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I wasn’t 15.

Unless something happens fast. We are at risk of having that national stay that was in place . Go away very soon and the 2015 rule would go into effect , and would regulate potentially countless landscape features on farms around the country .

Stein says a stay on the activation date of the 2015 rule would give the EPA time to reconsider and change the rule.

The current administration has an opportunity to decide whether to make a permanent change to the regulation. We’re hoping to still maintain status quo while the administration has a chance to go through a thoughtful process and come up with some rules that work .

The Environmental Protection Agency is also taking steps to delay the rule while the agency reconsider the regulations Stein says a parallel effort in the Texas Court is needed because each step by the agency is being attacked. Other courts .

There are other stakeholders out there , they’re fighting very hard to have the 2015 rule will go into effect. They argue that it’s important to protect him water quality and drinking water and they use a lot of rolling motion a language about it , what it really is about is regulating more activities including ordinary farming activities .

Michael Clements Washington.

International trade has been a hot topic in DC but NAFTA and re-negotiations showed no sign of wrapping up any time soon. Greg canes of US Meat Export Federation shares like NAFTA withdrawal would impact beef producers across the country .

For us right now into Canada , Mexico , we don’t pay any duties. We have basically free access , which I think helps make these such big markets for us if we were at pull out of the agreement . I think it will go back to the previous WTO levels and I don’t know this . Okay . Member exactly what they were , but I think around 20% in Mexico . So I mean , you’re looking at adding on additional cash products which in a very competitive global marketplace is you know is a challenge in Mexico tends to be a little bit more price sensitive . So these increases in prices can have an impact then on that consumer demand within the country .

Spain’s once producers to know that their voices do make a difference. He encourages farmers and ranchers to get in contact with the representatives in Washington DC .

The politically active. You know what’s going to help us in the international arena as to be able to move more product in bring more value back . So the more that they can push that with their Congressional delegations and talk about the impact that it’s having to Dennis producers because I think they’re really the goal . The administration’s now is how do we support Middle America .

And hangs reminds us that it’s the global marketplace and the US has to compete with other producing that is beef producing countries that offer a lower cost product maintaining a high quality product is key to success. According to Haines .

They have to remember that some cuts aren’t everyone at their animals has been exported. So if they keep that mentality . It’s yes were producing for a global market . They were gonna keep maintaining the best quality , the best product we have a , going to be able to , to beat the Australians were to beat the Brazilians and less . I mean that’s what it is . It’s competitive out there and so if we can maintain that we’re going to do very , very well but we have to keep that edge I keep focusing on that .

That’s Greg Haines of the US Meat Export Federation sharing how a NAFTA withdrawal would impact beef producers in about reminding us that the market is a global marketplace as well. Well if you’re planning to attend this year’s World Aggie Expo in me just wait and buy your ticket when you walk up to the ticket gate , but there’s a way to save time and money . If you go online Jennifer Fox marketing and sponsorship manager at the International Agra Center tells us how .

You know it can , yeah depend on the line. The depends on never hear but you know it’s all interview chicken then you show up , you can just got to be gay get checked by security role work we do away check and then tickets going ahead on . So if you go to a website and got a great that is available online . You can also use a code way the interview . The 18 to get a $3 discount on to taboo ticket and be right there just how out of your car or one of the park and our vehicles and had on him .

The world Expo starts on Tuesday at the International Agra Center until airy and roll in Phil Masi vice president and senior Producer analysts with Rabobank will also be at the World Expo to talk with you he’ll be helping visitors to better understand this year’s outlook in a number of areas for the Central Valley.

I’ll be able to give a preview of the upcoming Rabobank North American agribusiness review what’s going on in some of the many major markets in California. Some of the , you know , look for how the ongoing seasons are going , and that’s , we’ll be able to discuss everything from from dairy to the tree nut markets to the fruit and vegetable market markets etc so in then about , so we do . 2 weeks after the world I get well before full-blown Rabobank North American agribusiness review well then wouldn’t be going out , so I’ll be old African above a preview of some of those highlights .

That’s rolling for Marcy vice president and senior producer analysts with Rabobank in addition to hardware and software M any other things you can see at this year’s World Aggie Expo. You can also learn from AEG industry leaders Kiran lesson with regard to children will be speaking at the Expo on Wednesday the 14th in cement our center number 3 .

We’ll be talking a little bit about philanthropy with purpose and AG advocacy and just kind of encouraging people about what they can do in the local communities to start small but have a huge impact people sharing their stories about what it is they do and why they do what is there. You know why is firming of passion . Why is whatever they were doing their business whether might be mechanized harvesting or or field work why they do what they do and how they can make a big impact in their local communities .

That’s Karen must with regard to tell you who will be speaking at the World I Expo on Wednesday in seminar Senator number 3 , starting at 12 noon 5-55 now here on the Kim G agri poor let’s check out your Monday weather forecast here’s meteorologist Kevin Reimer.

Happy Monday : mostly sunny and cooler today with a high of 58 for tonight , mostly clear and chilly 38 the overnight low and for your Tuesday mostly sunny with a high of 62 degrees from became J Weather center on FOX 26 News to figure all this Kevin Reimer your hometown whether connection.

Currently 40° in Fresno until every will looking at a temple of 37 and at 5 points , it’s 39 degrees. Today’s buzz questionnaire team G to California lawmakers want to make organized tackle football before high school illegal , do you think about that . Like it or not . Vote now at Jane .

Do you have an Aggie events coming up. If so , we want to know about it . Contact KMJ director John York by email at Don.York at . Now here’s today’s KMJ ad count .

The California garlic and onion symposium is set for Monday , February 12 until Larry the symposium is across the street from the world school grounds on Tuesday the 13th the world I guess Expo starts its 3-day run CPR and first aid training is set for Thursday. The 22nd at the Fresno County Farm Bureau office in West hedges and on Wednesday February 28 the their irrigation efficiency workshop has been held it takes place at the CPD ES Hall and Easter . That’s it for the game . Jay act report . Thank you for listening and thank you for farming . Up next for us those morning news .

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