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Writing the discussion 20-47 GMT on the area have KMT out there , you know , this drug. I think .

Degrees in Fresno at Radio City controversy over the Pledge of Allegiance in Clovis Unified. Good morning , one and all I am at art stop live in the KMJ newsroom and now on Amazon Alexa some parents and students within Clovis Unified still upset over comments made by high school teacher to a student during the Pledge of Allegiance . We get the details from km Ruth Michael’s .

This incident happened last Wednesday during first period it Clovis East High School. That’s one a 14-year-old female freshman student was called a disgrace and told to quote go back to your country for refusing to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance . Those remarks were made by science teacher can yes he was not in class Thursday or Friday Monday several callers including Maria phoned into the Chris Daniel show to voice their reactions .

I think obviously the fight is not like you continue their population as a whole. I mean we’ve got there , but I think that the bad guy if they this not nervous kid bring everything else .

A Clovis Unified spokeswoman says the district cannot release specific details on this incident due to privacy laws , but reiterated the district stance that students do have the right to opt out of the Pledge and teachers and staff are not to interfere with their free speech Ruth Michael’s KMJ News.

Be careful what you read and re-post on about politics is here. So says the warning from the US intelligence officials at a Capitol Hill hearing .

President Trump may like to cast doubt on Russia’s election meddling in 2016. What his director of national intelligence , Dan Coats tells a Senate committee .

There should be no doubt that Russia perceived past efforts as successful views the 2018 US midterm elections as a potential target for Russian influence operations.

Intelligence agencies , according to coats and others at the hearing. Expect Moscow to even ramp up efforts via manipulation that companies say they’re trying to fight Russian hackers may have less power than they did in 2016 since security holes can be easier to fix than fake stories Bob Constantine E Capitol Hill .

New regulations being brought before the State Water Resources Control Board are expect to make it a crime to over overuse wastewater. The board is expected to adopt a new rules when it meets February 20th and these rules target 7 wasteful water practices . They include over watering your lawn and washing your vehicle with a hose that doesn’t have an automatic shut-off if adopted these rules would be permanent and you could be fined as much as $500 for breaking the new water regulations . Speaking of water . The lack of rain and wind . So far this winter may prevent an annual natural spectacle from happening in Yosemite National Park officials say due to ongoing dry conditions fire fall the glowing a horse tale falls by the setting of the sun may not happen this year . Now , typically the popular tourist event occurs in late February but Yosemite officials say it’s unclear if they’ll be enough water flowing over the falls for to happen this year , 3 minutes after 10 o’clock checking back in on Wall Street still a down day for the Dow , currently trading off 100 points the volume now sitting a 24,500 update your current temperature for you now 50 degrees with wall to wall sunshine here in Fresno Radio City world I’d Expo and beyond . Expect plenty of sunshine today an afternoon high temperatures a few degrees above seasonal will call at mid ’60s for the day overnight tonight though mainly clear in chilly conditions toward daybreak tomorrow . Look for the Mercury to bottom out toward sunrise tomorrow in the mid to upper ’30s that is news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks . I am mad live on new stock 5-81 0 5-9 FM KMJ .

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I will thank you 3 Iranians Brizendine oh no. Well when you how my wife the road network at off here I am .

This is KMJ John brusque and Christina moves on vacation on that Mishra.

Good morning , this is brass moose on KMJ. I’m John Brodsky and I’m Christine the they were talking about this rapporteur situation at the hospital . White House aide accused of abuse with his 2 ex wives and a girlfriend , 3 of them accusing him of abuse he resigned . It’s been one of the top stories of the day and one of the things they’re are now going after Christina is the timeline of how things happened , you know , we have different accounts I guess from different people in the White House . Exactly how anything happened . How we got fired . How they find out , so they’re trying to resolve all that is I guess they’re going after , they’re not David deal with us in a timely matter I think is what they’re trying to get to here they should have done something sooner . Seems to me he got fired within 24 hours or resigned I guess within 24 hours . Right , right , that’s all we know so far .

Well , let’s see these and the ex-wives are saying that they told the FBI about this.

Maybe go back at that timeline to earlier. When did they know that who lives there .

And so then what if the FBI knew went to the White House no right and that’s in , that’s the question you know CNN’s top stories just moments ago wise how Rob Porter was out for a promotion , right. Amidst this scandal .

Yeah. So did they know based on the FBI interviews with the ex-wives that that was going on and we’re gonna promote him anyway , so I guess are gonna dig all their kinda stuff out our conversation has just gotten around to this whole idea of abuse and who to believe the meat to movement . You know , is that more people are coming forward . They feel like they can come for a woman who never thought they could before , but it still leaves us in the same all place in away when you get a he said-she said kind of stories , especially if you haven’t reported to the police . Now you said one of these women did that she got her some kind a restraining orders .

Mean right it says here that she had to get a protective order and she was trying to get out the marriage now so then there is some kind of documentation we’ve heard from women who were in abusive relationships that say that I’m you know they did call police and documentation was never done so. You know , there’s not much you can do if the police don’t write it down either . You know , so you know we don’t know with the whole story here is if these women did try to come forward , or or what , but when there’s 3 women telling the same story and the guys are putting up much of a fight . I’m inclined to believe them .

4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 Albert. What do you think .

Well well , my question my question arose. We were , how do you recover from the automatic guilt .


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