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Dave Wilson
Fresno County


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Breaking News smoking hot talk and you’re you’re yeah not many MKR perhaps Fresno cumulus radio 57 degrees already in Fresno Radio City weighing in on.

Dueling memos in the nation’s capital. Good morning all and all I am an out-style live in the KMJ newsroom and now on Amazon Alexa . The release of the so-called Nunez memo is thrusting the central valley into the national political spotlight and there are mixed opinions about the man at the center of it all came Dominic began has the story .

With local congressman David Nunez is the chair of the House Intelligence Committee are part of the world is certainly in the spotlight. But it shouldn’t have anything to worry about . That’s according to chair of Fresno County Republican Party for Advanta who’ve .

He’s in a district that is very strong Republican and back some up , I don’t think that this is time in November when the people are gonna say let’s make a change.

But chair Fresno County Democratic Party Michael Evans thinks there’s a negative spotlight being shown on the Central Valley.

There are a lot of no party preference. People there and I think there’s a lot of moderate Republicans , who will take a serious look at the Democratic candidates .

It comes after a protest outside of Congressman Devon Yunus’s office in Clovis yesterday with demonstrators holding up signs for competitor Andrew Jens Dominic McAndrew KMJ News.

President Robert once again set to face off against the federal judge here in California that he once suggest it was a trap hater because of his Mexican heritage.

During the campaign as the Trump University lawsuit was in the news. President Trump said District Court judge Gonzalo Curia elk jittery Msall from the case because of his Mexican heritage .

I think it’s a disgrace that he’s doing this.

I will be on the bench again in the lawsuit filed by California Attorney General hobby Airbus Sarah charging. Not only is the administration violating nearly 40 environmental laws in building the border wall but also the US Constitution , including the separation of powers doctrine and the 10th Amendment hearing in the case is scheduled for Friday , Jim Rupert . Los Angeles .

Despite the story I just ran over the last 15 minutes about the flu season. It’s a real and legitimate thing so much so many Sacramento school has been forced to close after dozens of its students call out sick with the flu . Tuesday the St Mary’s School said it also had 11 faculty and staff members call out sick . So , with so many students absent , and a shortage of substitute teachers available the school’s principal decided to close the school for the day today and we’ll open until tomorrow morning not during the closure . The school says all its classrooms are gonna be cleaned and disinfected to help cut down cut down on the spread of the flu . 3 minutes after 9 o’clock let’s check out where Wall Street is going , it was up , it was down . Guess where it is now currently up 323 points . The Dow Jones industrial average volume now at 25,000 to 36 . Stay tuned to see where it finishes the end of the day update your current still 57 degrees lazy sunshine here in Fresno at Radio City hazy sunshine throughout the day today and unseasonably warm in fact near record highs afternoon highs on the valley floor today mid to upper ’70s that is news on the hour on the half and , when it breaks . I am live on News Talk 5-81 0 5-9 FM KMJ crusty and Mousavi next on Monday up .

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Thank you for you courageous the I this worried the road you never you know you’re on this use KMJ oh I John brusque and Christina moose on vacation and of combat next Iraq you know and also won.

Good morning , this is brass on KMJ. I’m John brass you I’m Christina my science pages listening to the news is the Dow was up over 300 over 500 yesterday almost got get all the losses back already in 2 days , but a course .

Anything can happen so take my word for act but I got I was the caveat calamity averted momentarily anyway. Hey , got a lot of play today , as usual . Yes , we do want Obama military parades don’t drop whatever military parade he was it Bastille Day in France . Yes . Last year , last year just love their military procession into flyovers , and he wants to do the kind of the same thing and have I guess in Washington , DC , right . Yes , the nation’s capital , writes takes all the stuff whether arose .

And then to it along the inaugural route is what he’s thinking.

Okay. We have , we don’t do much to this in this country . I was checking back in history , the number of times we’ve done it . We go over with a little bit later , but pretty think about this : I do like the idea of having a big military show of force .

You know there’s a lot of factors to those that need to be explained to me first. That is number one cost right now .

The military is lobbying Congress for more money in. So , and in Congress . Of course is playing politics here and I am . And so there is that factor to this . So how do you know how much is this gonna karst and if we can come up with the money for their then I I’d rather just give it to the military personally then spend it on on a parade . I feel like we are as Americans well me as an American I respect and honor our military . I don’t need it personally a parade to showcase to me how great our military is because I think our military is great . So I don’t I don’t I don’t need a parade that’s kind of number one , number 2 , the first thing that kinda comes to mind for me as Russia and North Korea . When I think of military parades and military showing off our military prowess and and that’s not a positive thing for those to come to mind . So I don’t know that I need something like this : number 3 Do I really need to follow in the footsteps of the French . I mean really , that’s I just I don’t know . To me , it’s like , oh yeah , let’s follow the French on this . They’re not at that doesn’t sit so well with me and then the 4th thing that comes to mind for me is this : you know the thing .


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