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But 3 women that are going to take know I’m sorry , I don’t believe it. I don’t . It doesn’t pass the smell test . There the right knee .

Well , that’s kind of the question. We have , do you believe they’re right and that , that’s a good answer .

Well , so you know in this op-ed piece that the first ex wife wrote. She says that these second ex-wife had to obtain a protective order as she was trying to get out of the marriage . So if the , if that is the case . There are legal documents out there then because to get a protective order you’ve gotta go to police . So , so it sounds like she may have gone to police for this and there may be something out there a floating around that somebody could dig up if they wanted to Europe . If that’s true .

I can I somehow can’t help but think about Nicole Brown Simpson right number all those phone calls to the police. Yeah . I wonder how much weight on how much damage that did 2 women calling police . It was a long time ago , but if you heard all those phone calls . She’s calling the police . There are asking her what you’re probably zero might buy problem is my husband OJ Simpson I call here every week perfect right and you never do anything and he’s going to beat me up , he’s gonna be here any minute . And that was a problem , Mike , you’re on KMJ .

You know , you know this is seeing them I I I I look , and I say , you know , a lot of I know what happened. Americans have have to challenge . I’m trying to tell the truth and nobody even I’m just like , you know , Jason , you know you’ve got people that just don’t think anybody else could be , you know .

I’m not quite following you here.

Well , I mean we have. I’m not . I’ve known some African Americans that have been had problems with the police .

Oh no , I’m not believed in their stories.

And then when we point oh , you must be mistaken on though , that that really didn’t happen. You know the same thing where earth domestic on on the horses . You know , one parent . One person was like , you know very , the other one is molesting the kids and you get a court order shortly . There is no you know visitation stuff .

Now I know I mean I , you’re right. The , but who do you believe that’s tomorrow . That’s probably all have now . Christina says I would know who to believe it was man and woman , but it’s worth 3 women one man and that’s enough .

Well not yet and I thought they said there were some pictures they had.

Well , there are , what the Arabs. There is a picture I saw . Yes , one of the wives , with a black eye . Now you know up to me that doesn’t prove she had a black eye . She had a wife a husband who said she with him , he was abusive , you can’t necessarily connect those 2-10 do you do you connect and you say to be because she has a picture with a black eye . He did it .

So I think okay I’m thinking as somebody , it’s hard for me to book too. There are people out there who make stories up . And I get that . I am thinking though as somebody that isn’t making stories up if I got hit , I’d be documenting those proves us .

But you need to go to the police. You can’t just yet pull up a picture of yourself with a black eye and say because I had a black writer my husband abused me cutting up black eye any number of ways , right .

Right. You could have or not , I would like to think that that is that what’s happening .

I know , but I mean , I’m just sayin. Because you have a picture of the black eye because you have an abusive husband . You cannot necessarily connect those dots because you didn’t do anything about it at the time and we have no idea how you got that way .

You talk about this , like , let’s not forget you talk about this John like this is something easy to do well. Just , just go to police . I don’t think this is something easy to do , I mean that once again these women today are being put through the ringer on this people do not believe their stories they here they are , they say they’re being abused . Let’s say that they are being abused there under emotional and physical duress and you just expect them to act like normal people . And they’re not they’re not normal people because they are being battered and abused , and they are being broken down . So I’m going to guess that going to police is not an easy thing to do .

Okay , I can telling their stories like they’re doing and being put through the ringer on this is not an easy thing to do and that’s why many women don’t wanna come forward are , you know , because they don’t. It is a hard road to travel .

Those people don’t know to believe that’s right , but my question is this , is this something even as hard as it is to do is this something that should be solved in the criminal justice system or at your place of work.

No , it should be solved in the criminal justice starboard the hardest to doing has ruled out of where due process happens.

We can expect employers to try to figure this out on the White House. I agree this .

This is , this case is different though.

There , but I want somebody calling KMJ and so you know 20 years ago , John Brodsky BB up so fire him how might force to defend myself. I’ve got a picture with a black eye . Yeah . So John Brucie did it because I say he beat me up . I mean that’s kind of what’s happening here , I’ve got fish with a black eye . He was my husband . Therefore , he did it had a y know how you got the black eye . It’s just you know , it’s a still a he said-she said . Okay , so you’re on KMJ .

Hi , good morning. You know .

Good morning.

So what really made me wanna call the gentlemen that so not out before me. But before before him that was saying that you got 3 women that’s never filed any kind of poets are poor and they shouldn’t be believed . Because of that fact . And I mean try I really because I’ve been in a domestically abuses relationships and sometimes it’s I , it’s hard to go to the police . You know you’re scared to make the situation even worse when you’re dealing with somebody within their car and just because the women didn’t . Does that mean that it’s not true and that they’re making it out and then I would think just the fact that this man works so high up in the government but you know I mean they have to worry about that that might you know even scarier and even you know them thinking that this remote believe because of this man occupation . You know it , and it’s just it’s it’s hard , you know these days there are there are people making up fast , but I don’t think they should be written up .

Well I you know they’re not , they’re not being read enough heat he resigned. He lost his job . So there you know whatever their intent was . He said he lost his job . So they’re not being ignored .

Another thing I think is Turkey you bit you know a man character , you know , yeah , it should have something to do with where you wanna hire them or not , but if she’s doing a good job in his work that should really not have made him lost his job because of that , in my opinion.

So you , you say that you know if you can compartmentalize this he could be a bad guy over here but it been a good guy over here in therefore should not lose his job.

He’s doing his job correctly. You know what I mean usually when somebody lizards other cigarette are doing their job properly , and it is doing a job well enough to where they were going . These promoting him to another job then I I I don’t think this has been part a terrific .

Okay. I disagree with that just because he is a liability . So let’s say he obviously has anger control issues and let’s say he’s at work in attempts at tense situation and here you cannot control his anger and he loses it any hit someone you know the man or woman . He is a liability . If you believe all the stories of you believe the stories you do , which I do not , therefore , he’s not somebody I mean a higher because my insurance as an employer , can’t handle that .

Yeah , I think he’s a liability because they just can’t let this story go on and they have to cut and cut and cut bait Larry will.

And if the White House to that’s when you know. So the story once again is very different .

Yeah. 4-9 zero 5-8 5 age rusty Christina moose on KMJ .

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