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It all began in 1938 and now 80 years later. Dave Wilson nursery is the largest grower of fruit and nut trees in the United .

States Dave Wilson nursery has current availability of independence almond on different root stocks the independence variety is a proven and eliminating the cost in need of beat is known for its early heavy production and only requires one harvest for more info or to place your order for the Independent , call 6545854 at 654-585-4.

Belly tree growers.

Both Smith says that they do you for helping make the fan jet brand , the number one micro sprinkler in North America since 1977 both Smith has been honored to bring you the highest quality and superior performance of the American made fans yet growers have given them plenty of suggestions. Over the years the fan jet was developed to meet and exceed your expectations as a thank you to their loyal growers both Smith is offering a preseason fan jet special go to your local authorized both Smith dealer for details Van jet micro sprinklers manufactured in the valley only by both with precision rain brain when you want it , where you want . Remember when you ask your dealer for fan jets , make sure you get both men beware of substandard foreign copycats . They don’t work like up there . Nick fan jets often imitated , never duplicated jet micro sprinklers made only by boasted in Exeter California American made America don’t visit your local authorized both dealer to cash in on the preseason jet special .

IT strategy is now breadcrumb cyber security because evidence is everywhere industry veterans focus on nothing but defending your network against security breaches 80% of all hacks our businesses under 100 employees. Still think you’re not a target breadcrumb gets in there and defense against hackers because they think like hackers . Are you ready to take the next step in defending your network of cyber breach then hire breadcrumb for the most comprehensive and popular service penetration testing you give them permission and breadcrumb actually hacks into your network . Exposing your weaknesses helping you fix them , before the bad guys get view and breadcrumb cyber security plays mean nobody else in the Central Valley offers this kind of comprehensive cyber security service higher breadcrumb call them today . 5-5 9-5 7-8 48 hundred or go to breadcrumb because evidence is everywhere .

This is a scam. That’s costing people thousands of dollars on Morecambe Rick with a personal finance minute a friend of mine told the sad story . An elderly relative received a fraudulent phone call warning that a grandchild , was in danger and thousands of dollars in gift cards were needed to avoid harm the money was taken from the bank in the value of the cards relate to the crux the child was safe all time so unlikely the money will ever be recovered one consumer advocate suggest that retailers need to do a better job at spotting potential scams when big dollar gift card purchases are made some other things to consider crooks are mining social networks like Facebook to find personal information on families to try to make the scam seem more believable if you ask questions tied your concern about the loved one a delay occurring is in conflict with their desired to perpetuate the fraud quickly . Don’t be afraid to say no you could avoid throwing thousands of dollars away by seeking more information first for more , check out I’m Morecambe Eric .

This is farm deal , you need look at today’s with commentator Joel Stein.

Foreign view is brought to you by pollen application service just got a call an that’s pollen and by the Coalition for property rights. Now here’s job . Hello and welcome to foreign view .

In the early 1930s a drought and high winds turned 50 million acres of productive farmland in the middle of the United States into one giant dust bowl. It was then that farmers learned a tough lesson that the more land is stilled the more the soil is destroyed , it wasn’t until as recently as the 1990s that agricultural research discovered that repeated telling destroys fungi that are essential to plant and soil health today many Aggie experts advocate that farmers till the soil as little as possible , there’s a whole array of modern AG technologies that ensure today’s farmers as well as farmers of the future will be able to produce bigger and better crops , unless land when we get back from the break I tell you what some of these technologies are back with that in exactly one minute .

Attention almond growers Paul application service is your pollen supplier adding supplemental pollen to your beehives can increase yields $80 per acre can get you 15% to 20% increase. We have all varieties of pollen available . Don’t let the bee shortage or Heidi rentals affects your bottom line visit pollen application service at call an that’s pollen .

History documents that the United States of America was founded upon the protection of private property rights , the maze of restrictions on property places excessive burdens on property owners in 1775 columnist Arthur Lee of the Commonwealth of Virginia , said the right of property is the guardian of every other right and to deprive the people of this is in fact to deprive them of their liberty this message is provided by the Coalition for property rights.

I was commenting on futuristic AG technologies that enable today’s farmers to produce bigger , better and more nutritious crops on less land. Here’s just one example , global positioning satellite systems enable farmers to apply fertilizers and pesticides with pinpoint precision . This is not only cost-effective and efficient , but it also protects the environment by placing chemicals exactly and only where they’re needed one more example of America‘s farmers growing more food on less land with less impact on the environment . You can email me here . Foreign view by just going to our website at farm you . I’m Joe Scott and this is been foreign view : the opinions expressed on this program are not necessarily those of this radio station or its sponsors always remember no farms . No .

By 35 now here on the Kim agri let’s find out from Kevin Reimer how the weather is making. Well , it’s looks like it’s kinda cool perhaps it’s kinda seasonal right now .

Across the valley today look for sunshine and cool conditions 62 this afternoon or tonight clear and cold 36 the overnight low in for your Wednesday sunny with a high of 64 from became Weather Center and FOX 26 News chief just Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection.

Currently 39 degrees in Fresno Angela Reeves 36 and in the accident. We’re looking at 38° well Tyson says the rising cost of frayed is starting to put pressure on all of its businesses . That means consumers will eventually feel that pressure in the form of higher prices for all of its food products , the company says the tight trucking market will add more than $200 million to its cost structure , this year alone , the head of Tyson expects these costs will continue to rise as companies compete for new truckers along with meeting new federal regulations that come into play .

Ingenuous time now is 5-36.

The Senate is debating immigration and correspondent Bob Constantine reports the president’s goals are now on paper. A group of Republicans introduced President Trump’s wish list .

And it includes a very generous opportunity for citizenship.

That’s for the dreamers Charles Grassley of Iowa , leading the effort on behalf of the White House. In return , Mr. Trump insisting on border wall construction . But perhaps even more contentious major new restrictions on who can get into the US , a jury has found 2 former Baltimore police officers guilty of invading homes stealing cash reselling seized narcotics and lying under oath to cover their crimes their conviction calls into question . Thousands of cases over the past decade , the US women’s hockey team is playing its second game at the and China Olympics competing with the Olympic athletes from Russia . The US beat Finland 3 to one in its first preliminary round game right now on Wall Street . Dow S&P Nasdaq futures are lower .

I’m Evan.

This piece KMJ them Grammy some official accident.

Good Tuesday morning it’s February 13. It’s the first day of the world Aggie Expo will have complete details on what you can expect this year also . We’ll be checking in with independent certified crop adviser Mark settlement wraps up tips for Valley walnut growers much more ahead please stay with us .

Arthur well drilling looks forward to seeing everyone at the World Expo family owned and operated Arthur in oil well drilling has been serving the valley for over 50 years take advantage of special pricing are there in horrible drilling specializes on large diameter PVC casing and can handle depths , up to 2000ft this our Arthur norm well drilling at the world ahead next book SS 5 by Gate number one West need more info call are there and horrible drilling 8-9 6-53 69 it’s cold outside. Now is not the time to run out of propane for more .

Age-related macular degeneration is a leading cause of blindness in people over 55 but with treatment , it can be slow down stopped and in some cases reversed , make sure you see your Grant.


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