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Deadlines are coming up at the end of this month. And by the middle of March . Stephanie you know has the story for us .

If your risk management strategy includes crop insurance , you need to be aware that this season’s purchase deadlines are fast approaching.

We do have sales closing dates on a number of spring planted crops and that’s February 28 or March 15th.

That was Rob Johansen USDA’s acting deputy undersecretary for Farm production and conservation , he urges producers to talk to their crop insurance agent especially to discuss some of this year’s changes.

We did offer increased flexibility to producers by removing the June one certification deadline from the conservation compliance provisions. We also allow policyholders to choose different unit structures by practice by either irrigated or non-irrigated .

Meanwhile , he also pointed to a change in insurance plans for livestock or lifestyle products.

The House and the Senate agreed to remove that $20 billion cap on insurance for livestock and that will offer livestock producers and producers of livestock products more options going forward with the crop insurance programs.

This is Stephanie hell for the US Department of Agriculture in Washington DC.

Well , in just a few hours from now the world execs Expo opens its gates to start his 3-day run there will be more than 1500 exhibitors at the International Agra Center , which is located until every one of the familiar returning exhibitors as Southern California Gas Company Melissa Baily , spokesperson for a SoCal Gas highlight some of the important message as the company’s sharing this year.

Well , one of the things we’ll have though that most people will immediately notice is our China 34 shovel and a shovel is there to remind folks about natural gas pipeline safety and an excavation. So you know we had to go science can be hidden anywhere onto the ground and we need to make sure that we call it one one before getting and that’s that’s there to remind folks that it’s just a safety issue . And you know , provide a public service . The other things that we’ll be talking about our renewable natural gas , a lot of people in the valley don’t realize that that natural gas just like so where and when can be a renewable energy as well . So we’ll have a really cute give away we call Penny the cow Penny provides a sound of renewable energy , she is our Carol that represents renewable natural gas , and that’s when we can take the waste mapping that we’ve heard is in the AG industry and take it and make it into nothing . The natural gas that you can use to heat your home cook your food your hot water or use in natural gas trucks .

Lewis also says SoCal Gas once people to save money by using a smart thermostat and you just might walk away with one for free.

We’ll be having the opportunity at our booth for folks to register to win a free smart thermostat in a sweet sweepstakes. So that’s either an Gobi be Ernest thermostat and will be giving further the way can register , you have a chance to win .

That’s Melissa Baily , spokesperson for SoCal Gas , Southern California Gas Company is located at H in the running and make their median streets on the grounds of the world Aggie Expo well in today’s acts spotlight we hear from rolling for Masi vice president in senior progress analysts for Rabobank Rob will be at the World Expo to help guide you through this year’s outlook in the Central Valley.

Looks like this is shaping up to be a pretty challenging water year in California. They were going through some some unseasonably warm weather here for the past all week that’s that’s causing some early bloom and some crabs . Did you know could have ramifications . We’ll see how the weather holds up so so water and whether some of those aspects will be you know talking about tree nights in the fact there , you know the the Obama shipments continue to set records for for the last handful of months and what we can expect to see going forward there . So those are a couple of , a couple of the highlights .

Still somewhat of a cloudy picture because the weather. I would imagine right .

Because of the the time of the year that the world Aggreko all week it’s you know right now is when you know we’re , we’re starting to have blue we’re going through , you know we’re still women technically the winter season. So really the weather is a big determinant or you know who . Over the next 2 to 3 months on how the final outcome ends up being you know has this season moves forward . So you’re exactly right , and they were writing that’s interesting time frame where a lot of things can go right in a lot of things can go wrong at this point here .

Rolen working people find you out the world Aggie Expo.

So the Rabobank , but it will be in the same place it has been , you know for police for a few years now over in the dairy pavilion. I will be around the world , I guess . Who are they Tuesday and and then at least a half a day on Thursday .

That’s rolling for Marcy vice president in Senior Producer analyst with Rabobank , more than 20% of the food stamp by the US Department of Agriculture in 2016 showed no detectable pesticide levels and less than point 5% of the food had any detectable residue levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency. A USDA report titled well consumers should know says again this year . The US food supply is one of the safest in the entire world fresh unprocessed fruits and vegetables accounted for 90% of the more than 10,300 samples collected by the agency in 4% other samples collected were organic , it’s now 5-55 here on the team G AG report it’s check out your weather now .

Finally some cooler air moving back into the valley for today sunny but cool with a high of 62 for tonight clear and cold 36 the overnight low and for your Wednesday sunny with a high of 64 from became J Weather Center embarks 46 News chief meteorologist Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection.

Right now , in Fresno , it’s 39 degrees until every 36 and up , said it’s 34 degrees under a clear sky , well you can join Team GB’s reality and as he broadcast live from the 20-18 year old execs fell from 11 o’clock to 2:00 PM today that’s gonna be at the International Agra Center until Larry. The show was sponsored by case I age tiptoe Arte nursery Murphy . Thank you , Linda equipment .

Do you have an Aggie events coming up. If so , we want to know about it . Contact KMJ exact director John York by email at dawn.york at . Now here’s today’s KMJ calendar .

CPR and first aid training is set for Thursday. The 22nd at the Fresno County Farm Bureau office was hedges and on Wednesday February 28 the all their irrigation efficiency workshop has been held it takes place at the CPD ES Hall and Easter . That’s it for the game . Jay act report . Thank you for listening and thank you for farming up next Prez those morning news .

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