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Do you need to do to live as long as you can live is that the goal of life or is the goal of life to do something you love , even though you may not live as long.

Is that a fair question , I mean if you love football. Who would you rather die at 70 or not play football and 90 .

That’s a question you have to ask yourself time you know not everybody’s going to have these problems. Either they have to some people , not everybody but we do know from NFL stats they die young her then the average population .

Okay. So do die younger than the average population and is so it but someone said of the frontier here because I think I’ve done enough talking art Europe first with Raskin son .


Yeah , you’re on the air.

Yes , I was calling to be touched area I referee football for over 32 years. Referees from part 1 all the way up to the court . I’ve also play football and I played football for part one of that we have to try which Cowboys and I actually do believe that .

You have to give those children changed to tackle some of those years will never make it a high school degree husband football and I’m not , some will happen to him. And in .

And a young age but they have pipe unwanted decide they don’t wanna people.

And that’s it , you know we’ve the time gone Haskell runoff Bernstein. They’ve got one of football also encourages comradeship teachers and teamwork . If you Chisholm , or an injured when an idea trying to catch a ball of all down get that house so you step in their people , Stepanek said . We don’t want children to do it , you know , not a lot here . Because of this , why don’t we did look at the league baseball because they get hit with a baseball agreeing that with a concussion , but it’s something for the children to do with something for the children’s alert and I don’t think we should stop it .

I’m with you.

So what’s it appears. So what’s the difference in in flag football are we not tackling though .

Thank you. Heroic .

I , but first Bradford are you actually afraid threat but I’m glad you’ve out there , I mean I think Jacqueline I mean not of a between those players it almost exactly same type of rotten going on until terrible instead of and we only need to out a lot. Bunch of unprotected no equipment on Piers their each others in the church pushing each other in the stomach and they’re not people down as well .

But I think you know. The only difference is , you know tackle you know tackle but you know 2 lines line up against each other . You’re on the line , it’s your job to open a hole . So the running back and go through it , you know love to do that , you know block and you hit . Yeah .

And you’re not wearing the protective gear exactly you’re shorter too northward so wish just that sounds to me more dangerous.

And a here it is , but you’re not , you’re not tackling that’s all year Olin. It is still got a hit : they are you gonna get the running back through the line if you don’t block the guy out of the way right so name of the game .

All right , thanks.

All of the next back my best he was catching people when they weren’t looking you’ve got more cupboard receiver in play , but while there when I come around , I gotta do is give you expect , you know how hard I can hear him. Well , I think you know where .

Yeah , that’s right.

Okay I I like I liquidators fan site but it but he’s right you know there’s people talk about the good part of football football saves a lot of lives. Yes it does . People who would be you know if you got a kid who’s trying to get a little wayward he’s maybe in 7th grade or something , you get a maybe he’s and then little heavy , like a lot of kids are today maybe kept the play basketball is not the right cross country he can be alignment .

My save his life. Yeah . He may get a concussion . Maybe he’ll die at 70 . Maybe you wanna dated 16 .

Nobody thinks about that stuff , Steve you’re on KMJ.

Oh great long time Leicester and first time caller about something like this , but I’m passionate about , so.

Real quick , I’m ex-football player myself when I grew up playing football coach.

Younger kids ran over Centrica host.

And to me you you they’re trying to alleviate a sport that is not only it builds character. It is them driven a plan .

It teaches camaraderie with the with your fellow athletes who we may not be a skilled as you and helps build teamwork. But the fact of their one taken later there’s contact to me it .

It’s beyond stupid. I’m trying to make sure say bad words here .

Thank you.

You’ve got you , you’ve got kids.

Who you know , some of them don’t have any other outlet outlet for you either aggression or just being like hyperactive I you know as a coach myself I saw you , you see the change in the kids , it’s all fundamental you teach them proper technique and like I was told my kids , I would rather lose again playing proper them to do something cheaper to try and win a game , and I just bought a little bit on coaching I think but you you try. It’s , it kind of , you know that , too .

The the society we dumbing down and softening up society where you need to be held by the hand to do everything in life and we can’t do that. I have one cover one kid’s parents commodities that they coach we dishonest a thank you because during the days that he’s that football is a totally different .

You know , child.

And when he’s not a football , he can accept that we don’t have that outlet and that released but everything if you watch how people play we were were taking away some of you know the bad elements of football obviously head to head contact stuff like that. It goes back to coaching , I’ve been , is that they do something wrong I will bench him for the game and they’re asked me why I explain why but you cannot take away you know a fundamental , sport that’s like saying well we can play baseball . And you can be a pitch based on where we got it . He was , you know the Treasurer throw the ball and hits the batter , it could cause damage .

It’s , it’s ludicrous. We have an important thing we have kids out there right now . Who’s parents .


They are not accepting of the way things are going , we have a big boys and unfortunately that big boys for a more minority group is outweighing the people who want to keep this stuff. I don’t see how you can do this . I mean , Gary Player with basket-weaving .

Underwater basket weaving actually Steve underwater basket weaving no you bring up some good points there. You know the doctor that was featured in the movie concussion he has said there that allowing a child under the age of 18 to play football of any kind , should be considered child abuse .

Moto wonder what people think of that , well , you know , we have all these gang members running soon each other. Yeah anybody think it might not be better off in football , you know it saves a lot accused today , got out on the street sense Israel for a zero 5-8 5 HR Brodsky Christina moose on KMJ analyst turning the KPMG sent her straight ahead .

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