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Kevin Reimer
Natural Gas
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The morning for Tuesday he is produced by Tom DeLay , senior producer Kevin Delaney I’m John throughout this year’s Westwood One News.

I’m probably okay to have one more drink before I drive home. I’m probably okay I open the window to stay alert .

Probably everywhere spokesman gum in my mouth. Step out of the car , please , I probably made a mistake .

Probably okay isn’t okay when it comes to drinking and driving. If you see a warning signs stop in Cali have a car or a friend , thus driving is drunk driving a message gratifying . It said the Ad Council .

Just what businesses Tesla in it’s hard to say , and that’s one reason investors love it. I’m Jeff Colvin of Fortune magazine with a fortune business update at the recent Los Angeles Auto Show . Most car companies showed off new models and concept cars Tesla which usually skips these industry events brought a house dubbed the house of the future . It was outfitted with Tesla brand solar panels and one of Tesla‘s home battery storage units the power wall of course the company’s fleet of electric vehicles was there too . The cars and the home are components of the cleaner energy ecosystem that Tesla is defining and designing for a mass market . The message is that few if any companies think as big as Tesla Wall Street is clearly bought into the vision . Tesla‘s share price was up 61% in 2017 pushing its market value to $58 billion on a par with General Motors and above that of Ford I’m Geoff Colvin .

From the news smoking pot. So I Young yeah McNerney MGM down Fresno Sheila really .

Immigration and infrastructure and more US goal I’m even handing the Senate has begun debate on immigration and correspondent Omar Jimenez reports. The president is tweeting that this is the last chance to solve the Dhaka puzzle .

President Ron proposing a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. An exchange for $25 billion for border security , including his long promised Wall , a Republican bills already been put forward encompassing those guidelines Plus sharp cuts to family based migration an end to the diversity lottery program and enhanced enforcement powers for federal authorities .

The president is also tweeting about infrastructure Trump wants to encourage local and state governments and private investors to pay for repair of the nation’s crumbling , bridges , airports and roads , Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer says that won’t do the job.

The lack of direct investment would leave out large parts of America particularly rural America where local governments don’t have the money or the traffic to attract private sector investment.

Trump’s plans include funding maintenance for national parks with money generated by energy development on federal lands and Trump’s proposed budget would/funding for great lakes and Chesapeake Bay cleanup by 90% and kill all EPA spending on San Francisco Bay. The Gulf of Mexico and other waters in Pyongyang South Korea spectators turned out to see 17-year-old Chloe Kim compete in the women’s halfpipe .

The team did not disappoint , pulling off 3 spectacular runs 2 earned Team USA’s 3rd gold of the Games.

It’s really sunk in. Then yet you know I still such a man on a high-adrenaline rush .

She was already a shoo-in to win by her 3rd run but she decided to pull off back to back 10 ’80s a move where the snowboarder rotates in the air 3 full terms.

I landed. I was so excited , and I feel so much more satisfied and I’m so much more power .

Cast endowment Pyong Chang South Korea on Wall Street. Stock futures are down right now I’m Evan painting .

This is an announcement for all people who want to take a risk free challenged to widen their teeth in 5 minutes by calling now you can white your teeth in 5 minutes. Using clinically proven power swabs this risk free challenges for people who smile has been yellow by coffee , tea , red wine or smoking . The pair were swabs 5 been a challenge is available by responding to this advertisement if lines are busy try again because the 5 minute challenge is exclusive . It’s not available in drugstores power swabs was formulated by Dr. Martin get occur and White and Steve with a patented tooth detergent and whitening agent , it’s so effectively challenge you to try it for 5 minutes to see how white your smile can be get it risk freaked out 1-802 zero 4 1-2 zero one that’s 1-802 zero 4 1-2 zero one Transform Your Smile into up well you look great smile dial 2041201 that’s 1-802 zero 4 1-2 zero one .

The Education Department will no longer investigate transgender bathroom complaints.

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in people over 55 but with treatment , it can be slow down stopped and in some cases reversed , make sure you see your grandchildren grow protect your vision by requesting information about diagnosing and treating AMD call the foundation fighting blindness today at 100 blindness for a free packet on reversing or managing AMD or go to the website fight blindness doubt or where found so much helpful information or again call 100 blindness today.

With your Mayo Clinic radio help minute I’m Jeff Olson , if you’re not stretching after a workout , you’re missing a key benefit of exercise.

This should include stretching to your normal exercise routine for 3 main reasons. The first is that you can increase your range of motion in your joints .

Dr. Glen says stretching can potentially improve athletic performance and dramatically reduce the risk of injury.

Post workout structures are very important because your muscles at that time , our warm , and they’re very responsive to stretching.

Dr. Sherry says you should hold stretches for around 30 seconds , keep them gentle and slow and avoid bouncing stretches should create a sense of tension and stress across the muscle but stop if there’s pain.

When you’re at a point where it’s becoming painful. You can actually cause damage to the muscles , as well as the ligaments .

When done right , stretching is fairly quick and very effective.

Improving your flexibility after the workout can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes. However , he will pay dividends . Down the road .

For more information. Talk with your healthcare provider or visit Mayo .

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He says he’s not 50,001 voice of agriculture , he was caught by the 1-9 King MJ before now. The host of central California’s only live and local farm broadcast KMJ AG director John York .

Good Tuesday morning. It’s the 13th day of February , and it’s a little chilly out there let’s find out now from meteorologist Ken Reimer what’s up with the weather forecast on this Tuesday .

Good Tuesday morning sunny but cool today 62 are daytime high for tonight clear and cold 36 the overnight low and for your Wednesday sunny with a high of 64 from became J Weather Center Parcs 26 News chief meteorologist Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection.

Right now in Fresno 39 degrees until every it’s 37 and immature. We have a temperature of 35° under a clear sky and coming up in about 10 minutes from now here on the Kim Jae AG report we’ll be checking in with pest control adviser John Martin , who is reminding us about what’s going on with almonds in stone fruit in the Valley right now in about 4 hours from now the world I Expo opens its gates . There will be more than 1500 exhibitors at the International Agra center for the next 3 days until every one of the familiar returning exhibitors as Southern Cal Nick at Southern California Gas Company Melissa Baily , spokesperson for SoCal Gas highlights on the important message if the company is sharing this year .

Well , one of the things we’ll have though that most people will immediately noticed is our giant 30 freight shovel and a shovel is there to remind folks about natural gas pipeline safety and an excavation. So you know we had to go science can be hidden anywhere onto the ground and we need to make sure that we call it one one before digging and that’s that’s there to remind folks that it’s just a safety issue . And you know and provide a public service . The other things that we’ll be talking about our renewable natural gas , a lot of people in the valley don’t realize that that natural gas just like solar and wind can be a renewable energy as well . So we’ll have a really cute give away we call Penny the cow Penny provides a sound of renewable energies . She is our that represents renewable natural gas .


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