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Art Center
Equal Housing Lender
John Teller
Snoop Dogg


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Coming up at 11 the legendary rainy Apple to I mean is it even really eludes you now back to Brodsky in Moose on on-km.

Activists for businesses. Been going there for years and I believe it’s a beautiful thing . It brings in the community go and friends , families , whatever it is .

Last night the presser city council. Voting to extend the noise ordinance that Woodward Park in May me 18th and 19th for grisly fast to 11:30 at night the fine after that $1,000 a minute for the first 10 minutes $10,000 after those first 10 minutes till midnight and after midnight any noise any people $100,000 a minute , I thought was some Steve fighter John says hey grisly 5 goats no wiring , you know you’ll know it let’s play on I you know to me I’m I’m I’m glad that they’re getting their shot here .

I am and where that they’re getting a chance. 2 nights .

Let’s give him 2 nights. Well , I bought it . I think this is a whole . Personally , I think it’s a whole lot of something over nothin but we’ll find out what sort of the phones for 9058-58 Frank Europe first with Brosnan moose on Good morning .

Morning. First , you know it , it sounds like a good idea . The way it came across that all those lines , the residents of the were parking area are gonna share in those fines and that’s why they’re hoping that they could the signs .

Because it sounds like they’re gonna share in the money that I was come across.

Well , they’re not gonna get was I.

Well the parks department the money earlier.

That’s how it came across and know the second. The second thing is I can’t believe that whoever the release this person in the world is equating high school football again to stay dry got coming into our city and opening the doors for more garbage and everything else and I’m ex smoker , so I know what the drugs are about what it does and how it starts and you guys believe in upholding the law .

Yeah. Gore .

I don’t know who was prosecutors can then listen to the program were not so do both you believe upholding the law.

Yes , sure.

Okay. There is a law on the books right out that says if you clusters within earshot of a child under 18 you get a ticket and trusting they did the noise ordinance but then that’s for those who pay not all those kids that here at the testing and everything else are these guys going to get a ticket . We can make us worse .

I’m out if you that you know.

Because you know why we use that , or next to cleanup G Street when there was 2 215 and we carried him back in the day. 250 prostitutes and we used a lot of organisms to clean that area and it cleaned it up and spending on the ground .

It was Gordon ordinance. So there’s no prostitutes have more underground the no prostitutes out there anymore .

Not out there , are you know are very.

M you might.

Whether we go home. The same will somewhere else on what about cussing currently everyone .

Now marijuana number one to blink at all as Snoop dog’s fans as drug users.

Is unfair. I know lots of people that will go see Snoop Dogg netted don’t DuPont don’t do marijuana don’t do any kind of drugs there’s like him , a member of the ’90s . You know I he was kind of my generation .

We grew up listening to Snoop Dogg doesn’t mean I’m a pot ahead or I do drugs.

So to make a blinkered statement like that is unfair. It’s unfair to his fans . That’s number one .

Prostitution I I’m so confused sorry cursing prostitution. I guess you know all of us were probably then get fines if you could see as the privacy of our own homes .

The hope now a prostitution part I don’t I don’t think.

Yeah , he’s are you , are you a law abiding afraid forever upholding the law. Yes , is it , is it against the law to curse within earshot of a kid .

I have no idea , but if it is , I guess I should be fined , my concern has it’s happened.

If it’s against the law to curse within earshot of a kid. All of my friends in 4th grade would be in jail .

How many of us unintentionally break the law. Every single day though so .

Anyway , that is a lot of over 40 yard here. So let’s go run a mile up Victor you’re on KMJ .

I love fashion of the last color I I hope I hope you have a better day. I hope you can relax .

I think I think at the back.

This is the thing that was really hysterical to me a village council meeting a gentleman well up to the podium and against itself and Energis itself out a homeowner in the Woodward Park area and they listening throughout and he reaches in its pocket and he takes out a piece of paper and he starts reciting one of the song.


And the spokesperson you down the gavel is just a minute. We don’t talk like that it and he said exactly . If you can’t talk like that in here . Why is it okay to talk like that in a city park . So we had a 40 they used it very well .

So what do you think this does he have a good point. Should that not happen because of the language .

You know I I think that he does have a point. If it’s going to be any aid then you of that language then it should be done at the same Art Center a quote infertility where there’s no outside language to be heard by anybody that kind of thing you don’t want that put in a quote you know you pay to go away and then you have no great . Yes , it’s going to be an outright a reader and I think you have that and has the fall guideline of of more of a family event I I’m not approved at all . I had thought my I can music I don’t listen to let .

Let let let me let Christina look at X could honest. All of this .

I it resolved the surviving and I’m so excited , I gotta a jump in a lot of us. Victor , you know , I like you Snoop Dogg last year play The Big Fresno Fair and nobody had a problem with it .

But there , is there a point about this inside versus it said to me , it’s like , you know , art and and music use language sometimes.


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