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We are your parents and this song is dedicated to those people who don’t have Health insurance. Yet and are .

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Health insurance is now affordable coverage prescriptions hospitalizations and preventive care get hammered to learn more and he can’t even brought to you by Get Covered America I mean Council shucks.

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The informational and interactive Brodsky in Lusaka dubbed bastion local talk now on News Talk 5-81 0-5 nights KPMG.

Ruskin on here on KMJ if you miss one of your favorite shows. Click on the podcast hit pager campaign out at Comic catch up any time talking about Rob Porter . The allegations against him . Him stepping down from his position there . At the White House in the timeline of when things happened , but see we’ve got someone on the phones . Here we go , the phones Ryan Europe next with bra skin Rowson .

Housing on guys.

Well , okay.

Well , I just felt the need to bring back. You know the old perfect American document the constitution into this discussion , we have something that we don’t like to talk about these days . Called the presumption of innocence and it’s one of the most unique things about our about our court system and really what we have going on today is justice . This really weird societal phenomenon of like a mob court where we all get to decide who’s guilty and who’s innocent before the break . John after great question of you know who do we believe . Who do we trust on this , how do we know what the right answer is . And the answer is not one individual person , it’s 12 people with a group of 12 people who get to decide whether somebody guilty or innocent . I think it’s , I think we really just need to let that you know trial by jury process play out and each one of these cases , we don’t really need the Nancy Grace’s of the world being our deciders on these big important cases , the only thing that we can really do is try to empower these women who are being abused to let them know that they can come forward and you know present their case to a court , and they’ll be heard equally and justly and I think that that’s our , that’s our number one thing we ought to be talking about is , you know , why aren’t these women coming forward right away . Why do they feel like they have to wait so long to get justice .

Well , if you , if you follow that you , but if you follow the me too movement that’s been kinda what it’s all about is these women now say I feel like I can come forward other people are coming forward , they’re being believed I never thought I would be believed. That’s why I never said anything that’s what they say yes .

That’s exactly right and I think that’s the beautiful thing about you know what’s going on right now this 2017-2018. You know , sort of movement that’s going on is that you know these these women finally feel like they’re at a place where they can come forward and hopefully what they’re thinking if they’ll have their day in court . Not that they’ll be believed to be on a shadow of a doubt immediately upon coming forward . Right , but that the process will play out . And it won’t be biased towards a man . As you know , if we’re being honest with ourselves as it was for the first . At least 200 years or so of our country .

Well , let me ask you this , then in this case because it wasn’t adjudicated in a court of law. Sure . They just have told the women . You know you may be telling the truth but you’re too late . He keeps his job . End of story . You didn’t go to courts all over .

Definitely I definitely don’t think it’s too late. I think that you know , at least for right now I don’t think we can put a statute of limitations on domestic abuse . I think that as the country we should recognize that we went too long without properly addressing those issues and that we should not stop people from coming forward . Better late than never , right . I think at some point that’s going to come to a close link at some point will be caught up .

Okay. Because you don’t need . Okay , do you say to them though . Okay , take it to a court of law , it has no business in the White House . He keeps his job until you convict him .

Or he gets put on leave just like any you know any self-respecting government department would do just like anything that happened with police stopped her or you know any sort of a state officer really you know if there’s a question about something that they might have done wrong they get put on leave until the trial gets you know pulled forward to us all. You know , so it closes and one way or the other , the court decides . And then , you know , we move on from there and you know we’ve seen this over and over again , this isn’t really anything new official get accused stuff all the time but he has already brought up , you know Bill Clinton Nixon several of our own presidents have been accused this I think we know very well what to do in the situation .

Well , I tell ya. I I agree with what you’re basically saying I think a lot more comfortable about this being taken care of in court , rather than in some employers office trying to figure out who to balloon .

Feel that way , though , I think what it really comes down to 2 that you know we have a notion of individualism in this country and the power you know to pull yourself up by your bootstraps there were and I think really what we need to realize is that that type of that type of mentality is not only a blessing at also it’s a responsibility and I think I like , I’m happy that we’re at a place where you know people of both genders and people of all colors feel like they can go out and make something of themselves and take them take some action on their own behalf and but I really think that we need to push forward now that that’s not only to get right that’s also responsibility and if you , you really need to take responsibility for your own self and if something goes wrong in your life that can be fixed by the court. You need to bring it forward and put it in the court right and that’s why the best thing we can do for these women is to insure them and empower them that they have the power to to take care of that .


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