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The question could there’s be something else going on here. I don’t know I don’t wanna be put the position of defending tips , you know , I’m not trying to defend him . I’m just looking at the more broad picture of what’s going on here and Ken people’s lives be destroyed based on accusations when we see these kinds of false accusations happen all the time in domestic courts where people are going to make .

Let’s not forget these women’s lives could be destroyed as well because of these accusations. So we’re talking about him 8 but in the same sense the same exact things that we can say about him in his career and his life can apply to these women that are not using them of the same thing , so let’s not forget that and that’s my problem with the president’s response to this is that I feel like he forgot that too .

One of these wives wrote a column about abuse debt or to get into that a little bit , but also on I ask our audience participation in this because I would like to get. I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for here , but it could be men or women . You know as a woman with this me to movement . Do you feel like that people might now believe you do you have a story to tell about this as a man . Do you feel like you’ve been falsely accused or or maybe you’ve been abuse . We have the guy up in Sacramento . The man who accused the woman legislator of abusing his own boy .

By the way she has stepped down without paid during this investigation while they investigate.

So can go both ways. 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 or 7765858 John Brosnan Christina moose on time to check the news , with start on KMJ .

Thank you very much , John existed for world is now officially open for business and KMJ AG director Don York has more.

It’s the first of 3 days of the world phone to Larry. More than 1500 exhibitors are here . Lots of machinery to help with crop production and lots of irrigation technology to assist farmers grow crops with less water , you name it , it’s not here for farmers and ranchers to see ask questions and even try it out coming up at 10:30 years the equipment showcase over at the world Aggie Expo arena . This report is sponsored by Barnes welding supply serving the Valley since 1949 John York KMJ News .

Fresno Police arrest suspected school burglar following 2 school break-ins in as many months officers 25-year-old Timothy Scruggs fleeing from Ericsson Elementary on Chestnut near McKinley in southeast Fresno on a bicycle just before 1 o’clock this morning , officers say was carrying a backpack-filled with 6 stolen school laptops , as well as burglary tools those items have since been returned to school and Scruggs was taken into custody 9-31 the time. Now let’s check in with the comings and goings on Wall Street after triple-digit gains yesterday , we’re now seeing triple-digit losses for the Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks currently trading off one hundred 18 points . Now one hundred 23 points in the red volume at 24,074 update your current temperature with wall to wall sunshine 48° here in Fresno at Radio City , maybe if you thin I clouds around otherwise plenty of sunshine and just a few degrees above seasonal afternoon high temperatures in the Valley today General in mid ’60s mainly clear downright chilly in the overnight hours a bundle up toward daybreak tomorrow overnight temperatures falling to the mid to upper ’30s that is news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks . I am mad AB Stoddard live on News Talk 5-81 0 5-9 FM KMJ .

KPMG for now the stern frescoes talk on Amazon Alexa Halifax and Chad.

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Good morning , John. The moose on as usual . I see . As usual , although you going for a while . Yeah , yeah , as usual . Now as usual and I’m back . Hey good , have you back to especially for example like this to get a woman’s perspective could Thomas guys get in here and beat around a don’t what they’ll be talking about that try to get this one right talking about Robin Porter White House aide who’s wise 2 ex wives and a girlfriend coming forward saying he abused them and their concern is because of the security clearance because they were being interviewed about security and they were asked if there’s anything in his background , there could be a problem , and they said yes . This could be a problem if someone knew about this and possibly bribed or blackmailed him to get information about something in the White House . That’s why they do the security clearance right right so they weren’t really vindictive in the way of just coming forward . They were approached to begin told their story and other stories around .

Well , and that’s another question here , too , is is the Washington Post somehow got ahold of or got word of what they were saying in these interviews and approached them once again. This has to go at the White House leak .

You know so past going not allowed White House one , he’s a leak information to damage the president.

They’re not about security clearance.

Well , there we go. Some other people who that Clarence anyway . We’re just looking for anybody’s reaction out there about your maybe stories of abuse or whatever you think about this story 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 Shari on KMJ .

Hey , I think it does sound a little bit bad Porter , but there was another staffer that was immediately accused and he left also.

Yes I.

Problem is , and I think what Donald Trump was trying to say is Everybody deserves to have equal justice some around you have , you have to have your story out there and you need representation and you can’t just be accused of a crime and then be dismissed or ostracized because all of a sudden you’ve been accused now I have personal experience with this and it was a long time ago. The front of mine in Wyoming and she wanted out of the marriage . We knew both of them . Immigrants and pretty close to him and we’re now my friends . We’ve come to the house with bruises on her face , and you know just one once it whatever then pretty soon . She told me that he had been hitting error knocking around later on I find out that one of the older girls . It was all bull and bruises were makeup and she wanted out of the marriage but she wanted to get everything she could there are women out there that lie and I think everybody if you are accused you deserve a defensive . I have 2 boys who have been raised to be good men and if they were ever needed to situation I would want to be represented by somebody could tell their story and that’s what I’m going to back truck . Thank you guys .

The shark yeah a but at the vote is going to ask you before she left was okay. There are women . We know that lie . Yes , I think we can all agree with that . The can find 3 they’re gonna lie about you .

That’s a , that’s where I come from on the hill there 3.

That takes some extra work. Yes it outfits for her Victor you’re on KMJ .

Okay. I’m glad you brought that up future that’s exactly where I’m going to go . You have 3 now you have 3 not hard domestic violence charges against which they had all 3 did not report any of it which is it’s during the unusual you could have won it doesn’t , you may have to you , but you will not up re . Now I want to interview them , why not one of them , not one of the 3 reported domestic violence does not make that I it doesn’t pass it is beyond common sense that .


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