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Thank you , John Martin is he pass control adviser forgot to tell you well flu season continues to hit hard across the nation , according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention influenza activity is still on the rise. Poor check off director a swine health information research Dr. Lisa Beckton says it’s not too late to still get a flu shot .

You know it’s never too late to consider that as something as a preventive measure against flu. For anybody that’s ever had the disease you definitely don’t want to go through that and so as we assess both worker health and our pigs health , it is really important to go ahead and get vaccinations and for the pig side to work with your veterinarian on what specific vaccine is best for your herd .

Bakhtin encourages swine operations to have sick day policy is firmly in place.

You know we wanna have happy and healthy workers and having work policy or sick policy is really important because it allows the workers to to stay at home , get healthy before they come back to work and it also helps to pick itself because we do know there’s instances where you know sick people can transmit influenza peaks and also that sick pigs can potentially transmit influenza to humans. We want to make sure that there are procedures policies things in place like vaccination and sick leave that can help reduce the chance of illness on either side .

For more information. Producers can contact the poor check off service center meanwhile Medicare and IRS scams are common in rural America . But you can’t protect you in your farm or business from being a victim Michael Clements has the story .

Oftentimes you may not know you’re a victim of tax fraud until well after the fact when you file your own tax return , the IRS rejected because your Social Security number us already been used AARP Oklahoma State director Shawn Horcoff says simple tips can keep you say it.

Real America is no stranger to these types of scams. But knowing what to watch for sure help learn to recognize and avoid phishing emails threatening calls and text from these posing as legitimate organizations such as your bank credit card companies and even IRS and do not click on links or download attachments from unknown or suspicious emails .

Moscow says it’s important to safeguard your data and personal information.

Protect your personal data don’t routinely carrier so security card , make sure your tax records are secure remember scams can come from anyone. So be sure sensitive farm business records are only access are those who need the access . The same goes for your personal information .

With new Medicare cards being issued later this year. He says those cars should be treated like your Social Security card .

Its new card will have its own unique number. Good news is you so security member will no longer be included on the card this sure to never share your Medicare so security members to anyone who contacts you by phone , email or approaches you in person unless you’ve given them permission in advance .

Well , more ways to protect yourself and your business from Medicare and IRS scams Thursday night at 9:00 PM central time and DTV or might have forward/AARP live Michael Klim reporting.

Changing news time it’s now 5-22. It all began in 19 .

38 and now 80 years later. Dave Wilson nursery is the largest grower of fruit and nut trees in the United States . Dave Wilson nursery has current availability of independence almond on different root stocks . The Independent’s variety is a proven suffered along and eliminating the cost in need of beat is known for its fairly heavy production and only requires one harvest . For more info or to place your order for the Independent Solomon , call 6545854 that’s 806 5-4 58-54 .

Belly tree growers.

Both Smith says that they do you for helping make the fan jet brand , the number one micro sprinkler in North America since 1977 both Smith has been honored to bring you the highest quality and superior performance of the American made fans yet growers have given them plenty of suggestions. Over the years the fan jet was developed to meet and exceed your expectations as a thank you to their loyal growers both Smith is offering a preseason fee jet special go to your local authorized both Smith dealer for details Van jet micro sprinklers manufactured in the valley only by both with precision rain brain when you want it , where you want . Remember when you ask your dealer for fan jet , make sure you get both men beware of substandard foreign copycats . They don’t work like up there . Nick fan jets often imitated , never duplicated jet micro sprinklers made only by both Smith in Exeter California American made America don’t visit your local authorized both dealer to cash in on the preseason jet special .

Careful IT strategy is now breadcrumb cyber security because evidence is everywhere industry veterans focus on nothing but defending your network against security breaches 80% of all hacks are businesses under 100 employees. Still think you’re not a target breadcrumb gets in there and defense against hackers because they think like hackers . Are you ready to take the next step in defending your network of cyber breach then hire breadcrumb for the most comprehensive and popular service penetration testing you give them permission and breadcrumb actually hacks into your network . Exposing your weaknesses helping you fix them , before the bad guys get view and breadcrumb cyber security plays mean nobody else in the Central Valley offers this kind of comprehensive cyber security service higher breadcrumb call them today . 5-5 9-5 7-8 48 hundred or go to breadcrumb because evidence is everywhere . Thank you .

This is a scam. That’s costing people thousands of dollars on Morecambe Rick with a personal finance minute a friend of mine told the sad story . An elderly relative received a fraudulent phone call warning that a grandchild , was in danger and thousands of dollars in gift cards were needed to avoid harm the money was taken from the bank in the value of the cards relate to the crux the child was safe all time so unlikely the money will ever be recovered one consumer advocate suggest that retailers need to do a better job at spotting potential scams when big dollar gift card purchases are made some other things to consider crooks are mining social networks like Facebook to find personal information on families to try to make the scam seem more believable if you ask questions tied your concern about the loved one a delay occurring is in conflict with their desired to perpetuate the fraud quickly . Don’t be afraid to say no you could avoid throwing thousands of dollars away by seeking more information first for more , check out I’m Morecambe Eric .

Experts. This is KMJ brownies official lag species . Now back to John York .

It’s 5-25 now here on the team G act report. Let’s find out from meteorologist Kevin Reimer how the weather is shaping up on this Tuesday morning .

Finally some cooler air moving back into the valley for today sunny but cool with a high of 62 for tonight clear and cold 36 the overnight low for your Wednesday sunny with a high of 64 from became J Weather Center Parcs 46 News chief meteorologist Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection.

And right now in Fresno. We have the current Tampa 39 degrees to Larry 36 and over in 5 point it’s 37 degrees coming up at 5-32 we’ll be checking in with Jill Scott a firm view right now . Let’s check in with Carter Pierce . He has the EDP report .

Good morning. The people today in the Fresno area is expected to be 0 inches of water .

The forecast he keep Ethan extermination the present area 0.42in of water.

Yeah , actually TP for the past 7 days through February 8th for various location scouting values follows Fresno 0.6 8in fireball zero 0.6-6 0.7-0 we’re said 0.6 one you water district 0.6-8 per layer 0.5-5 chapters 0.7-0 Stratford 0.47 and tranquillity 0.7-7.

Modifying ATP by the crop patients you get specific use and inches per day.

The cooperation next 7 days in the Fresno area are as follows. I thought 1.0 I’m an 0.1-5 sit just 0.6-0 Garnett 0.5-4 grass 1.0 onion 0.3 , 5 and we 0.7-8 .

To review this information visit James website Debbie Debbie Debbie die jam at JM Lord and cultural scientists Mrs. Carter Pierce new start writing 80 1-5-9 came.

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue is praising the infrastructure plan laid out by President Donald Trump part of the plan calls for a 25% of new federal funding to be dedicated to rule infrastructure needs those needs will be prioritized by state and local leaders and don’t forget that the AG’s secretary is scheduled to attend the World A expo later this morning changing his time. It’s now 5-28 .

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in people over 55 but with treatment can be slow down stopped and in some cases reversed , make sure you see your grandchildren grow protect your vision by requesting information about diagnosing and treating AMD call the foundation fighting blindness today at 100 blindness for a free packet on reversing or managing AMD or go to the.


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