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Dave Wilson
Robert Porter
White House


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Rusty mousse on here on KMJ just reminder today is the first day of the world. AG fell until Larry and Ray Appleton is can be broadcasting live from 11 to 2 today . So be sure to join him at the Agra center there in to Larry , this is the show is sponsored by case age Duarte nursery Murphy bank and lender equipment .

Should be good should be great he’ll begin a rib sandwich of stakes now.

Yes , he always gets the food for the food I we are talking about Robert Porter. The allegations of abuse against him but said to the phones here Shelly Europe next on bra skin on .

Good morning , how are you.

Doing okay.

Just my personal experience and I was an abusive relationship , and I did call the authorities out several times.

And every time they came out they would not take a report they had sent my has been away one night , one night they sent me away. No reports are filed about 6 months later I filed for divorce and in my divorce proceedings . I tried to get copies of those reports and were found other reports were never made their contempt simply considered a call out and there was no notes whatsoever verifying any of the allegations had made .

That’s kinda said.

That is sad.

It is extremely sad for me and for my children. The extremist .

So , so how does that impact how you feel about this.

I can see how this has happened. Other women I started going to a therapy Felix support group and you’d be surprised how many women in their also had I mean I had carved from the officers that came out , I mean , so it wasn’t like I was making up the fact that they came out they gave me their card , but no reports ever written because again it was that he said she said between my marks smart visible enough to then I I I really don’t know why reports weren’t taken , but they weren’t .

It’s very disappointing.

How do you feel about this case do you believe new believe these 3 women.

You know it’s kinda hard when 3 women had the exact same story.

It’s hard because that’s how I you know you made it hard not to believe they were hyperbole them.

And the fact that he resigned without putting up a fight , he didn’t like that he just left. If somebody accused you something falsely wouldn’t you fight for your innocent .

And that’s what I , and I think you know a different job. I think he might have , but the position , he was in , and I think he had no chance , because of the security part of this . They didn’t even matter if it was true or not , by the time the story got out , you just gotta go .

Well , I still think that there’s more to it than that. It’s just ironic that all 3 have the same allegations of abuse .

Okay , so. So that to you is proof that they are telling the truth and the fact that he did put up a fight that all adds up to . He’s guilty .

I would say so.

Thank you very much. Ali .

Thank you.

Yeah. Things just like you . U2 Christina all that stuff adds up to guilty . Yeah , Richard KMJ .

Well , I think it is , we don’t know anything about it. The women’s past what they , what they saw on their powers that they came from an abusive father-mother relationship but what my point is , if you didn’t fight I look at it this way is guilty . If you have to do if you have to take your stress home from the job and take it out on your family then you need to go straight up . I’ve been through anger management . I know , I know what it’s like . I know what mental abuse is to women , and I don’t like it . I learned to control it . One of my problems . Was I was an alcoholic . I’m not anymore , and I’ve learned to curb it a little better and 6 foot £180 I can do a lot of damage and I don’t want to . I’ve gotten better but if this guy taking his anger out on a family at home . He doesn’t need to be in that job to wear that anger is being built . He needs to go straight up .

I guess that’s a response rather caller said that he should be able keep his job. Yes is these are separate things . Do you think is he more right about it is that the frustration of the job that you take home who .

I think it depends on the person you know I know personalities interests me and personalities are shared by roll field in environment. So if the role field an environment that they’re in at work or at home . Is it goes against what they naturally are and it causes them stress and act out , then yes , one of them , you need to be taken out of some kind of situation there , something that sparks it for sure , but as an employer . Once again the guy would be a liability to me he’s a liability to the White House because of the publicity that he brings his story .

So take a break here 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 on KMJ.

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