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Pretty she looks in the smile on her face. She’s a good actress . That’s what , that’s all that she says she’s a good actor . She’s a good actress . Putting on a good show for there’s there’s a point to all of this and if the media is buying it . That is how stupid they are .

Well this is. I have 2 articles are from CNN , the headline of one of them . Kim Jong-Hoon sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics . Well , the next one is North Korea is winning the Olympics and it’s not because of sports .

So the same same trend here. They are buying what North Korea is selling which is a dictatorship . A closed society that you cannot leave with your own free will and if you don’t do like you say everything exactly right . Your life is at risk , I mean this is a country where sons and daughters turn in their parents for even thinking of doing anything like leaving the country where this guy escaped there was at the State of the Union with this crutch yeah who was scavenging for food . He got run over by a train and lost his legs because he was trying to find some grass to eat or something , which is kind of their typical population , not the elite athletes and the people like the sister who probably lead pretty decent lives and have good things to eat , but most of the population , by the way they say these cheerleaders are friendly with anybody else .

You know though , they just go in there chair. That’s what they do and unfriendly .

They’re just told to cheer you cheer you not supposed to be mingling with anybody. I mean , I’m sure there’s precautions to make sure they don’t affect right just leave .

Oh sure , yeah. You know they’re under like locking he when they’re not sitting in those seats cheering there , they’re locked up in a room somewhere , I’m sure your favorite person Frank once tweeted yesterday : John and and I do think this is a good question . North Korean charm offensive . He tweets actually working on anyone besides the media .

That’s , that’s my question here is a working on anyone else besides the media and I think them our media falling for those shows just how much they are biased.

Yeah , well. Imagine a country that is so closed that it’s hard to even know what’s going on in there .

We have the ability to vote out our ruler.

As much as our media hates our president. We have the ability to get rid of him . If we don’t like him right you know they don’t know if we’re not the midday try to do that . They’re dead .

He has the ability to get rid of any of them that he wishes to get rid of apparently he’s got rid of quite a few.

And this is his right hand woman and they’re sitting there applauding her how great she’s doing.

However , simple clothing and are simple handbag and she’s not wearing any makeup and look at how beautiful she is in. This is the answer to Yvonne good Trump . Are you kidding me .

I just got of got to think about. They went into this whole thing with a plan , right . It is a sitter he would of South Korea . Do you think now this is what you’re going to do this is what our cheerleaders are gonna do everything is staged everything is done exactly as planned . In my opinion this is not just people showing up like Americans and do whatever the heck they want . Right , right . This is different deal you do your job , Hood were up to something here . And everybody has their part and nobody can get off the page . That’s how I view it . If you get off the page , you better not come back , but my guess is they have no choice I I’m thinking that there’s no , there’s not very many ways for these people to defect that they are pretty well guarded or something , they’re not just to be able to flee the country .

Well , think about the people that they have back at home right answer exactly that are being used as okay if you leave Rizzoli happens to the people you want through.

Something something terrible , yes they are by the way are you watching. You know what . In this morning . Know .

I mean I watched back some of it the the snowboarding stuff is that you’re gonna bring oil there.

The I’ve what I’ve seen is some snowboarding they I’ve been some ice skating.

Okay yeah I watched back some stuff.

The problem I have with all this is an odd none of these people are very well known. To me , I mean if you think Woodrow by so many names come to my tail which Whitney .

Lindsey Vonn you know Shaun White.

Okay. Lindsey Vonn’s been known for quite a while sphere . Yes , but these other names like and watching ice skating . I don’t know any of these people and they’re pretty good . Some of them you know they’re there , obviously there is a good athletes but he never heard of them . You don’t think you know you’re not excited about seeing them used to be where like Peggy Fleming right you know Dorothy Hamill . It was the names that come to mind you knew who they were going in and you wanted to see them perform they had performed before maybe they’d won or lost , but he is . You know it’s Ikea women’s gymnastics . He knew who they were . Yes , yes , but when you don’t know who anybody is , I mean , why don’t we know when he’s people are they just not doing very good PR .

Well , we don’t know. I feel like . Gone is the day I like Tara Lipinski then Moreno you Fleming’s all the door through Kristi Yamaguchi , I mean got gone are the days where there were in , you know I don’t I don’t know why maybe they’re young and we’re just might we just knew .

They say they’ll be famous after this I will be excited neck.

So may maybe I don’t know I you know , good question , but yeah.

Because I watch these people perform and some of them were quite remarkable. And if I had known that anything about them , I might have been excited about seeing them I just happened to stumble into them because they were on what I was flipping my channel around . Same with the snowboarders and these no other weather . Yeah , yeah , we’re terrible weather we have this terrible wind they had this one snowboarding competition where almost everybody got blown off the mountain , right . And do you want anyone to Whitehaven .

Why do they even have it. I don’t understand .

So yeah , I’m trying to get into it little by little. And I guess is the game’s evolve maybe we’ll start getting to know some names and people will perform a maybe they’ll perform again as they go through . Stage 1 Stage 2 whatever but so far I’m like kinda lost . Who are these people or do they come from , you know where the Bruce Jenner’s it’s just I just . I wish somebody could explain to me if it is excited about this why they know when I don’t or do you not need to be just like watching skiing is like watching I I don’t people just like watching ice skating seems to be kinda yeah check thing .

Yeah. Who is it you know he’ll be just like watching highlights why well because to me that’s it’s yeah it’s is coming . Cool , but it is but it .

If you need somebody to draw you win. Yes , and I just don’t have that person . Maybe there maybe all go them by the end of the 1 is the last about 2 weeks . Yes , you know , 4-9 zero 5-8 5-8 or 7765858 job Brodsky Christina moose on mulling about the Winter Olympics on KMJ .

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