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The cross guys and their lives are all messed up their accusations that were proven to be false and and so but yet out in public opinion , you still have people in their lives are just totally screwed up. That’s why you don’t run these things and that’s why the news media and they were like Michael was in the news media was complicit in attacking these guys , they took the side of these women , and it turned out to be an obstacle guys never ever lived . Now , I mean , it was just , and so now what am I saying it’s not true . And I’m not saying that , but he needs time in court he needs this needs to be vetted before everybody you know throws a Sky out to you know to lunch and so I I think you guys 1,000% correct . There’s 2 sides every story , you need to hear , then you need the riser hitting it right on the dart and I didn’t pursue those students have been there are very big .

We’re losing him we’re losing your but yeah I get what you’re saying , you know the Duke LaCrosse guys that’s a really good comparison here you know they thought you know those guys fought tooth and nail for their innocence and I’m discuss not doing it which just kinda makes me wonder. That’s all . So , but those I those guys were fighters and you’re right , they were innocent . They were .

The problem is we live in a world where like when you’re accused of something that stays with you no matter what the outcome.

Do you think , well , of course , because you know why in in the Google world today for the law. Never let go in for a job interview or if they go on a date somebody’s gonna Google their name and that story’s gonna come up .

4-9 zero 5-8 5 age on Brodsky Christina son 10:30 news time skirt on KMJ. Thank you , John . Plus for it issued a silver alert and .

Risk missing person 87-year-old Gerald Hain. He lives near Armstrong and Bullard he was last seen at 4-45 this morning , driving a red Toyota Camry , License Plate 5 W GB 5-69 , Hennie could be heading to the LA or San Diego Arias is photos on our KMJ Twitter , you can call the Clovis Police Department with any tips KMJ ad director John Yorke has an update for us on what’s going on at the world expo .

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On Wall Street the Dow currently up 18 points. It’s 10-30 one it KMJ Valley weather right now 52 and sunny at Radio City today a high of 64 tonight mainly clear in Chile , a low of 38 and then for your Wednesday . Partly sunny . A high of 66 with news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks . I’m Lyse Kernot new stock 5-81 0 5-9 KMJ .

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Good morning , John. Brodsky system son .

Can change topics are Christina move on from the White House allegations against rapporteur. Okay , but is something this is serious to or fun , I hope banning football .

For students that are not , not yet in high school. Right . You know you’re not in high school , no tackle not football tackle the tackle football . Yeah , I’m not . I can still play flag football . Yeah . When I was a junior high we all playing flag football we waited to get a tackle football to high school anyway and why there was I guess they do play tackle football . But they don’t even more like Pop Warner football anymore right no football for anybody to you’re price rise quickly .

Because of these head injuries you yeah yeah.

So anything about that. Do you like that , would you .

Well I know when new look , you know. Yeah . So my question I think for the listeners out there cos you guys are the experts on this I I I didn’t play football . I like watching football , how do you practice . How do you get any good if you can’t practice the game you know flag football is different than tackle football it’s similar but it’s different . So how do you get good at football , you know you understand what I’m going .

Well , I certainly exclusive love for you. Okay . Because I did play football and in junior high we played flag football okay you still hear it . It is not have hands . We still have each other .

Houllier turquoise and I think you saw of avoid movement do trying the RTL behind this bill that we’ve got here is , is that you don’t do those things wanted anymore. Well , I I the impression I got is is I mean first of all , this is called the new safe youth football act where terrible , terrible safe my youth football act under the bill organized tackle football would be allowed it starting with high-school freshmen and it would be to help prevent young athletes from sustaining a long term brain damage caused by repeated tackling hitting and blocking .

Well , you still got a hit , block , even the flag football they have to.

But they don’t like it you you have to.

How do you , how do you get somebody from here to there without getting the other guys out of the way.

Well , that’s , but they don’t want you to , so you you say move there. I don’t know , I don’t know . That’s my question I guess is how do you get any good at football . If you can’t practice those .

And I think you’re still gonna hit Peter just not gonna tackle. Okay . He is not going to tackle these still go ahead . You got here .

I understand the concerns and and we do we do when we realize that there are serious long-term damage effects from these things and that’s why we’ve improved helmets and gear and whatnot and I get it , but you know I think of. So I don’t play football , but I took ballet and it’s not the same , but it is hard on your body . And it’s hard on your feet and it’s hard on your ankles in your toes and do your back in your muscles and whatnot and prima ballerina us do have long-term damage from their years of dance . You know I I know ballerina is in their ’70s former ballerinas . There are hunchback because of the wear and tear down to their body . Do you think they wish they had done it . No , I don’t think so , I think that they loved what they did and and it’s way and it’s what they in the end , they would have done it . They did it knowing the long term effects that could come with it . And the reason that they were good is because they were doing it from the age of 3 , they became prima ballerinas because they started when they were 3 years old and you train your body to do those things I think that that’s the reason the kids played Pop Warner football is because there are things that you learn as a kid that you practice that you grow from , you become really good at that when you are a freshman in high school , maybe you’re not as apt to do so . I don’t know , though maybe I could be wrong on this hack I’ve been wrong before by and that’s why I would like to hear from people out there that know what the heck are talking about because I am a fan of football . I am not a football player .

But here’s the problem I have with us. Most of this long term damage is happening to people who end up in the pro .


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