 100 pounds. I don’t think they’re going to be able to apply the same force and they’re using the same grade helmets equipment , you know , it just doesn’t really add to take something that has maybe you know scientific proof and then to blanket over something that hasn’t even been studied yet we haven’t studied kids and the damage that man may not happen to their brains . For me , it’s like it’s kind of it’s you know logical .

But of course your brain has been damaged by playing football.

Just kidding.

I’m here. Yeah , I think I think it’s a play for borrowers hemophilia I wanted some way football in high school . Actually a lot of my friends that they’d all the other soccer and track and all that swimming with them , but then I couldn’t play football there there is a lottery that was there that I wasn’t included in and thankfully I went to . It was full and the people are awesome and they even let me hang out on the field with them and so on their stuff but .

They’re what’s called settlers from a plug.

A male high school.

Great. Go through .

Yeah. And you know football is is great like you’re saying you look at what even people like Snoop Dogg are doing down south but these kids are pulling kids that health problems or .

There’s no dog again.

Societal problems and they’re in there , their truck in a from all over LA County in their meeting all the time. Throughout the week have to build them up and and like you’re saying you know there’s good and bad things but these parents . I believe they have to survive sign off on a waiver and just like with cigarettes just like alcohol or anything else in this country that’s dangerous for us there’s a warning , and we can still be able to do it because we live in a free country . But if they wanna take it all away from us . I I don’t know it’s justice . There’s a lot of debate there there’s gonna be a lot of hurt feelings , you know , I would never see this happening in fact .

Some good points there. Hugo : thank you know he he brings up Snoop Dogg documentaries on Netflix . It’s very interesting who’s involved low involvement with football and kids in you know taking the mound inner city everywhere I tell you . He’s not just using curse words he raised at the forum show older Gauthier broadcasting live from the farm show today 11 details coming up next on KMJ .

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